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Psy Trance Mission @pyramid


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Posted : Apr 17, 2003 23:18
thank you for a blasting "after seder".
see you next week at pyramid.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 17, 2003 23:19
ok .. so a normal wednesday night turned into one of the most banging nights ever !

berzerk ( well, both of them ) played the most banging set ive heard in quite a while, taking revenge for new york after we were disappointed by dimitris set on friday - they played all the killers, as well as a few new songs ..

incredible mixing talent, first time iver heard them play - its like one dj with four hands setting the decks and floor on fire

daydream sounded like a real song again !! - lsd story and a bunch of others over the night -

once again, thank you psy trance mission, great night .. you guys need to hold onto that 3-4 spot, and maybe make it a two hour set sometime ..

boom ptm and gotti ..
          paagal power ..
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 08:39
Hey arrya thnx for the feedback! we really had a good time too, the atmosphere was incredible i thought, and that smoke we had outside right before the set certainly put me in the right mindframe It was real fun to close out the party, gave us a chance to up the bpm and volume abit... im glad to see this wednesday line work and that people are enjoying themselves you and candyflip certainly bring much needed energy to the floor! see you guys next week, and oh, by the way, my name is Gadi not Gotti im an isralien not a dead mafia king.
          "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 16:02
yes so it was the way arrya said it....verry chilled out night...but da best of all was the set of Gadi wid his partner(dont know him)....strarting off wid Shanti - predator(as far as i remember) the boys got everyone back jumping on da floor wid full enegry(guess everyone was saving it up for their set ....some crazy ass mixing wid good vibes and great music could just not stop me from

Was really nice chillin wid u Gadi and surely looking forward to spin a nice set with you sometime soon
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Psy Trance Mission @pyramid
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