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Rip Off REx


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Posted : Oct 18, 2002 22:14
Before I go any further, Iíd just like to make it clear that Psygate last Saturday was an excellent party with some great music.

However, there are some issues, arising from the evening that have to be addressed. Firstly, unlike most on this page I suspect, I paid the entrance fee on the door. This set me back a staggering £18. I know tickets were cheaper in advance and I also know Kox Box and Logic Bomb arenít exactly nobodies. But how can £18 be justifiable ? That is almost the same as the Voov festival, the price of which incidentally has remained constant for the last three years. We are talking about a psy trance party here, not the Cafť de Paris or China Whites. Secondly, if youíre going to charge this astronomical price, then youíre obliged to ensure decent services for the punters inside. This shouldnít include standing in a queue for over an hour for the pleasure of paying a fiva to keep a bag and jacket in the cloakroom. There was one geezer staffing the place. Consequently, I missed most of Saikopodís set.

Of course this wasnít the end of the world and I had a great night in the end. Iím aware I sound as humourless as a distressed Daily Mail reader. You might say Iím imposing some kind of corporate customer satisfaction ideology onto the psy party scene. But Iím afraid we ainít talking idealistic free parties here. This is a living and a business for some people. Thatís not to say they donít love the music and scene. But then why shamelessly rip off your punters ?
          Bo Selecta !

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Posted : Oct 24, 2002 14:24

Nothing else to add you're right 100% , i've said the same thing about the Astral Phoenix the week before and Mike replied saying that it's the rex charging a lot for every party..
For sure but why £18 a head and the wait when not so long ago most party were a tenner plus booking fee...
London is so big it's time people find other places to do party because at his rate we 'll be paying 20 squids soon..
Ps : And i'm not a daily mail reader ( Sun only )...

Christof           10 years and still digging...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 24, 2002 15:46
Hmmm a lot of people are talking about this....

My attitude to all this is that there _are_ other smaller parties most weekends! If you wanna go to the rex and see all the big stars at one time then you have to pay the $$$.

_Perhaps_ it is true that the Rex owners are ripping us off (I am not sure), but it is _not_ true that the promoters are ripping us off....

Like I say: there are plenty of smaller parties on with often excellent music! I mean if someone didnt want to go to the rex the other weekend then they could have gone to Constellation and seen Tristan and Skazi. What a hardship!

Plus Chichime was on simultaneously/after Astral Phoenix..... (for a fiver on this occasion!)

My point is that we are very lucky cos we have the choice to go the Rex if we like. But there are alternatives....

Hmm on the other hand I think people are indeed voting with their feet: each party has seen less people at the rex over the last few weeks. As we maybe suspected when the october shedule became clear, people can afford an occasional 18 quid party, but 4 in a row might be a bit much for the old wallet..... Ill be very curious to see the turnout on November 2nd. I guess maybe more than Azuma, maybe about the same as Psygate.... well we shall see.....

Hmm I guess the rex is the Aston Martin of venues - we'd be most pissed off if the only car you could buy was an Aston Martin for 100000000 quid, but it is nice to have the option:) Ok maybe that analogy is shit.

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Posted : Oct 26, 2002 21:32
Yeah, but when you've shelled out a mill on the Aston, you don't expect not have leather seats and power steering (sorry even worse !)

Christof, thanks for your moral support, though I must stress I'd rather stand in the cloakroom q at the Rex for an entire night than read the Daily Mail..well almost           Bo Selecta !

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Posted : Nov 4, 2002 03:45
I came down from Manchester for Logic Bomb at the Rex. £18 was OK by me for the big names - but there's the rub. It wasn't a good deal. The other rooms billed were closed, and worse of all they changed the lineup.

The organisers should realise that many of us are there for the music as well as the party. Different fans of different acts will have their own agendas to get ready for their favourite act....... so a lineup change is a big deal!

Even at a big festy like BOOM...all you had to do was wander past the stage and there was a simple a4 printout of the latest lineup.

There may have been a good reason, but at the very least they should try and publicise the change - a simple poster stuck to the front of the mixxing booth......

I was totally pissed off - I missed half the set cos Logic Bomb came on at 1 instead of 4, and wasn't ramped up for it.

Anyway - hope the feedback gets there. I emailed but got no response!!
Trance Forum Ľ Ľ Forum  UK - Rip Off REx
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