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PLUR Festival ®''The Fifth Element Exploration''

Organic Dream
Plur Festival

Posted :  04 Dec, 2016
18-28/08/2017 Plur Festival presents:

PLUR Festival 2017 ''The Fifth Element Exploration''


PLUR Festival / Greece 2017 by D.P.S Production

Live acts

A-TECH-Dacru rec. (Portugal)

A.K.D-Soulectro Music (israel)

ARJUNA-Parvati rec. (Italy)

ARCHAIC-Parvati rec.(Greece)

AVARIS-Spaceradio rec. (Greece)

ATRIOHM-Parvati rec.(Skopje)

ATACAMA-Digital om production (Germany)

ASTRAL SENSE-Power House Records
Geomagnetic TV
Sting Records (Serbia)

ASCENT-Ovnimoon Records (Serbia)

AVENGERS-X7M Records (Italy)

AHO-Antu rec (Chile)

BURN IN NOISE-Nano rec. (Brazil)

BRAINIAC-24/7 Records (Uk)

CONWERTER-Harmonia rec. (Greece)

CHACRUNA-Antu / Maharetta rec( Spain)

DANIEL LESDEN-Digital om production (Russia)

DARMA -Solar-Tech Records (Israel)

DARK& ROLL-Twisted Dark Space Trance-Danza bookings- (Israel)

DUAL VISION-Digital Nature Rec (Italy)

DO RE MIX-Spiral Trax--Danza bookings (Israel)

DICKSTER-Nano rec(Uk)

DICK TREVOR-Nano rec.(Uk)

DR.PSYHEAD-Hyper Vision Records - Ovnimoon Records (Greece)

E-MOV-Dacru rec. (Greece)

ECTIMA-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

ELLINIO - Yellow Sunshine Explosion (Greece)

FLEGMA-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

HYPNOISE-Antu rec / Maharetta rec (Spain)

HYPNOCOUSTICS-Liquid Records (Uk)

HELBER GUN-24/7 Records (Mexico)

HARDY VELES-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

KRONICS-Namasté Records (France)

ITAL-Antu rec. (Chile)

LOONEY -Disco Valley Records - Banyan records ( Greece)

LYKTUM-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

MATERIA-24/7 Records (AT)

MINDFOLD-24/7 Records (AT/UK)

MUSES RAPT/JUAN VERDERA-Danza bookings (Spain)

MYTHOSPHERIC-Utopia Progressive (Israel)

MIDIRIDE-Sun Department Records (Germany)

MPF-Sagmoma records--Danza bookings (Brazil)

NORMA PROJECT-Ovnimoon rec. (Serbia)

ONE FUNCTION-Iono music (Israel)

ONKEL DUNKEL-Parvati rec (Aarhus)

ORISMA-Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings (Greece)

PAUSE-Planet ben (Greece)

PLASMOTEK-24/7 records (France)

RITUAL - Disco Valley Records ( Greece)

SONIC SENSE-Iono music (Israel)

SHOGAN-Sting Records ,Ovnimoon Records (Serbia)

SOLAR WAVES-Namasté records (France)

TECHYON-Iono music (Porto/Coimbra, Portugal)

TROPICAL BLEYAGE-Dacru rec.(Serbia)

THE KEY-Bmss Records(chile-serbia)

THE PACO PROJECT-Optem Records , Hyper Vision Records , Infinity Tunes (Greece)

THE DUDE-SOULECTRO MUSIC- -Danza bookings (Israel)

UNDERCOVER-Hommega rec. (Israel)

UNICODE-Blue tunes rec. (Israel)

VERTEX-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

VIA AXIS-Sangoma Rec.--Danza bookings(Brazil)

YAR ZAA-Maharetta records (Spain)

ZYCE-TesseracTstudio (Serbia)

ZEN MECHANICS-Sourcecode Transmissions (Holland)

::Dj sets::

Amnesia-Evil corp. (Italy)

ARI\\\\\\\'SFREEDOM - Secret Sessions ( Greece)

Aura-Organic dream/infinity rec./phantasm rec.

Bevatron-Profound rec./Groove technology (Greece)

Fanis-Dps production / Plur festival / tesseract (Greece)

GrainFungus-Parvati rec

Antonio-Dps production (Greece)

Alkis-Amphidromia (Greece)

Alexander Blossom-Dps production (Greece)

Ioanna-Dps production / Plur festival (Greece)

Safemode-Dps production (Greece)

Kostas psytribe-Dps production (Greece)

unreality paul-namaste rec. (France)

Doc-Harmonia rec. (Greece)

Digimush-Dps production (Greece)

Dynamike Vs John DMT (Greece)

Joel Barber-Indepedent ( Greece)

Manuel Mess-Indepedent (Greece)

Mike Riza - Secret Sessions (Greece)

Mike sync-Indepedent (Greece)

Mlab - Independent ( Greece)

