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Organic Records - VA - 'Invasion From Hyperspace'

Colin OOOD
OOOD/Voice of Cod

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Posted : Jun 6, 2005 15:19
Ok, I'm not really qualified to review this CD myself as I have three tracks on it, but this is what John '00' Fleming has to say about it (taken from IDJ Magazine):


At last! An album for grown-up psytrance lovers. In fact, the best I've heard this year. If you like your psytrance deep, then look no further than this little gem. IT's packed with serious slabs of proper trance music. Often the best comes from the unknown, so don't expect the usual big names. JF

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 01:12
V/A – Invasion From Hyperspace


Artist: Various
Title: Invasion From Hyperspace
Format: CD (digipack)
Label: Organic Records (UK)
Cat. #: ORGCD009
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 6 June 2005

Track listing:

01. 09’17” O.O.O.D. – Free Range
02. 08’19” Jirah - Paradise
03. 08’39” Benefactor – Modus Operandi
04. 08’49” Pop Stream & Backspace – Oom Da (Warp Mix)
05. 06’19” Safi Connection – Hello Houston (Chris Organic Remix)
06. 06’41” Anax - Music
07. 09’00” Synthia System – Whammy Mammy
08. 08’41” Voice Of Cod vs. Chris Organic – Unusual Illusion
09. 05’32” 2PM - Catz
10. 01’20” Bonus hidden samples + effects


Organic summer trance-a-thon…

This is the latest offering from one of the last active UK-based psytrance labels… Organic Records headed by Chris Organic, has put out a number of sweet tunes - the most significant being the Tsunami Benefit triple compilation… With Invasion From Hyperspace we’re treated to a mix of well-establish artists and a couple of newbies… All handpicked by Andrew Humphries from Voice Of Cod… Should be an interesting combo – let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: O.O.O.D. – Free Range
O.O.O.D. has been in the game since 1994 cracking tunes from their Bristol base… This trance-collective consists of Colin Bennun, Stephen Callaghan and Nigel Bradbury. Nigel is not featured on this track though, but he’s replaced by Ramsay Melhuish & Ray Potier. No idea who they are or whether they are now steady members of the collective!?.... What I do know however, is that this tune is a taster from the upcoming O.O.O.D. album also called Free Range… This track starts out with radio static, pop-chords and funky guitars… And you’ll wonder if you put on the right CD!? But soon a particularly well-executed bassline hits your ears – alongside a buzzing synth-pad and some crackling percussion… I like the uplifting melodies, but generally I like my psy a little harder and with less vocals and guitars than this… But it’s still a decent track and especially the last couple of minutes are pretty nice…

#02: Jirah – Paradise
American Tim McCall released his debut album Outer Access on USTA in 2003 – and his work has been featured on a number of compilations… I was particularly impressed with his downbeat tune on Aleph Zero’s Natural Born Chillers compilation… That track had some amazing ethnic qualities and so does this upbeat tune… Epic melodies, a broad rhythm section and an overall impressive production… Reminds me a little of Juno Reactor actually – nice! A very uplifting, morning tune here… Nice!

#03: Benefactor – Modus Operandi
Benefactor is Chris Organic & Colin Bennun in cahoots… Just like they were on the Tsunami Benefit compilation… You can really tell that there are years and years of experience behind this track… It starts out very laid-back and kinda tribal – and soon we’re exposed to a trademark British kick-drum/bassline combo… A very mature and rich track – awfully trippy and very dancefloor friendly… And with enough nifty little acid-lines to keep me interested… Sweet choon!

#04: Pop Stream & Backspace – Oom Da (Warp Mix)
This original version of this track is on the Tsunami Benefit compilation – and here it’s remixed by the creators… Pop Stream is Yinon Oved from Israel – he released his debut album Into Orbit on Phonokol in 2004 and is very active with tracks on compilations… Backspace is Adi Milner and AFAIK he’s not released anything else… As you could expect this track is fluffy full-on… Very uplifting in nature and very commercial… But it does what it’s supposed to: Packs the dancefloor… That siren is hard to resists even for a grumpy old elitist trancer like me… And if I put on my cheese-hat I’ll enjoy this track immensely… I’m not wearing that today though…

#05: Safi Connection – Hello Houston (Chris Organic Remix)
I’ve not heard the original of Mishel Bitton’s track which was on the Digination’s Vol.01 compilation released last year by Spliff Music… But here it’s remixed by Chris Organic himself…This is pretty straightforward clubby full-on with a splash of Organic… Kinda sounds like Astral Projection dolled-up to please the club-crowd… Not my fav’e cup of java to be honest, but again with the cheese-hat on things might look different…

#06: Anax – Music
“Music began long before it was formalized into notes… For mankind it began with an accident!” Dusan Sekic from Serbia released his debut album Not Over Yet on Kagdila Records in 2004 and has tracks on a couple of hard-hitting compilations… This is a little harder than the previous two tracks with its deep bass and repeated naďve melodies… The tribal percussion is pretty classy here and overall this is a nice little, funky number that really picks up for the last couple of minutes… Too bad it all ends so soon… Tasty track!

