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north of russia

psionic nomad
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Oct 12, 2004 19:39
are there good parties in the north part of the russian territory,other then moscow
is moscow the only place with party scene,what about furthur north like novaja zemlja...
moscow n st. peterburg,i know are the two happening arena and dancefloors of psychedelic russia,but does it extends furthur more..

waiting for replys
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Posted : Oct 12, 2004 20:10
Yes, i am actually from Siberia, and I can tell you that not many people connected there, but there is a small private parties about 50-100 ppl
Still, people know about Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection etc, but scene is too small
most people like clubtrance, uplifting trance, there was big UK garage and D'N'B boom 6-7 years ago, but psytrance is still unexplored:
P.S We have a nice deep dark forests in Siberia, btw
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Posted : Oct 13, 2004 13:05
Afaik, SPb crew wants to make party in Karelia next year.. my friends who travel a lot say this is northern psy heaven, with all the forests, lakes and rocks from the ice age.. I'd recommend to go there to not only ppl from Suomi, but from the whole Scandinavia.
F.e. there u can find some photos and info about the country:

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Posted : Oct 19, 2004 15:38
well, yeah, I'm visited a couple of parties at in St.Petersburg during 2 last years and step by step they're reach the Level. Best open-airs gatherings here, in Russia, for sure. This year Suomi friends helps to create outstanding parties. As for other regions of Russia- actually there is no strong movement at all... Just small local communities.
And btw, Novaja Zemlia- it's an abandoned zone with a couple of old nuclear poligons and scientific stations =)

Party in Karjala - good, unxplored region, no people wild nature, crazy wiews..
Trance Forum  Forum  Russia - north of russia
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