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Psyfairies Night V {tribute to Padma edition}

Mantra Tribe System
Mantra Tribe System

Posted :  29 Mar, 2008
21-22/06/2008 Mantra Tribe System presents:

Psyfairies Night V {tribute to Padma edition}
same as last years-CH-


2200-2330::::::KARASH (MTS) -CH- LIVE
2330-0030::::::SKYNET -F- LIVE-
0030-0130::::::WISE OR WRAP (MTS) -CH- DJ
0130-0330::::::ELENDIL vs AYALIEN aka NOON (MTS) -CH- DJ
0330-0500::::::GHYOM (MTS) -F- DJ
0500-0630::::::ZENKATSU (USP) -CH- DJ
0630-0830::::::Surprise guest -NO- DJ
0830-1000::::::ELECTRYPNOSE -CH- LIVE
1000-1130::::::ZAPATA -CH- DJ
1130-....::::::Surprises guests ping-pong mayhem

More Info:

Mantra Tribe System invite you for the fifth edition into the deep forest for a blissfull psyfairies night trip.
Supporting by our family riders and friends, this edition will be a tribute to our beloved Padma's soul brother who left his body last 31st January 2008.
In honor to his memory, a free digital release will be publish on the MTS server under Creative commons, no distributors, minimal ecological impact and investment. SHARE AND COPY!

OHMAGE tracklisting:

MASTER MARGHERITA (Peak) -Out of this worlds again-
PHOBOSPHERE -Serious vacation-
YAB YUM vs MORPHOGENESIS (Peak) -Padmatic-
UNHINGED (Crystal skull) -Congress-
AGHORI TANTRIK (Sonic Tantra) -Sunrise in Kabrastan-
D-FRAGMENTAL (MTS)-Quintum genus-
ELECTRYPNOSE -Try to hold it-
TOROG vs VAK(MTS)-Qui_êtes vous-
PSYBERPUNK -Hymn of Chaos-
AIJA (Peak) - Divine breath-
OIL (Trishula) -Imse Vimse Kräks-
WISE or WRAP (MTS) -Soul Mantra-
DOCD (MTS) -Toujours la motive-

Artwork, coding and managment by Anthony (MTS)
Mastering by Le Barde at Intellinoise.
Pirate Forest Free Psystomping Celebration.
Same place as last years in Switzerland, Infoline online in time.
Chaï-shop by the fairies, Bar, Fire-place and visual delights.

Ultimaya VJs crew -F-

Respect mother nature and earthlings.


Outdoor Free Parking Free Water Free Entrance VJ Deco

IsraMembers Party List: anthony ,aslak ,donanubis ,MercuryFall ,Zapata ,le barde ,Unbelivable ,Anogenic
Coming?   + 8
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2008 03:51
It's gonna be great! But is it easy to get to the party by foot from the train station?           They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

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Posted : Jun 19, 2008 14:54
Hello im looking for cars to go to this party,from Montreux or Lausanne
Mantra Tribe System

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Posted : Jun 19, 2008 16:31
Unfortunaly there will be NO Shuttle bus service.
The train station is hour walking from the party, in a beautifull lanscape. Car-share, hitchhike, walk, ride a bicycle. Go adventurous.
The location won't be reveal publicly, this is a private gathering.
To receive your **invitation** drop a mail to

Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Psyfairies Night V {tribute to Padma edition}
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