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Psylicious Radio presents: Psy-Sisters Showcase Part 2

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 22, 2019 01:27:39

Psylicious Radio presents: Psy-Sisters Showcase Part 2 Featuring:

Hackie - kloud Nin9 - Miss Nish - Kriss - Floresence

This week on Psylicious Radio we present part two of the Psy-Sisters Showcase series.
Be prepared as these Psy-Sisters blast the airwaves with their psychedelic soundscapes
for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Listen To The Show:

Radio Show Schedule Running Order:

Hackie (Cosmic Convergence Festival)
With a strong personality and identity in her sets, she is an expert in techno and progressive
basslines with psychedelic atmospheres. Her sets are endowed with a great drive, with hypnotic
and well-developed mixes following several lines in her live performances: from progressive to
techno, psytechno, zenonesque and progressive psytrance.

Her musical dynamism has led her to share the stage with artists such as Psysex (Hommega Records),
Rinkadink (FM Booking), Space Tribe (Spirit Zone Recordings), Animalien (Purple Hexagon),
Vimana (Kupuri Music) Caballero aka Gandulk (Undergroove Music), Glitter (Punch Underground),
Reset Robot (Whistleblower Records), Victor Ruiz (Sprout Records), among others.

After several years studying musical production, she is focused on producing her live act.
Definitely she is an artist to keep an eye on.


Kloud Nin9(Glitchy.Tonic.Records / No Qualms Records)
Streamlining in from Southern California, Kloud nin9 re-birthed herself into the underground music scene
in Montreal, Quebec. She moved to Montreal in 2009 to pursue her studies in Communications, and in turn
discovered her passion for music and the interactive arts.
Since then she has traveled and fine-tuned her work,transforming her deepest inspirations from the human
experience into something vividly tangible. Over the last 7 years, she developed a firm platform for her
musical talents to transform and mature, taking her all over the world performing in front of thousands of
people at festivals and events. She bridges her music career to the realm of sound design by proactively
developing her multichannel interactive art installation series’.


Miss Nish (Psy-Sisters)
Music has always played a major part of Miss Nish’s life and she first fell head over heals in love with
Psytrance after experiencing her first ever party in 2002 in Tokyo.
Since then she moved to London and became a regular face on the scene where she didn’t miss a single event
gaining a deep understanding and love for the music and culture.

After many years of pounding the dancefloor at parties and festivals all over the world and developing a true
insight into the scene she decided it was time to return the energy and she started learning how to mix and
craft a DJ set in 2011 with the focus on creating a journey through her sets.

Miss Nish is also practitioner and therapist of Ayurvedic Medicine - ’Nagarete Ayurveda’. Alongside many years
of learning, evolving and development, she firmly believes that key to health is to continuously seek harmony
and mind-body-emotion balance. Thus, through music we can allow ourselves deep connection to our most inner-self,
through dancing expression is manifested.

Miss Nish has been bringing her love for Progressive House, Techno and Full-on Psytrance to people from all genres
backgrounds, which has been most rewarding, as it certainly sets a challenge when you have a widely diverse dancefloor
that becomes completely immersed into the journey, created by Miss Nish.

As a highly versatile DJ she plays across the spectrum from Progressive House and Techno to uplifting and bouncy
Full-on Psytrance with chunky basslines and melodic grooves and is just as comfortable and proficient in playing a
peak time set as she is with opening or closing.

With her passion and skill for DJying and her ability to read and respond to the crowd, you can expect her floor shaking
sets to ignite the dancefloor at any point in the night.


Kriss (Girls at the controls - Bass Freak crew- Female pressure)
Kriss started in the electronic scene in Roatan Island, in Honduras in 2010, mixing genres like minimal and techno.
A year later, back in Tegucigalpa, she experiments with new sounds like psychedelic trance, DNB, jungle and dubstep.

With more than 9 years of experience she is part of the collective Girls at the Controls and Bass Freak Crew playing in
festivals like Cosmic Convergence, Natura Sonora, Intergalactic Fest and Modular, to name a few. Currently, Kriss Smith
is one of the most promising female talents in Latinamerica, bringing together different sounds from ancestral to cosmic
blending them with electronic trends.


Florescence (Propheti Records)
Florescence, is an emerging psytrance DJ based in London, UK.

She discovered the genre at the age of 19 and her passion rapidly grew. Now, at the ripe age of 21 she is one of the youngest Psytrance DJ's in the industry.
Aside from her residency at the UK’s longest running psytrance club, CLUB 414 in Brixton, Florescence, a recent graduate from BIMM, has played at numerous events in London, Bristol, Norwich, Switzerland and Sweden. Including ‘Psymera’, Butterfly Effect’, ‘Psychedelic Malmo’ & ‘The Prescription’.

Recently signed to the Swiss label, Propheti Records after just 1 and a half years of DJ’ing in the circuit, She has appeared in lineups alongside big names like Sonic Species, Burn in Noise, DJ Fog, GMS, Mechanimal, Ajja, Avalon & Vini Vici. As well as numerous events, Florescence has played her first summer of festivals including the legendary Boomtown Fair, The Giving Tree & Magic Castle Festival in Switzerland.

Soundcloud:           WebSite:
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