#07: Synthia System – Whammy Mammy
“I’m about to be part of the chemical generation… Doves, playboys, biscuits, barrels, cali's, clear caps, china whites, rhubarbs, looney tunes, new yorkers, bang on! We're larging it! The Full Monty! Safe as houses, pair of trousers, what a laugh.... lets do another half!” Synthia System is Nick Howdle-Smith & Dan Warburton aka. Error Corrective… I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from these guys so far – especially the tracks on the Wild Rumpus compilation released only months ago were awesome… And they continue with the rugged, hard-hitting, underground style on this absolutely massive track… They’ve wisely sampled the movie Human Traffic, and yeah this track would go down SO well with a disco biscuit… Fuck me, it’s an awesome track – the rapid changes in pace, the razor-sharp stabs and hisses – and the overall phat wall of sound – it’s all good! I can’t wait for the debut album on Wild Thing Records… Stellar track!

#08: Voice Of Cod vs. Chris Organic – Unusual Illusion
Battle of the giants here: Andrew Humphries, who compiled this CD + Colin Bennun from O.O.O.D.… Teamed up with another heavyweight, Chris Organic… That’s a lot of talent for just one track! Hopefully this is a taster of what we can expect from the upcoming Voice Of Cod album on Organic Records… The intro here is very harmonic with just a slight indication of what’s about to happen: Hard-hitting, full-power psytrance with spacey synth leads… Very energetic and very trippy! It’s melodic, but still with a distinct gritty underground feel to it… I dig it loads!

#09: 2PM – Catz
Here’s the debut release from Polish producer Marek Gorski… As legend has it, the last track is often of an experimental nature, and this is no exception… This is highly experimental sound manipulation – breakz & electro bits mixed with acid trance… Very old-school at times, refreshingly new at others… A nice little track for sure, but way too short…

#10: Bonus hidden samples + effects
The value added bonus on this CD comes in the form of some samples + FX… ‘Hidden’ is an overstatement as it’s clearly indicated on the digipack what this is… A bunch of spacey FX that I’m sure will come in handy for bedroom producers…

With a few exceptions, I really like Mr. Humphries’ selection of tracks here… It gets a little too clubby for my taste in the middle of the track list, but luckily we get some more hard-hitting choons later on… And generally speaking this is quality all the way!

This CD is perfect for those late-night summer parties – and works pretty damn well in my living room too… Fans of UK trance should definitely check this out, as should fans of edgy full-on and well-produced, melodic! The summer is here! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 6, 7(!!), 8(!)


External links:
Organic Records:
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 09:52
A little clarification about the current members of O.O.O.D./Unconcious Collective. My initial review was based on second hand information, but here's Colin's clarification:

For your information, Nigel is no longer a regular part of OOOD, and whilst he can never be replaced, new members (and old friends) Ramsay and Ryo are already having a very positive influence (I think) on the band - both live in the Stooodio.

Nigel only plays live with us very occasionally, and hasn't written with OOOD for a couple of years now; Rama and Ryo have joined and I really enjoy working with them. Fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a huge and eclectic taste in music. We've reorganised things a little: Unconscious Collective is now the outlet for our non-dancefloor tracks but has the same lineup as OOOD (with the occasional addition of a couple of vocalists for our live sets). We've got quite a few tracks (an album's-worth, actually ) in an eclectronica style and we're playing like this at Glade festival in the UK this summer.

Four blokes, two bands... hope it makes sense!

Yeah, it makes perfect sense Colin... Brilliant! I happy to see you guys still enjoying doing what you do best... Here's hoping for more high-quality releases in the future. I know you'll pull it off! ;o)

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2005 18:50
Very nice album....
I loved the starting from Track#1!!
Very criative...
As for the rest of the cd... well... listen to it...
It's worth it... a lot...

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 6, 2005 00:16
By far my favorite compilation of the year! '00' was absolutely right...such a far cry from the commercial 'killer' psytrance that top the psyshop charts nowadays.

The mastering is top notch too. Crystal clear with just the right balance of highs and lows.

...and Colin's tracks are mindblowing. I became an instant fan after listening to this album. I really hope that Organic Records releases more gems like these!
chris organic
Chris Organic

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Posted : Jul 6, 2005 19:53
well I guess that's a compliment to my mastering skills then

But let's not forget of course you gotta have good quality recordings from the artists to begin with... so hats off to all the artists on the comp!

More gems? you got it! Voice of Cod album? coming next...

OOOD album.. sometime after. My album... either inbetween VOC and OOOD or after. But its all coming, its all coming....
*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 03:59
The first track by OOD blew me away.. Supa funky and the guitars werent an over kill. C.C take note NOW!

Was pleasantly suprised with the Pop Stream track.

I wud like to thank Chris Organic for helpin me sit thru a Safi Connection track. Its very unusual for me to do that

But Whammy Mammy was the tops for me . Great sounds , swirling and the album as a whole had the Old Skool style in the fringes , kinda made me nostalgic.

Good Work and Organic Recs is high upon my list.

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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 07:44
I want to buy it here in Brazil. Anyone knows a way to do that? Please...

Respect!           .
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 07:51
Heeey nice fucking nice cd!!!!

At last something different and fresh !!

Colin your track sound so woodstock hehehe i really love it , sounds like" when santana meets psychedelic trance" hehehe nice track , and very cool intro !! keep the good work and for the rest nice guys organic records to THABONE!!!

see ya mates!!
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Voice Of Cod / Zuloop

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Posted : Jul 7, 2005 23:48
hey dooods..

glad you liked it.. thanks to everyone involved for making it such a good vibe experience...

funky coz we wanna be!

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