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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Perfect Stranger - "Stardust EP" (Iboga records, jan. 09)
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Perfect Stranger - "Stardust EP" (Iboga records, jan. 09)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 26, 2009 14:21:34
Artist : Perfect Stranger :
Title : Stardust EP
Label : Iboga records
Format : Digital (Mp3 & Wave)
Release date : jan. 2009


01. Stardust
02. Stardust (Moonbeam Remix)
03. Stardust (Eitan Reiter Remix)
04. Stardust (Felguk Remix)
05. Free Cloud (Perfect Stranger & A. Balter Remix)

Iboga kicks off the new year with a digital album, dedicated to remixes of tunes from Perfect Stranger’s last album “Free cloud”, deservedly hailed by Progressive gourmets as album of the year. Great idea! After his last opus,Yuli Ferstat confirmed his place in the Olympus of Progressive, not far from the Pantheon of Techno, which, as this goes to press, is hovering over the southern tip of Victoria in OZ, more precisely at the Rainbow Serpent festival.

01. Stardust
Your devoted critique having sweated a lot over the album review from which this track is reedited, he does not see the need to reformulate it, as Stardust remains just as fresh as it was then.

02. Stardust (Moonbeam Remix)
The hyper prolific Russian duo Moonbeam has proved an affinity with the world of PS with their successful rmx of Ode ao Sol released a year ago or so. Their interpretation brings in some standard techno chiming motifs that remotely echo the original lead, woven with more other-wordly, husky synth, while bare bits of the original rhythmic ideas reappear from time to time. The atmosphere is more minimal but the bitter-sweet melodic build up of the seminal piece is lost, and is not compensated for by any particular originality or tension, emptied even of any personal input. As often happens, they sound to my ears like the the gifted producers that they are, capable of working on any material. But jacks of all trades are also, often masters of ... very few.

03. Stardust (Eitan Reiter Remix)
Eitan Reiter is a different story. His production has been split between his full-force old-school Trance act ‘Loud’, and the Electronica pop-infused side-project ‘Unoccupied’, heir of ‘Air’. But his commitment to Minimal is no pose, and his understanding of PS’s music has already given birth to a nice rmx of Ode ao Sol, released in the “Changed” vintage album. This new rendition goes deep into techno territories, unveiling hidden, eerie dimensions of the original, distantly recalling the melodic “purple haze” and morning sunrise of the now classic Ode ao Sol, while the brief, excruciating, drilling lead, softly pounding bass, and jazzy cymbal drive and drum roll efficiently conspire to create the right throbbing pulsation. Double thumbs up!

04. Stardust (Felguk Remix)
With the duo Felguk, rising Brazilian talents in the Electro scene, we leave underground territory to broach the realm of clubbier music and are treated with the most dance-floor minded tune of this package. They too keep almost unchanged quite substantial parts of the original rhythmic combo but they slice and mix them with large and gritty transposed melodic slabs that receive effective fx treatment. The outcome is a rather surprising blend, definitely alluring and driving as it rocks big time.

05. Free Cloud (Perfect Stranger & A. Balter Remix)
To the happy few, Avishai Balter is known as the partner in crime of the Stranger in extatic, double deck and back to back DJ sets in parties and festival in Israel. To the discerning Iboga listener, he’s the man behind the strong rmx of a BLT track, featured on the Set 8 vintage compilation. Together, they have schemed up the pitching down of the bass to lower fi, and have replaced the seminal break by a nice acid-drenched soaring melody. More essentially, they have stripped back the original’s trancey elements, unveiling the techy backbone of Free Cloud. The result is no rickety skeleton, but rather a rockety DJ tool, that will spice up a tech-house oriented set, even though the main interest of this rendition seems to be, IMHO, more didactic than anything else.

Bottom line
A well diversified package, already supported by big name DJs names such as Armin Van Buren, Groove Armada, Nick Warren, Dave Spoon and 16 Bit Lolitas. My highlight is definitely the E. Reiter rmx for its depth, and next is the Electro rendition of Felguk for its effectiveness. Even if Moonbeam has disappointed me, their rmx already ranks third on the list of their most downloaded tracks at Beatport, and (commercial) size does matter. And congrats to Iboga for being a deft contributor to Techno releases!


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Martian Arts

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Posted : Jan 27, 2009 13:03
Its all about the Felguk remix for me. Yes its your typical electro dance tune played on Radio 1, but fuckin hell is it slammin! That's the tune for the dance floor, no messing about, just in your face and driving as you like.
Not really keen on the rest of them mixes, for playing out at peak time but defo nice warm up package with the A. Blater collab standing out from the techno versions.

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Posted : Mar 4, 2009 14:52
great release .

Stardust (Eitan Reiter Remix) - killer remix !.
love it.
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