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Author · Open psytrance information source


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Posted : Nov 2, 2005 15:15
Want to promote your acts?
You just finished a song and want some feedback?
Your label released new stuff?
Your acts colaborate?
You mixed a fine set and people can download it?
You are an act and want to tell the world something?
You are member of a tribe and have some announcements ?
There is a new goatrance website online?
Your goatrance related shop has any offers?
There are news about audiosoftware or something else?
You just want to write some news to the world?

No problem... has been launched! is an high quality online journal presenting all kind of
psytrance related news. Where we get the news from?

Itīs you!
Everyone can use the database and promote his preferred stuff!

How it works? How to become an author?
Just register on our website.
.Afterwards you will be able to write comments to newsarticles.

To write full articles point your browser to the contactform write us a mail in
english or german, tell us your username and who you are, we will give your username full rights to:

* Write articles (Its as easy as using a normal texteditor, format your text, load images etc)
* Edit your own articles
* Delete your articles
* Upload files
* Control comments written on your article

From now on you can release everytime you want news to the psytranceworld,
which will also appear in the newsletter!

Okay, you can do that on your own website too, but if you want to stay informed
you canīt check every labelwebsite, every actsite etc. every day. offers you
the bundled information on one site!

There is also free bannerpromotion
Just tell us the URL of your banner (which must have fornat 468x60 px!, no flashbanners!)
and the desired linktarget. We start with an unlimeted number of views and 1000 clicks /banner.

The Team • ·
Please spread this mail, as long itīs no spam!

(Please contact in english or german)
Guidelines writing articles:
We donīt want to tell you hundreds of rules, but there are some things to mind writing articles.

* Be as precise as you can

* Be as extensive as you can, this is no linklist, so donīt write
"there is a new album out now, check"
these kind of news will be deleted without any comment!

* If you copy news for example from an audiosoftware company

* Maximum width for pictures is 400 px, there is no restriction
for the imageheight (Only for pictures in the news, if you
upload pictures as attachment size doesnīt matter.) .
Pictures bigger than 400 px width will be deleted.

* Do not forget to sometimes have a look on your articles, maybe there are questions that should be
answered in comment-area right below your article.

Read more here:
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 2, 2005 15:27
Really interesting concept and good luck with the project.

I've registered, but I don't know where to upload my mixes on the site. Any help?           LABEL-DJ @ 3D VISION RECORDINGS | |

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Posted : Nov 2, 2005 15:31
You canīt upload mixes...
You can upload it to any server and then write an article about it where you also post the link.
read this to see how it works:
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 4, 2005 10:34
Nice Start !
I like the site.
Keep on guys !           :: PsyTech Team :: Bulgaria - Psychedelic Trance organization and Party Promoters
:: - the HQ
:: - psy links dir
:: - our Dark Psy community

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Nov 4, 2005 10:48
we will change registration these days, so that you can
write news m immediately after registration, seems like it is too complicated the way it is now.

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  25
Posted : Jan 9, 2006 17:10
After a testing time and the problems people had with
newswriting, we changed the concept and the sitefeatures.

Come and check the updated site on or

With regards
The Team
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