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Orbita Solaris Series | Spring Equinox EP | Sonic Loom review


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Posted : Jun 14, 2013 16:43:18

*** Nature Element – Unexplored feelings * * *

NaturElement is the brainchild of Dimitris Dritsas, a 29 years old producer from Greece. Naturelement is a psychill electronica music project in an attempt to share thoughts through sound ! This is such an exquisitely smooth start and way to kick off the second round of Sonic Loom’s downtempo series Orbita Solaris based on the concepts of natural cycles – spring,vernal or so called autumnal equinoxes and summer solstices !!! I am so excited anytime I hear this piece of art that it brings me the warm chills!!!!! I wished I could put anything else on pause and leave this track on extended, never ending reply. It is so harmonic, melodic, in such unison with what lies inside of each and every one of us – vast ocean of unexplored feelings. It is not just magical…….there is much more to it than the normal ear hears, as it allows you to see , to realize the beauty inside each moment, each micro or millisecond, it lets the listeners to go further within, and deeper within …and to project, transcend and manifest that emotional beauty further and further …in the so called ‘outside’ world… a place generally perceived to be ‘separate’ from the world inside, disconnected from feelings…”as if” it is an independent domain. While this is to be explained by a perceptional mind trick, a perceptional mind game so well constructed & designed in the development of specially ‘important’ brain capacities, the connection between those unexplored feelings and the ‘known’ , ‘controlled’, ‘guaranteed’ , ‘safe’ world outside is EVER more increasingly important... or shall I write that the disconnection , the gap between the underdevelopment of feelings for the sake of material exploration has turned ever wider than before? This is a reminder to me, a totally independent listener, who likes to wake up to his inner feelings, instead of suppressing them. Writing about such pieces is something I definitely find challenging, as beloved American novelist Edith Wharton has relevantly put it, there are two ways of spreading light – either be the candle or the mirror reflecting it. Well, I would try to be the ear drums reflecting upon this brightly-shining audio beauty. Yes, it is (P)synesthesiac … it is aesthetic…. It is poetic ….it is epic ambient. It is surely among the deepest and most beloved musical works of art I have ever come across with. It is impressive. I cannot describe it technically, but the composition is technically designed really carefully, precisely, with build ups slowly shifting and releasing us into a voyage of sonic bliss.

***Daub – Daubing with my dinner***

This one kinda reminds me of Androcell – Bushido and in many respects to Androcell’s dub vibes, yet it is distinctive and has a certain touch of its own – a sonic print that goes accompanied by various elements and sound particles. It’s a very deep ambient tunage, very psychedelic and meditative friendly cooking technique. Explicit psychedelic content. . .organic inside! Not recommended for children and/or adults with bad, unhealthy cooking and eating habits. Because all this provides the listener with is THE pinch of psychedelic for dinner time.

***Fugitive Factor – Subbizm***

Very electrified, totally subbed and dubbed. Chopped in a total of ~5 min , this piece of dubbizm leads with a strong subbase and vibe which is kind of moving along all the wave. Its elements totally stand out from the rest, in a very prominent way, and creating a new ordeal and vibrational essence. It is taking on a direction ,which I believe never heard of before, that personally find very interesting and innovative. In a very creative way, Dimitri recreates and represents a whole new set of techniques here , which he has masterfully crafted along the long psychedelic journey he has embarked on, a new direction which is absolutely remarkable and is worth sharing and closely keep an eye on in my honest opinion.

***Memphidos – Human***

Memphidos style delivers a very distinctive blend of chillout, dub, even breaks, fusion and overall psybient rhythms. Very interesting kind of cross-over of styles. It is the fourth out of the 5 track SPRING Equinox EP by Sonic Loom downtempo session. It begins with waves of chills and finds its own way to stand out, shimmer and shine on. The kind of tempo it keeps makes this track sound with a slightly more dynamic sort of ‘breaks’ bass line than the rest but the melodies that have been build up on the background are providing for a real smooth transition. I really like this touch , although I might have been affected by the first Memphidos’ appearance on Penduloom VA that scored very high on expectation personally – and it does reaffirm them by this beautifully uplifting and absolutely wonderful production. What is the most important here , however, is the message behind this , which can literally ‘be read’ in the very intro of this – it’s the monologue of a man telling his story about ‘people like you and me, always guessing – what, what if?’ . There is something in between the background sound effects, the melodical , breaks bassline which make up for the peaceful and lucid melodies while the beat and drum kick are hypnotically lifting the listener to a higher consciousness . A more humane type of consciousness….there is this super nice effect right at the 5th min which elevates and lifts up whole new spaces and draws various sonic traces. There a certain element of echoing throughout this track, some very subtle motive which brings a very peaceful tone of the whole composition itself.

***Escape Velocity – Cosmologies of Alcman***

Escape Velocity is the Ambient project of Tilemachos Vlachos and Dimitris Theodoropoulos. Melancholic Harmonic Ambient blended with Experimental Glitches. The start of this is where one needs to pay a close attention to,because from the its very beginning this kind of fairy sonic tale leads one into a very mystical atmosphere , which sharpened after taking shape , looks and goes like a stream that bursts into a chain of cosmologies and knows no limits - finally leads just around 2:22 min one from this reconfiguration, cleansing and purification process to the mind expanding journey of Alcman. It continues leading you straight into a state of absolute calamity, not astray, but straightforward peace of mind and heart. This musical journey touches upon unknown forms and absolutely beautiful states of art marking the start of the 4th mint. Leaving a sonic momentum, a signaling mark looming out through time & space from thereon until the very conclusion, this audio tapestry praints rich in colour sonic stories and comoslogies. In itself, it is like a sonic tale unfolding throughout the Alcman’s journeys and adventures which seem to be elevating the states of consciousness and art beyond the continuum of the normal imagination and musical aesthetics. Here the listener can expect to be taken on a journey to new horizons and is offered a proper lesson on layering and experimental glitches in technical terms.

Orbita Solaris Series | Spring Equinox EP | Sonic Loom
Sonic Loom proudly announces the launch of an electronica and downtempo release E.P Series !!

Consisting of 4 parts, based on the concept of Equinoxes & Solstices,

"Orbita Solaris" will guide you to our planet's audio-journey around the Sun..

Carefully compiled by Daoine Sidhe & enhanced by the artists of the "Loom".

Each part will be released at the exact date of each Equinox & Solstice.

Beginning with the spring equinox on 20th of March 2013,
which will also be the release date of Dark Elf 's fresh E.P.
entitled "New Era".

Through the waves of sound, let's observe the celestial phenomena !!

Release Date : 20.03.2013
Compiled by Daoine Sidhe
Mastering by Dark Elf @ KGB Studios
Artwork by Cosmonaut

1.Naturelement - Unexplored Feelings
2.Daub - Daubing with my dinner (Live edit)
3.Fugitive Factor - Subbizm
4.Memphidos - Human
5.Escape Velocity - Cosmologies of Alcman


2 minutes SAMPLES:
          " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  248
Posted : Jun 14, 2013 16:50           " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings "
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Orbita Solaris Series | Spring Equinox EP | Sonic Loom review
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