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Omnimotion- Dream Wide Awake (Aleph Zero)- coming soon!

Aleph Zero
Aleph Zero

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Posted : Oct 16, 2006 19:21
Omnimotion- Dream Wide Awake (AlephZ06)

Release Date: October 23rd, 2006

Aleph Zero is proud to present... A New Omnimotion Album!!!
After four years of recording, producing and composing new music in his Ambium Studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, Omnimotion is finally back with a second album. Utilizing inspirations and knowledge he picked up along his very diverse musical path, Stefan has created Dream Wide Awake. The album contains the best musical gems that were carefully chosen from the music that accumulated in this four year period. It is a beautifully mellow yet optimistic album, with a strong acoustic presence. Dream Wide Awake is an incredibly diverse album. It features eight different vocalists- from a rapper to an opera singer- and many guest musicians with an array of instruments including the violin, accordion, guitar, drums, harp & flute. The outcome hovers between the electronic and the acoustic, the hypnotic and the melodic, between abstract ambient and mellow songs, between dubby songs and IDM glitches. Omnimotion weaves and paints here an emotional musical journey that must not be missed and will leave you dreaming wide awake.

Track list:
1. Nothingness
2. Being
3. Days of Silence (feat. Aleah)
4. Wide Awake (feat. Krister Linder)
5. Une Autre Vie
6. Elves of Athoria
7. Cozy Life
8. Dubber
9. Japan
10. Purple Sky (feat. Adam Perski)
11. Electronic Love
12. Open My Heart
13. Ton Image

You must check this amazing E-flyer from Philip, our flash master- amazing work of art with full quality samples:

Release page is here:

And you can pre-order and be sent a copy before it hits the stores here:

          The next step in sonic evolution!
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 16, 2006 20:12
There is no other word to describe this music than - ART !!! it is simply the best shit around on the Ambient-Chill Out genre.
Omnimotion's music is influenced from so many style and the whole concept is the closest thing to perfect.

Best of luck for the Aleph Zero crew and Omnimotion him self and lets hope to be lucky to get more releases like this one.
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 18, 2006 08:04
hard to say anything when u're a bias-suspect,
but it is really indeed an excellent release - Omnimotion touches alot of things with this album.

Happy to see alot of hard work put into one package...
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 18, 2006 12:23
The smaples sounds nice           -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
Aleph Zero
Aleph Zero

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Posted : Oct 23, 2006 09:27

Omnimotion- Dream Wide Awake (Album Premiere) @ chillout channel!

Today, October 23, 2006

A special release show for Aleph Zero's new release- Omnimotion- Dream Wide Awake! The whole album will be played!!!

Starting at:
* 13:00 US Eastern Time
* 18:00 UK Time
* 19:00 Central European Time / Israel           The next step in sonic evolution!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 24, 2006 21:55
Art.           ..."Be yourself, let your conscience guide you...
Follow your heart, not the people around you"
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Oct 25, 2006 02:33
The samples on the E-Flyer are amazing.
Respect!           .
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...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
Aleph Zero
Aleph Zero

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Posted : Oct 26, 2006 11:44
Some useful info

The album can be bought online around the world here: (USA&Canada) (Europe) (Japan & Asia) (Australia & NZ) (Japan);jsessionid=HLEFAALHDLBP?showDetail=140742 (Europe) (Japan) (Japan) (Europe)

And you can order straight from us here:


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Aleph Zero
Aleph Zero

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Posted : Nov 27, 2006 17:50
Hi again,
Please check this interesting interview with Stefan in this Brazillian website:

Also here are some snippets of the first reviews pouring in:

"[Dream Wide Awake] keeps unlocking undiscovered soundscapes each time you hit play, just as a Dali painting reveals new aspects each time you study it. That is why it lasts, that is why it will grow on you too... [It] is the result of a clever sound wizard, a maestro of ambient who spellbinds your perception, leaving you dreaming wide awake. The album could very well have been the outcome, if you took Yonderboi and the Gordon Brothers from the Buddha Lounge series and placed them together with Enigma in a studio for a week! A diverse downtempo experience. Voila! *****" - Calmspace Radio(Sweden)

"Over a variety of gentle beat patterns and synthesised tones Lundhaal picks up a guitar or flute or violin or cheap-sounding keyboard and plays it with new eyes and hands. What comes out is beautiful and always a bit unexpected... Rating: 4/5" - Ambient Music Guide (Australia)

"[Omnimotion]... has chosen a varied and very acoustical path to our senses, smelting elements from various styles we are presented with a mixed bag of downtempo goodies... The album is perfect for any downbeat electronic music enthusiast... This release is a concept one has to grasp, the music, the artwork, the album and track title all combine to form a cohesive bond." - Decompression Chamber (India)

"This time Aleph-Zero delivers the goods and reveals an Omnimotion that has evolved greatly over the intervening years - the hypnotic individuality, however, is still there, if anything Stefan is drifting further off onto a course of his own. No-one sounds quite like this and yet Dream Wide Awake is accessible and appealing, drawing on familiar elements of downtempo, glitch, jazz, dub, ambient and lounge. " - Morpheus Music (UK)

"A mellow flowing, melancholic, optimistic album in which the various instruments are constantly making themselves heard [and] intertwine themselves with Electronic sounds becoming dubby, and sometimes abstract, melodic and hypnotic" - Intershroom (Germany)

"This album is a synergy between organic and electronic elements and colours… diversity and inspiration; the sounds and the arrangements of the compositions often complement each other, creating a totally new hybrid sound. As a stand-alone work it deserves respect and has some moments of brilliance." - Revolve Magazine (UK)

You can also now find the album in these online shops: (UK) (Greece) (Switzerland)

Aleph Zero team.
          The next step in sonic evolution!
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