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..:::::::::::::::::: North American Artist Info Thread ::::::::::::::::::::::..

Apocalypse Now
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Posted : Oct 27, 2003 08:10
North American Record Labels Chicago based Psytrance Label. DBSONIC/DBR’s mission is to heal as many individuals possible by harmonizing our energy centers with accordance of universal law, to trigger complete union with self and soul. : San Francisco based Music and Video label. Featuring a fusion of Psychedelic visuals with music. Seaking submissions for tracks and artist albums as well as visual artist work. Full Power Dance as well as Downtempo welcome. -Los Angeles Based Psy Trance Record Label. Enter Kagdila Records, from Tarzana, California, supplying all of Los Angeles, and the rest of the United States with fresh, bountiful supplies of Psychedelic Trance, Psy-Breaks, and Ambient music as well. (Californian trance label) - AuraQuake is the new trance label, based in San Francisco and Portugal, dedicated to releasing cutting edge psychedelic music. Soular Records is the premiere psytrance label of the US. San Francisco / Bay Area - Record Label. Ceiba's mission is to create and offer sonic-visual manifestations of that evolving techno-organic energy that is the juice of life for a growing global community of artists, dancers, trancers, seekers and open-minded/hearted people. : US Based label showcasing unique underground vibrations. Stop by! : NYC based audio-visual label. Continually looking
for talented artists in the music and visual fields for future releases. All groovy psychedelic genres are
welcome. Label and record company based in Mexico City Toronto based record label (SF BAY RECORD LABEL) (SF BAY RECORD LABEL)

North American Artists - Producer and DJ, Southern California. -Home page of Waterjuice, SF Chill out. - Producer and DJ, Southern California. - Producer, Atlanta Georgia (Penta's Homepage). - Seattle based producer. -Bay area psy producer. Bay area psy producer. Tendril- Bay Area psy producer. Oregon based Psy producer. -The one and only. Quasar's website (US Producer) : TSDF is a producer based out of Tampa, Florida.

General US stuff

Psytrance production crew from Colorado: (Arkansas Scene) (Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund) (for music purchases-->RIP) (Large database of Live radio shows) (Party listings, decorations, etc) - online store and more. - radio - portal site for psytrance in the USA.

The In-betweens - Psychedelic Trance Events in Arizona Party organizer/crew Party organizers in Madison, Wisconsin - The Cleveland psy/techno collective (djs, sound, original deco) - based in North Carolina (but the djs are all over the place) - Psychedelic Trance based out of Atlanta Georgia - indoor and outdoor psytrance events in Colorado - psytrance VJs from CO Springs. - psytrance parties in the Austin Texas area. - Shiva Shakti collective also throws parties in the Austin, TX area - Psytrance and chill events in Austin, Texas - Psychedelic and Progressive Trance Event organizer in Colorado - Psychedelic Trance and related culture events in Colorado

East Coast US: : AtlPsy - Psytrance organization based out of Atlanta, GA : Featuring audio-visual psychedelic events in NY and
overseas. - Psytrance organization in NYC. - Psytrance parties in the DC/Baltimore area. - Psytrance party organizers Baltimore - Dharma Kshetra collective, Miami - Psy info site for NYC and beyond. - psytrance parties @ Anitya, Boston MA

httt:// - psytrance parties in Boston, MA - online store operating from nyc. - Philly (events, festivals etc.) - American Psychedelic (Philly DJ's+Parties) - Psytrance organization in NYC. - Psytrance parties in the DC/Baltimore area. - Psytrance organization in NYC. Psytrance organization crew from NYC - New York-based collective dedicated to promoting and producing the sounds, parties, visual arts and community of full-spectrum psychedelic trance
South Florida Psy Trance (Events / Artists / VJ)

West Coast US: (SF+Bay Area party organizers) psychedelic consciousness & mind-expanding dance in the Northwest (Oregon). - consortium of collective consciousness in san frandisco. flash is certainly required.. - online shop based on the West Coast. (psytrance organizers in LA) (psytrance organizers in LA) (psytrance organizers in LA) (SF Radio and Party Promoters) (SF Parties) -Sentient Electronics - Seattle-area Goa crew The place for info for Phoenix Family Events and Other great psy stuff..San Francisco and the greater bay area plus North and South Bay and Beyond!!!

Canada: Canada based Tech Trance label - psytrance and Goa resource based in Toronto, Canada. Event listings, image gallery, forums, music reviews, and more... - Vancouver, BC psytrance promoters. Running Organix Fridays, which has been alive for more than 6 years. (temporary offline) psychedelic store, head shop and cd distributor - psytrance community for Montreal. - psychedelic party promotor in montreal. - Shakti Collective. - Black Light Activists. - Backdrop artist

Mexico: Party promoters from Baja California (for those in Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali and SoCal area) website with Mexican party and scene info. Label and record company based in Mexico City every thusrday from 22.00 to 24.00 hrs - Parties in Cancun

Updated : April 28th, 2008 by Jeto.

if anyone has more info to add please pm the one of the moderators to add it.           Both teams played hard
Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - ..:::::::::::::::::: North American Artist Info Thread ::::::::::::::::::::::..
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