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On the live / not live debate (giving away my live set)


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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 14:31

Still quite a lot of debate around the place as to what to expect from an act billed as live and all that... so I've gone and posted one of my live sets online for anyone to download, play, and get a feel for how some laptop artists play... so that they can get a gist of what actually happens behind the screen.

I'm sure there are many other artists who do things differently, but this is one particular way, or my particular way, of performing live using a laptop.

There is no catch, anyone can do anything they like with this tune for free.

I have posted this in the main forum because I want to direct this at punters rather than other performers, its more for people who don't know a lot about what goes on when someone plays live.

I did for a number of reasons, but the main one is so that people who aren’t utter geeks can get an instant feel of how amazing playing live can be, as well as informing people how to go about creating their own live setup.

This set is a modified version of the same thing I would use in a live performance. I have replaced all my outside VSTs and effects with Ableton native effects, so everybody can download this and play. You don't even need to own a copy of Ableton to run this, just get the demo from and you can play like everyone else.

I have mapped all the “fun” parameters of the effects I use to keys on the keyboard, so there is no need to have any kind of controller either, just open the file and start pushing buttons.

The pack contains a readme file with a rundown of how everything is laid out, and what buttons correspond to what parameters.

I’ve made an online video tutorial about this set and how to use it, and I invite you to click the first link below, which has a video introduction from myself explaining the details of this project in a more in depth way. It is made for people who are quite new to using Ableton however, so some of you may not need the run down.

The you tube links are ok... but I have made high quality versions of the video available for free download in the media section of my website. I also came across some interesting audio issues with youtube resulting in my voice level to be quite low in the streaming version, the down loadable versions have nice clear audio.

Link to the first part of the video :

Here is a direct link to an mp3 of the tune how I have arranged it

and here is a link to the media section of my website where you can download the .als file and the videos. I am making people sign up because of bandwidth issues.

There are bound to be a few hiccups somewhere, please let me know if you find any because I plan on doing this again soon.

I hope you enjoy it and get something from it, and please do feel free to post this in any other forums or blogs where it might be of some interest.


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 16:32
We really appreciate your effort Tom.
I think that will be of great hand to lots of interested people.

I can't access Youtube from work, but I'm looking foward to see what you came up with this time.

For those who missed it, or don't know what I'm tlaking about, check it out:

Best regards, and keep it up!

Colin OOOD
OOOD/Voice of Cod

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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 17:21
Great initiative Tom. Some of us just talk about it, you give people the tools to actually change things on the ground.           Mastering - ::
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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 18:36
3 thumbs up for the music and the live           Everyone in the world is doing something without me
Pinkadelic @ ciledakniP
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 19:31
yeah i saw it a while ago, great stuff Tom!
Peace           -Soultech/Stampgevaar Records, Parampara Recs


Inactive User

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Posted : Sep 18, 2007 22:53
Magic People
Cosm People           Sea>Israel>Ben-Gurion>Tel-Aviv>Ramat-Goa>Marom Neve
is this pure reality could we be led?
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 05:35
All I can say is.. thank you. Not only do you pioneer engaging, inspirational music, you are a battery for the whole scene... or anyone who wishes to create in such a format.

It's good to share

Inactive User

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Posted : Sep 19, 2007 05:56
cool .. deffo gonna chk this one out later .. thnx cosm .. great initiative as always
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 21, 2007 18:23
respect man! the world needs more people like ya!

lol           un-fucking-believable
Fat Data

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Posted : Sep 21, 2007 20:22
what can i say ur a noble and kind person.

i feel im going to follow ur ideas... they are true to music.

good job 
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