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Romeodark - Shadeflower


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Posted : Jun 4, 2013 03:42:44

Album: Shadeflower
Artist: Romeodark
Genre: Darkpsy, Forest, Psycore
Label: Jellyfish Frequency Recordings
When: May 2013
Size: 165MB
License: CC
Price: Free and Donations

Track List:

01 - My Travel Into The Deep Sadness
02 - Snow Walkers
03 - Terra Of Cold
04 - Aural Hologram
05 - Crystal Save U
06 - Good Bye Night
07 - Hospitality
08 - Hysteria
09 - Intro
10 - Psynesthesia

After listening to a lot of Psytrance, the typical intro with an expected forthcoming beat gets old after a while. I am always searching for that extra bit of spice to be added, craving a different mixture of heart throbbing ambience to start the mood. First impressions are sometimes very important, especially for an album meant to introduce doors of opportunity, opportunities that can lead listeners into a very rewarding journey. Romeodark – Shadeflower will delight any psychedelic enthusiast, building a series of wonderful tones and a mixture of light and dark to bring you a slowly building forest sound set. The beat keeps coming and going, accompanied by constantly changing, yet harmonic paces. It is easy to get lost in the music, and it will make you smile with a nice touch of euphoria. True forest is learned from experience rather than definition, as described by Ektoplazm. It has taken me a while to truly understand what that means, but this album has helped me understand that its more than the BPM and music theory. It has to do with the journey. Its about how you can close your eyes and climb through every dark and light corner of your mind as the vibrations in your ears twist and turn your reality into a deep, subconscious self-realization. It can take a while for this to happen, but this album is a definite must for anyone searching for this. I can feel myself growing to understand more and feel more. It opens minds.

The composition is extremely unique. There is more than just dark beat patterns. There are melodies passing through every minute, offering a multitude of emotions and expressions. From the artist, in my perspective, I can feel his travels through depression. Walking through snow, staring into seemingly nothingness while trying to search for hope, only to find confusion and chaos. It is almost as if he is begging for others to listen and feel what he is. What words can not describe, his music can embrace. It is certainly up to the listener to interrupt what all of it means, but the great thing is it can mean anything. All in all, it simply causes you to feel… well, anything. The artist plants a seed into our minds, and then it explodes into a pretty awesome creation.

Diversity at its finest is sewn into every stitch, neatly putting together a colorful and complex organism. This singularity, this album, is one of those “top of the charts” but “underrated masterpieces” that you have got to slow down and experience. Every piece is vastly different from one another, ranging from 150BPM to 200BPM. when Jellyfish Recordings say his style is like no other, they really do mean it. Download this right now and get a mouth watering taste of true psychedelic juiciness.


Download here on Ektoplazm

- Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles)
- Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Romeodark - Shadeflower
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