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Pan Papason "Come with Me"


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Posted : May 24, 2008 23:56:36
Label : On The Move Music
Artist : Pan Papason
Title : Come with Me
Cat # : onthemovecd04
Release Date : June 27th, 2008
File Under : Electronica / Dance / Trance

Pan Papason is no stranger in the Trance world, Dj’ing since 1993 as he started in London where Trance was being blooming at that time. Then on to his weekly Legendary SEA BREEZE event in Goa and by 1996 he was Dj’ing internationally on a standard basis. After years of Dj’ing around the Globe the need to create his personal unique sound, was evident. Fat and warm Bass-lines as well as powerful leads are some of his sound characteristics. Music full of drive for the "Peak Dance-floor Moments" of long hour festivals. Well-harmonized melodies that will rip the dance floors and stay in your head forever. Get high, and ready for a psychedelic yet emotional ride he's got to offer. This album will propel your emotions and activate your sixth sense. As you may wake up in a field full of purple strawberries with nymphs dancing in white dresses and sufis whirling backwards, you will admit that this music is taking you in places where u have NEVER been before.

Get your hooves powered up and prepare to experience the magic of sound waves in an ocean of bliss.

The scene has been crying out for such an emotional psychedelia yet easy to listen even at home. Pan Papason and his collaborators deliver high quality Trance that refreshes our senses and gives hope to many Trance Evangelists. No formula has been used other than "Lets Dance" and trust me you will!! Pounding yet soulful, stomping but still melodic, contemporary yet different, sentimental but full of drive. Will never let you down. He is asking you to go with him to the world of wonders, emotions and dimensions, above places of sharp beats and snarling rhythms.

Once you put this CD in your player, instantly you have the visa to psychedelic palm tree beaches and stomping tribal drum sounds. Time is now; let him guide you thru his unique story telling. A mature excitement combined with cerebral tickling and harmonic sensations. Emo-Trance___® at his best.. He's well known for getting everyone's hooves kicking up dust on the dance floor.

Track list : ( CD – onthemovecd04 )
01. Pan Papason – 2000 Years Ago
02. Pan Papason – Connecting People
03. Pan Papason – Crafting The Future
04. Pan Papason – Come With Me
05. Pan Papason – Delik Boys
06. Pan Papason – They Will Never Stop Us
07. Pan Papason – Memory Of U
08. Pan Papason – Buttons R 'N' Toys
09. Pan Papason – Coming Soon

Credits : ( CD – onthemovecd04 )
Track 1 : by Pan Papason, I.Gerangelos & Micky Noise
Track 2 : by Pan Papason, Mario Chiodi
Track 3 : by Pan Papason, W.Kundrus & P.Hinz
Track 4 : by Pan Papason & I.Gerangelos
Track 5 : by Pan Papason & N.Oesch
Track 6 : by Pan Papason, D.Niewald & Chicago
Track 7 : by Pan Papason
Track 8 : by Pan Papason
Track 9 : by Pan Papason

Raja Ram Tipworld/1200 Mics/Shpongle
Pan has come a long way...not cliched..just Pan..pure stuff with a lot of very very good ideas and production....I really like what he is doing...He has worked hard and man he is rocking..... respect really Pan..I know how hard it is to concentrate and get a good album together......well done....

DJ Ans Head of Nano UK/South Africa
Great to hear your tunes! Sounding fkin fat dude...

Alternative Control Serbia
smashing tunes to start of luck with this nice music...

DJ Simon UK
its a great pleasure for me to comment you on your talent that you have for the beautiful magical music you offer... I believe that you will give hope to many other artists. Keep up your excellent work

Jiga Analogue Pussy Germany
damn, you rock it boy

Ella MontClare Pop Artist: UK
i love love LOVE ur sounds
really excited about hearing your vibe in my tunes

DJ Bruno Vancouver
trance is all!! and you make this sentence true!!!

Psy K France
Loud, heavy, tough, don't know any other words!!!!!!!!!!
Nice touch!
Keep makin'this way!!!!!!!!

Rhada N.York
We need some of that unique sound in New York! You Rock

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Posted : May 25, 2008 14:22
Pantelis rocks
we had a preview of it here in corfu when pan papason performed here and we must say that the album will be killer!
we're looking forward hearing this
we wish you the best of luck for your album! 
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