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Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - really need a review for this new track
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really need a review for this new track


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Posted : May 11, 2003 09:24
hello all,

what's your opinion on voice samples in trance tracks? are having samples from antiquated movies and sci-fi flicks passe' now in this new world of psytrance?

i'm an old timer i guess. still get a chuckle out "mars needs women" (doof), and old miranda tracks. but as i make music now, trying to innovate, i wonder what the majority of you fluouronauts prefer.

i am currently creating a track now, and have been debating on whether it is the type of track that would benefit from some properly placed samples. i'll let you be the judge....'s_revenge-incomplete-59-1.mp3

its still unfinished. kinda waiting on opinions from you guys before really cleaning it up. peace to you all

"he who is pregnant with evil and concieves trouble, gives birth to disillusionment"...............God

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Posted : May 11, 2003 11:08
hey man i really liked this. can't give better review in this. very epic, mystic, gr8. and samples fit very good here. hands up! ;-)           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!

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Posted : May 13, 2003 00:04
thank you anakoluth, think it would sound good with a nicely placed voice sample or no?

can anyone else take a sec to download my track and give me a review of it? please

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 14, 2003 03:01
Just wanted to say i like your melodies very much...
You have a good track... but there are some things which i don't like.
I don't know if it's a dancefloor track or for listening at home... either way, your bass needs a total rework. Not groovy enough for dancefloor and to faint even for listening at home.

Re-do your bass and your track is incredible! Honestly!
Inactive User

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Posted : May 21, 2003 05:22
I like it alot, you have some kind of Infected sound...


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Posted : May 21, 2003 10:41
thanks for the opinions peoples! i just got a new sound card (omni/delta 66), and will take all of your opinions seriously when making the new one. that track was just a practice track in cubase!

peace to you all
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 25, 2003 15:36
Great opening, I'm a sucked for interesting guitar work... But some sounds are not clean enough for their own good - the comment about the bass is a good one, it just doesn't fit the beat very well (it sounds like it's in a 6/8 beat while the rest of the track is in 4/4). The bitcrushed percussion sounds a lot crisper than the rest of the track - you should make a decision about going to either an organic or a crisp feeling to the sound.

The lead that starts entering around 2:30 takes total domination over everything because it's volume is too high... I'd also recommend putting a chorus and a lowpass on it (and reverb after that) to give it a darker, fatter feeling (more in line with the rest of the track).

When the guitars re-enter they sound too empty after the much heavier lead that came on earlier.

... I could go on commenting about every detail, but I'll make it much shorter from here on.

The volume are innacurate - some leads are too loud, some too quiet, and they're not really uniform enough. If you reorganize the track and keep it shorter, it could be MUCH more powerful. The basic soundwork is good (sounds aren't fuzzy or muddled), the melodies are good, the effects are great (not dominant enough though), and the bassline/percussion aren't really fitting with the rest of the track.

A few small pointers: play only the bassdrum/bassline and then set the volume for each element according to that, and then start listening to them together for some fine tuning. Use more dominant reverbs and delays to give the sound more depth. And in the structure, make sure that every element you put in will give a feeling that the track rises to the next level.

With those in mind, you can do some really awesome stuff. Just make sure your ears are as open as your head. 

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Posted : May 28, 2003 10:16
ahhh kaz,

you do my heart good. i have read your review, and re-read it several times. i can't thank you enough for the excellent commentary on this track. consider me in serious debt to you (and the rest of you guys) for taking the time to listen to my song.

since posting this, i have gotten a pro sound card (omni/delta 66 with all the trimmings) and some great monitors (mackie 624s!). i'm going to completely trash this track and re-work it to perfection. new synths, new bass (man, you guys were right, that bass is really dragging the rest of the sounds down in the gutter:).

forever in your debt. if you ever need any serious 3d graphic work done, swing by my site and i will be happy to oblige.........

one happy camper...blink 

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.
Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - really need a review for this new track
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