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Redax Mental Introduction

Plutonic Records
Plutonic Records

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 17:47
As i can see that everyone mention DJz and Artists here, so..i will mention label DJ of Plutonic Records, DJ Redax Mental!OK,hope he wont mind becouse i am doing this and mentioning his name in public by praising his abbilities and everything, but he is a really good DJ, artist and technique guy.

Something about him ( ):

REDAX MENTAL (Tilen Beznik) is a 23 year old PunkoPsyAnarchist from Slovenia. Active in Slovenian music scene since 2000 Redax Mental has worked in every aspect of it.

He started out as a DJ, but soon moved on to production and later organising several events in and around his homeland, Slovenia.

After spending some time in the group OPTIMAL ORDER, Redax decided that he could find himself more in PsyTrance. Leaving the group to embark on a solo carreer, Redax Mental's name soon grew stronger in the Slovenian psyscene. But it wasn't enough for him, and after setting up connections across the border, Redax decided to work together with various people on a number of projects in all aspects of electronic music. He already spinned with ( Just to name some of them ): D-tek, Space Cat, Mekkanikka, Naked Tourist, Fungus Funk, Kindzadza, X-Dream, Azax Syndrom, Digital Talk, Etnica, IM, Time Lock, Rinkadink, Lani, Astrix, Atomic Pulse…and many many other various respectfull LIVE ACTs and DJs from all over the world and on differente festivals ( just some of them ): SOULCLIPSE FESTIVAL- Turkey 2006, Digital war Festival, Malta, PsyTronic Frequency – Italy, Mount le famme - France, Clockwork oranges LIVE Feat. Redax Mental - Serbia & Monte Negro, Plutonic Records label night - Kosovo, Croatia..and many others / Thos festivals & parties really touched him so he wanted to mention them!

In 2005 he started a project! he has started his own label called PLUTONIC RECORDINGS! Label will be based on releasing night full on to dark soundz! First VA will be out in the middle of 2006 with various respectfull artists from this genre!

enjoy guyss,
Tiana @ Plutonic Records

btw: Redax .. i am giving u a box of kisses

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 19:30
good luck my friend           E-mail :
Free Frequency
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 19:35
Thumbs up for Tilen!!!!
Well my friend u r doing good!!!!
I m happy for u!!! Wish you all the best!!!!
Best regards

zoi           Djane Zoi

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 19:51
Best wishes Tilen....

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 21:30
tilen got killer music and kick ass DJ sets so watch out

good luck my friend           Amir [GeKo]

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Posted : Dec 20, 2006 21:57
good luck my friend            K_LAPSO
Moonsun Records

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Posted : Dec 21, 2006 09:07
all the best man hope u reach ure goal,so kick the dance floor with ure grooves and party hard.
Plutonic Records
Plutonic Records

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Posted : Dec 22, 2006 14:35
Heyy peopel Tnx for nice words of our respectfull DJ Redax Mental

Here we are creating some myspace for him:

enjoy u all

Tiana @ Plutonic Rec.
Iron Madness
Iron Madness

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Posted : Dec 22, 2006 14:49
hi... redax mental are good person...
the first va are verry cool i wish u best of luck my frind... c ya around...


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Posted : Dec 23, 2006 18:57
good luck readax mental
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