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Trance Forum  Forum  Australia & New Zealand - Parties in Australia?
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Parties in Australia?

IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Oct 24, 2014 15:36:57
I am in Australia for last one year and I did not see many decent Parties or festival.

I went to many festivals. I don't know who organise them but they really have no clue to make line up. May be lost the plot last year made some effort to make the line up other than that rest of the festivals were musically total disaster.

Worst one was around in Sydney Some thing called Psyfari, I felt like I was being scammed that they used the word PSY.. Most of the artist who played there were amateur really bad produced music and Djs who stopped collecting music after 2004.

Then it was lost the plot which I reckon was the best among the worst in my opinion. At least they made effort to introduce all type of psytrance. I don't know why they are not making it this year.

After that I was in Dragon Dreaming some where in ACT. There were some good music but mostly Dj's playing random. I think they just collet Djs who play for free and don't spend on anything and make the ticket very expensive. Dragon dreaming I would say a total Rip off. If they charge so much money they should at least get some decent artist to make the party. This year the line up looks even worst.

After that was earth core... I don't even want to start on this festival. Seriously, Astrix and sesto sento!!! it was 2013 not 2003.

Rainbow serpent festival, vibe wise really good. Again they could still work more on line up for such a super expensive festival. I never paid this amount of money on any festival anywhere in the world and i have been to all the continents.

Maitriya was good nice vibes.. musically it can be have more variation. Too many progressive.. quiet lousy. Also i do not understand Perfect stranger Obsession.. he might be good but there are other many good talented artist in the world too.. Why he plays on all the festivals.. Does he live in Australia?

I am leaving from Australia in one month I am really looking forward for some nice party.

If some Psytraveller like me planning to come to Australia .. I would say not visit here.. there are some good thing about this place .. you can work but on the other hand it is super expensive, most of the festivals are made for Profit.. they really do not care about music or deco or about the whole psyculture.. Lastly don't go to Sydney for parties
Trance Forum  Forum  Australia & New Zealand - Parties in Australia?
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