Origanik-Dps production (Greece)

Onaro-Dps production (Greece)

M.Riganis-Dps production

Hïmeboy (Trance4All•SpaceMusic) (Greece)

Raveheart-Evil corp. (Italy)

PSYGROO -Own Spirit Records(Spain)

Wingman- Phantasm Records (Greece)

The freak-The freak show (Greece)

Loco Pone-Psychedelic Gr (Greece)

Nacken-The freak show (Greece)

SiaNa MeLody - PsyUnity - TribalismoRadioTeam (Greece )

Eternity-psyunity music

Sonus-x - -Indepedent (Greece)

Sonic-Dps prooduction/plur festival

TritoCosmic - -Indepedent (Greece)

Vorpal -Dice Radio (Greece)

Saos-River flow festival (Greece)

Geo-G -PsyTrax Records (Greece)

Dj Free Wave - PsyUnity Music (Greece)

and many many more artists to be announce....stay tuned!!!!!

More Info:

The fifth element of the Nature may be coming from each person individually, but only if we combine our own elements can it be realizable. The fifth element is merely what we call PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT!

The PLUR FESTIVAL institution has been taking place over the past few years, closely attached to PSY TRANCE that has proved to be beyond music so far. PSY Trance brings people from all over the world regardless of colour, sex or even religion together. Under PSY we are all equal, interacting and respectful to nature that welcomes us.
The upcoming summer of 2017 is about to change and reestablish what we have known about the PSY stage. It is about inviting us for the first time in PSY TRANCE history to a
10-DAY festival not only to feast with music for days, but also to enjoy our vacation, chilling out, relaxing and nourishing both our bodies and our minds.

More than sixty-five (65) live acts and more then thirty-five (35) dj sets of high quality sound systems are to perform on two musical stages.
Two musical stages offered not only for your entertainment, but for expressing and developing yourselves too. Combined to one, whole live unit, people and music on both dancefloors is a key commitment factor.

A Line Up of the most widely known and loved musicians, but also new names and artists, combined with an audience from all over the world are coming together to participate with us in a beautiful journey through music!




*Along dancing and entertainment, yoga seminars are being organized daily for everyone to offer you some time for relaxation and well-being to prepare your body by mastering up your energy.

*Shops in the festival premises will be available for you, satisfying most of your needs according to your tastes.

*A variety of drinks and foods for vegetarians.

*Enjoy the seductive tea-varieties in the tea shops

*Enjoy refreshing cocktails in the Cocktail House

*A shop with camping equipment and other useful things, in case you are not properly equipped

*Shower spots (please use green soap preferably, it is friendlier to the environment)

*WC with chemical cleansing units

*Medical care

*Alternative medicine for myoskeletal injuries

*Parking lot in the Festival premises

**Your four legged friends are most welcome as long as you take full responsibility of them; you respect the others and the environment (the owner¢s data must be referred on your pet¢s collar to avoid losing it).

The Festival will take place along the following three villages: Thermo-Kato Dosoula-Kareli on a wide area, which will allow us to move and co-exist comfortably, without the slightest inconvenience.

At the same time we will have the chance to explore the secrets of the place that will accommodate us for 10 whole days. It is a wonderful destination, kept far from the mass tourism and ideal spot for naturists.

The paths connecting the villages are still accessible and will walk you through streams and breathtaking landscapes. You will love the route around the Lake of Evinos River and the paths in the woods that bring you to the heart of the mountains. Alternative activities such as trekking, rafting and mountain bike or a thrill on four wheels (4X4) are at your disposal here.
Literally a heaven on earth located on the riversides of Evinos River, a place full of trees and wooden bridges leading you to the other side of the river. The crystal clear river waters offer you an ideal refreshing escape. And as for the adventure lovers, you will find a lot to keep you busy, such as numerous hidden beaches along the river, some of them still unexplored, as well as founts with crystal waters.

The more you merge yourselves into this area, the more wonderful landscapes you are to find. It¢s all up to you!
As the sun goes down, feel released by your fears, since the starlight and the warmth of the mountains will keep you protected.

*The ancient premises and the city museum
*The Trihonida Lake, the largest lake in Greece
*The River Evinos
*The Environmental Education Centre


Main Stage: Temple Creations (Lithuania)

Chillout Stage: Organic Dream (Greece)

*By car (for instructions please click on the link below)
*By intercity busses from Athens to Thermo (at Thermo there is a new bus agency near the Piraeus Bank)

***For further information please click here

*By buses from Nafpaktos to Thermo daily (information shortly)

*By the Plur Festival Buses from Athens and Thessaloniki (information shortly)



Free Parking Chill Area VJ Deco Eco Friendly Children Zone Workshops/Market Water Access Transportation Discounted Presale 

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Trance Forum  Forum  Festivals Promotions - PLUR Festival ®''The Fifth Element Exploration''
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