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RE:VOLT: New Psy-Trance Digital Portal


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Posted : Jan 3, 2015 00:44:54
Hi Everyone, Happy New Year

I hope you don't mind me introducing my new website, Re:Volt.

Re:Volt is an online music store specialising in Psy Trance music and culture. It is the antidote to Beatport. Here labels can manage their own releases, set their own prices, for free even. This is all done through the label dashboard area where YOU have full control over all aspects of a release and instant access to reports for sales or downloads.

All releases can be shared across SNS, and each label has their own page (shop), where tracks and releases are easily found.

There is a PROPER Top download chart in place, no more genre mistakes, or forced top 10. This chart will be reflective of what is REALLY hot!

All revenues are paid directly to labels on point of sale, no delay, no accounting needed!

It features an unrivalled search engine. Dj's and listeners can pin down releases to BPM, Key, style, artists and even tags if they have been added, this means instant results without hours of searching.



From the start moment of making music we were trying to find a way for people to hear it. I looked online, looked at digital distribution, and at that time 15 years ago, there was nothing! I tried to build a site just to host our music, spent weeks figuring out how to server that music in a download form, 15 years ago! My dreams were far outweighed by by the actual technology. Still I finally made a website, put our music on it and hoped. But it was ahead of it's time, digital downloads and sites were not quite there yet.

I contacted with others that were making music, and they faced the same thing... it took 10 years to get to the point where what I wanted to do was viable, but by that point it was commercialised!

All the online distribution companies were creaming it, and if they weren't it wasn't quite what we needed.

I wanted what I originally wanted, a place where I could put our music, not be controlled, dictated to, undermined by bigger more prolific music, just a home for our vibe.

I came to realise that this was an issue all artists and labels face initially! And without someone understanding they are just designated to the next fodder pile.

I wanted to create something that we never had, and would have loved because so much good music gets swallowed up and lost in the jaws of online distribution and targets!

Hence I built this site, for labels, for artists for anyone that wants to keep control over their music, and release it with a platform that really cares about it. This is from the heart, and this is hoping that in some way it can make what is already awesome even better


So far we have 16 Labels on board, free release, new release and old release.

If you fancy having a look would be great to have your feedback x


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Posted : Jan 25, 2015 12:47
hey man,

just stumbled upon this on facebook and have to to say honestly that it didnt catch me there..... i guess social networking issues.... one reads two lines and scrolls on

well, glad i found this here again, all the best with it, it seems quit exactly fitting the place...i.e. exactly what i n im sure many other artists n labels were looking for.

i didnt read through all of it, do you charge anything for it? like percentage of income or smth? i guess thats what its been about and im more than happy if this might get the platform we all have been waiting for!!

thanks for that, will spread the word with pleasure!!

Trance Forum  Forum  Free Music & Netlabels - RE:VOLT: New Psy-Trance Digital Portal
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