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Trance Forum  Forum  DJs & Artists - PC Mixing?
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PC Mixing?


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Posted : Oct 24, 2003 08:44
Just wondering what evryone thinks about mixing on pc's. I know its not hands on like vinyl but it has unlimited capabilities to mix tunes. Using an external interface of cd decks with software that has built in effects, also compatible with vst effects, 6 different cue positions, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 beat loop frames, scripting of sequenced effects, vinyl effect(sensitivity adjustable) and can all be saved, every setting. It is also midi programmable so when it is set up every thing can be activated from a key or slider. I have been mixing for about 18 months and am open for any opinion even if it's fuck off your short cutting, but u have the ability to make a 4 hour set project of remixing, not just beatmatching and playing to the next track but restructuring the songs so that everything blends and it sounds fat and isn't that what it's about. I have always felt pc mixing to be a sensitive subject so please let me know what u think or if u have experimented with this before. I use Mix Vibes 5, Numark external controller, 3 channel behringer mixer and reason through the 3rd for samples.
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Posted : Oct 25, 2003 09:38
Unlike many here, I personaly dont have anything against these devices. Many will complain that it's not "Hands-on", cheating the crowd etc'.
I personaly dont play these tools in gigs, but I dont think that because its semi-automatic it devaluate from the preformance. As long as the dancers enjoy themselves and the party rox - who cares?

Again, I'm sure that most will object to these kinda tools, but hey - that was the same cry when we started using CDJs - Vinil people were finding all kinda critics about CDJs being too austomatic and degrading the DJ hands-on work - bullshit.

Enjoy yourself!

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Posted : Oct 26, 2003 00:12
im not against this tool for home using or for a cd recording...
but at parties, for the public, is quite different because the dj feels the public and plays for it, its not just entering on the dj cabin and spin your automatic set.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 26, 2003 14:06
My next buy is going to be Final Scratch which is basicly what u describe only with a vinyl interface (they have a CD interface version as well).           Kinetic Honda GmbH, Worldwide Supliers of Quality noise.
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Posted : Oct 27, 2003 16:22
It's a touchy subject, but I have to say that people want to see a DJ grab tracks with their hands. It's sexier, too. =) Hiding behind a laptop, although it makes the job easier when it comes to layering effects and tweaking the mixes and the tracks (can you say auto bpm snap? lol), but when it comes down to it, people want to see how good a DJ can go from one track to another. And how cool they can look doing it. heheh. But I think go for it if you wanna, i just can't guarantee any success as a laptop DJ. Me, I like beatmatching by myself, with no help.

Trance Forum  Forum  DJs & Artists - PC Mixing?
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