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Trance Forum » » Forum  UK - Planet Shroom party in Bristol - biggest dissapointment of my life
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Planet Shroom party in Bristol - biggest dissapointment of my life


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Posted : Oct 24, 2004 17:59
Long story but stick with me.

I live in Germany, but I went to the UK last week for my first time to check out Misted Muppet. Ever since I got their CD a couple of months ago they´ve become one of my all time favourite trance groups and so I jumped at the chance to see them live. I booked my ticket without thinking twice and off I went.

I had accomodation in London with a friend of mine who also went to the party, but we had to take the train to Bristol, where the party was. It took an hour and a half to get to Bristol, but once there we found the venue easily. It was an old church and I was getting more excited by the second as I approached it. This was around 21:30.

My excitement quickly died when I saw the bouncers not only searching but basically molesting every person that wanted to party. I mean, the searched everywhere. They even checked out my wares for fucks sakes. I wasn´t gonna let some assholes ruin my night however and went ahead with a smile on my face.

Inside I had a great time, the sound, decor and people were great. I talked to one of the chicks that helped organize the party and asked her if she could get Misted to sign my CD (my brother suggested this idea and I thought it would be cool). Half an hour later she told me who to talk to if I wanted to meet them in person. I was jumping out of my skin at that stage. I was overwhelmed.

Hours passed as the party went on and I was having a fantastic time meeting all kinds of cool people. At around 01:30 we went outside to catch some fresh air, after asking the bouncer prick if we would be able to come back in. He said yeh so off we went to have a smoke and a moment of peace before the storm (Misted were gonna play at 02:00).

So we did our deeds and went back and at this stage I was so fucking amped I could have fueled a spaceship with all my energy.
Only to have to the bouncer tell us it´s 02:02 and nobody gets in after 02:00.

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out whether he was being serious. I was standing there in total disbelief, watching this mother fucker let every chick in, but denying us the party we paid for.

It´s difficult to put my frustration in words, but that didn´t stop me from trying. I was pleading with the guy for about half an hour, telling him my story, that I came all the way from Germany just to see this group, etc. He just stood there like a limp dick. This guy was the worst type to work at a trance party, his entire motivation for being there came from ruining people´s time. I felt sick to my stomach.

Eventually the organizer for the venue came out and I spent about an hour talking to him asking what the fuck. The guy only managed to spout a bunch of shit, telling me the cops are being assholes when it was clear that there were no cops around and the only ones being assholes were the people that were fucking with me.

So basically I had to leave the party then and there, after spending 10 pounds on cover charge and at least 50 pounds inside. Add that to the 35 pounds it cost me to get to Bristol and it ends up being a shitload of money. And if that wasn´t bad enough, the first train back to London only left that morning at 07:40.

The rest of the night was ruined for me. We did find another party to go to, but all night the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to crack that son of a bitch´s skull.

What pisses me off most is that no one ever mentioned anything about doors being closed after 02:00. In Germany the doors are always open and the bouncers only see if you have a stamp, they don´t ever touch you.
I´ve never had any problems whatsoever with the bouncers or organizers of the parties I go to, but this was horrible by anybody´s standard.

It´s more than a week later and now I´m back in Germany and I still feel robbed, ripped off and insulted. Needless to say I won´t ever go to a Planet Shroom party again, because if they don´t care about creating a welcoming, positive vibe then FUCKIT.

I missed my favourite group after going to England just to see them, all because I was 2 minutes late. Fucking assholes.

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Posted : Oct 24, 2004 18:52
ohh I am really sorry to hear your desappointment GammaGoblin. I wish you can see Misted Muppet very soon without spending too much of your energy

you can strengh your feeling if you at this


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 24, 2004 18:58
Hi Gamma Goblins, my names Andy, i'm one of the promoters of the party, i'm really sorry to hear whats happened - this is the first i've heard of this. Although Jen (one of our door staff) did come up to me and say that there was a guy here who wanted to get Misted Muppet to sign his cd, i assume that was you, Jen went early and i heard know more about it. I think i know the guy you are talking about - he's the manager of the venue, but nothing to do with shroom, i was flyering for shroom the week before and was not allowed into flyer as it was after 2, but i was aware of that - i will take this up with him, but please understand issues like this and the fact that we had to cut Dagan's set at 4 exactly on the dot - in mid-track as well - these situations are not our's to make - they are down to the license and the venue. Although this really doesn't take away from the fact that you came from Germany for this and missed Dagan's set - and for this i'm truely sorry - not sure how can make this up to you, if you want to pm me to talk about this further - no problem.
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