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Trance Forum  Forum  Mexico - Psyboriginal (Digital Psionics / Australia)
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Psyboriginal (Digital Psionics / Australia)


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Posted : Sep 28, 2007 22:20
Dates Availabre at a very special price!

Tour starting on November 9 and until December 25

Psyboriginal is Marc Freund from Sydney, Australia Since 2004, his live sets have focused on spawning an environment conducive for explosive, energetic,and sometimes unpredictable trancefloor reverberations. The Psybo-sound depicts that indescribable moment between night and day- ethereal and uplifting
to bring in the morning, yet mysterious and menacing enough to wreck nocturnal havoc. Marc's versitility as an artist is further evident in the incorporation of guitar and vocals in a few of his tracks.

The Psyboriginal sound is one that is constantly changing and evolving; during his time in Belgium in 2004, Marc became decidely influenced by morning
psytrance. However, upon returning to his native Australia, things took a trip to the dark(er) side, as his music adapted both a harder, more sinister edge
as well as greatly increasing in overall doofability.
The present end result- a unique style that weaves together all the right elements, fabricating a perfect groove guaranteed to ignite any legion of doofers with positive vibes.
In the past he has worked alongside fellow Aussie producers Dark Nebula, Fractal Glider, Legohead and Illusion of Self.
As well as some recent collaborations with Hydraglyph and Slum, Chromatone and Electrypnose.

Psyboriginal has kicked up dust on dancefloors all over Australia as well as in Germany,Austria, Belgium, UK, Spain, Czech Rep.,Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.
As well as a recent tour to India which included gigs in Delhi, Chennai, Pushkar, Bangalore, Bombay, Jaipur and Dubai.
He has also played some amazing parties in Costa rica and guatemala

Look for upcoming releases on Digital Psionics, Digital Distortion Records, PsyPneumatix, and Tribeadelic Records, as well as a forthcoming album on Digital Psionics in 2007!!!


Spirited Away - Hyperspatial chrysalis , ketuh records V/A

Freak(rmx) vs Daheen - The numinous, ketuh records V/A

Take all three - Future Shock, Psypneumatix V/A

Mello Ohm - Work it out, Digital Distortion records V/A

Sexadellic - Psionic Temple, Digital Psionics V/A

Amazing Resonance - divine balance records V/A

Mr incredible vs Dark nebula , Dark neb album

Level schmevel vs Imix, Imix album

Law of retaliation vs stomp - digital distortion V/A

No pussy no dancing - Hypersenses, Psypneumatix V/A

Baked or friend vs Shivamoon - Rudraksh records V/A

Booking fee: No international flight!!
Djset - USD $350 Dlls
Live + Djset - USD $600 Dlls

National flight + Living and meals



For more info and other exclusive artists please goto:


Substance / The Ataris

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Posted : Sep 29, 2007 01:34
wooo u are becoming like a spam no ? 2 users plus massive amounts of info for booking ur artists! if it works let me know hahahai will start flooding over

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Posted : Sep 29, 2007 03:22
we are so sorry for announcing all of these tours, we are trying to help the artits... don't worry, we'll try to put less of this stuff...

See you around!

Keep playing crazy things! xD
Trance Forum  Forum  Mexico - Psyboriginal (Digital Psionics / Australia)
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