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Post of the Year Awards

Fallen Angel
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Posted : Dec 23, 2007 07:45
Yes, dig up some classic posts from 2007

Here's one:


On 2007-12-21 21:14, Nigatron wrote:
Astral projection tour in portugal was the most disapointing thing i ever saw (and) with all this material (OP thought that) they were going to touch in something... WRONG!!!

Eternally transifxed on my tortured eyeballs are IM or Skazi on youtube. I might not generally agree with IM's recent experimantation with godawful SHIT, but at least I'm not going to their gigs expecting them to rock my balls into dust.

first date in Oporto they were so drunk and lots of other illegal things that the only thing they could do was to put a cd in a cdj and touch play!!!

You hippies rule - you get epicly fucked up and listen to shitty music, but when you go see artists get fucked up and play shitty music, you whine on the internets.

they didn´t made anything else, just one track of the mixer and one cdj!!! A playback fake from one of the most recognized artists in the trance cene...

What did you expect? Was this your first Psy-trance gig? An Israeli wailing on a guitar with one foot on a monitor is what you get when you go see crappy artists in crappy parties. Fuck, I thought I'd never say this but even the inbred salmiak eating drunkard racist Finns are starting to put some effort into their game.

one of them (the guy with the long hair) were so drunk that he couldn´t be on stage,

The thing is, sometimes when you hug a tree the trunk is so big you miss the obvious - This is proper rock'n'roll. Maybe a bit on the disrespectful side, but that guy still has more nuts than an average psy-trance first aid tent.

the other was speaking with everybody...

NO!? NOT REALLY?! THAT'S JUST WRONG! I feel you brother.

the strangest was that they opened the laptops to make the fake more credible!!!

I had to open my laptop to troll hippies, so why wouldn't they?

Lisbon, again drunk, again the same material they asked, but this time they didn´t used the cdj... they used a Ipod!!! uhau is this true??? yes it is and Astral did it!!!

CD's suck dicks anyhow, can't really blame the guys.

and the top of the top´s: one of them were so drunk that he falled from the stage with the face in the floor!!!! yeah what a great artists you are . . .

Yeah man! They ROCK ON allright! The more I think about this, the more I'm starting to hope that their next live is played over the internets in shitty real audio format, with webcam video of the guys getting fucking smashed on kosher wine or whatever the fuck they drink down there and watching porn.

then they wanted to receive the money

I think I'd start destroying shit if I was drunk out of my mind in Lisbon, at some second-rate psy trance party full of people bitching about me talking to the guests and posing with my AWESOME NORDS, with no money to go back home? Yes, I would.

I'd also fall flat down on my face just to see if I die or wake up in my bed from the nightmare.

and the conversation was:
astral proj.: "WHERE IS MY MONEY!"???!!!
party producer: "WHERE IS MY LIVE ACT"???!!!
astral proj.: "I WANT MY MONEY"!!!! IM FROM ISRAEL"???!!!

Now this is the first thing that I really have to disagree with the AP guys. Portugal, or rest of the world for that matter, is not USA, so I doubt AIPAC has any grip on them.

and the party producer beat in him twice

Bitching leads to bitch slapping.

this is a true story and if you want to book astral proj. in the material list put a Ipod because they will need it hehehe

Well, I would first like to congratulate you on finding your way to your first electronic music party.

I hope you're not put off by the fact that most "live acts" are:

1. either crooked like a motherfucker, like these aforementioned little pranksters

2. Not gifted enough to play live

3. Just simply too broke to make it look awesome

4. Not worried about nodding their heads behind a laptop, wiping their noses clean of the blow they snorted from some ugly hippie skags boobs.

I briefly scrolled through all the 18 excruciatingly painful pages of dumbness and a few of you guys had some valid points (I think), but you probably waved them off as trolls like all the bitching girly-men do.

I think one of those who had a point was that one guy with the black and yellow and ugly as hell avatar, although I think he's also a bit too emo.

However, it obviously isn't entirely clear how big a hassle it is to set you ungrateful dipshits up with a proper live set.

Mentioned was Richie Hawtin, who, aside rocking your balls so damn hard the tremors destroy worlds lightyears away, has some custom gear & software to go with it especially designed for his live acts (not much unlike µCapps midibox-platform I think). That, and a shitload of other crap.

As mentioned, Hardfloor, Rob Acid and a few other acts got tons of gear on stage too, which is quite a lot of shit even with one TR-909, a few 303's and a couple of racks. The cabling of even one groovebox can destroy a soul.

That said, don't expect people to pay thousands of euros (fuck dollars you poor bitches, bow to your european masters) to drag your sorry ass all the way down from Israel just to see you wobble about the stage drunk as a motherfucker and tipping shit and yourself over while the gig is playing from a cd.

Yeah I kinda lost it there but I was saying that it's dumb as fuck to compare psy trance to techno - other than to mention that where techno has testicles the size of milky way, psytrance is for emo pussies.

Especially when talking about live acts, one must understand that most techno acts have been around for ages and the scene still more or less revolves around drum machines and the sound and compositions are rather minimal.

Most of the legendary shit like 80's Roland drum machines have internal sequencers and a shitload more hands on control than a touch pad and a mouse.

This makes the live act look a whole lot more live, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's somehow more difficult than triggering loops and audiotracks on a S/W Seq.

If one was to find physical equivalents of VST's used on a psy-trance track, it might prove surprisingly fucked up both economically and ergonomically. There just are some things that need premeditated sequencing.

Playing 5-8 keyboards, triggering samplers and fiddling about with drum machines - not to mention the racks of effects needed - is not as easy as it sounds, so as long the artist keeps on trying, it's all good.

That said, I really hope you all would just shut the fuck up already and go see acts you know want to give a bang for your buck.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 23, 2007 10:34
Astral Projection is rocks....           We were born naked & grow up to become wicked.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 23, 2007 12:39
Nice topic..cant think of any at the moment,but pavel's Is rocks is the most happening           Its Like a Drop That Falls Into the Ocean,or Perhaps the Ocean is Falling Into a Drop.
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  50
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Posted : Dec 23, 2007 16:19
Pavel IS rocks...           We were born naked & grow up to become wicked.
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