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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Reporting from Tokyo, just got back from Gil's smokin party..
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Reporting from Tokyo, just got back from Gil's smokin party..

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2003 17:42
Holy shit, the Gil party was everything I imagined it to be and then some. Then some more, and a lot more again after that. It was unfukinbelievable! Id have to say that was THE craziest trance party of my life. I have never had such an intense eight hours in my life. The people were going so crazy, everyone was tripping hard. The whole time the sounds were gobbling everyone up, at some points it wasn't even music coming out those speakers, only strange sounds. I was completely tranced, dancing in ways Ive never danced before. He played the most insane fuckin set- and ended it with Quasars Give Peace a Chance. Then the lights came on, and people were like, what the fuck just happened to us? Trying to play it off like we were all normal even tho eeeeeveryone was trippin hard, and trying to get ready to go home. Then suddenly he puts on another track, and the people went CRAZY. It was the most insane dancefloor I have ever witnessed to that point! The next ten minutes was so great, then it was over again. So people were like, okay, I am flying thru a different dimension, and we want more! So people started clapping and clapping and it wouldnt stop, so he put on another track and this time people went absolutley BONKERS. I have NEVER seen anything like it, everyone dancing SO HARD in their own complete trance. The last part was so intense, it seemed like the whole night was building up to that point. THIS was true psychedlic music, this was REAL trance. After that everyone was like, Nik, you were right about this guy, he IS fuckin crazy! (I was hyping it up a bit Everyone I talked to said they have not been in such a trance for a LONG time. It was so unbelievable, I couldnt stop talkin about it forever. Those sounds are still in my head! I have never heard such crazy music (even though I have many times, but for some reason it gets crazier and crazier for me) it really is made for people that are completely out of their minds.
He played a lot of trance from the SF artists (of course) and people in Tokyo were LOVIN it. They were blown away! There is so much fluff here, I dont think that except for a handful of people no one there had heard anything like it. I was so happy, I felt like I was right back in SF. That was REAL trance music. SF, keep it rocking! I am working to get some promoters to bring out some artists from SF, I know that after witnessing Gil's party they will be hungry for it!
-Anyone up for a trip to Tokyo?

-bOOm- Spliffnik
future funk
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2003 22:28
wohhhhhhh sounds like gill killed it once again/..
Inactive User

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Posted : Dec 2, 2003 00:18
sounds like you really had a moment, good for you amigo, and i know excatly what kind of sound your talking about , iv seen himm 5 times and the last was in portugal this summer and he played that kind of set , completly psychedelic brain crushing psytrance nothing less,
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 2, 2003 04:47

q(@ _ @)p
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 2, 2003 22:43
You could talk to Ocelot - he's already in India, Tokyo isn't too far.
Awesome crazy music. He's a member here, too.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 4, 2003 21:57
Good for you Spliffnik. There's nothing that I have experienced like a party that has good vibes with the Japanese people. The Japanese trancers are the best. Cool.

I haven't seen Gil yet, but with what was said by Spliffnik, I think I am a true believer now and I am going to try to catch in Frisco one day.

Thanks man. Have a good one.
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Reporting from Tokyo, just got back from Gil's smokin party..
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