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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 12, 2002 12:17
Well to all of you who thought of coming to Marko (S.u.n project) party and did not come eventually- BLESS YOU! god really loves you. here's my very long story ;

I arrived to the area at 1:00 and I saw a police car, turned over and went thinking what to do . when we returned the police wasn't there , plus, one of the organizer told me the police won't be checking the car .
we went to hide our drugs (just in case) and light a joint , as we lighted it in some dumphole a police car came , (we threw immediately the joint) and since the cop came without uniforms we wanted to see some i.d's , anyhows, he searched and didn't find anything (didn't check my bag which contained 10 joints haha) then he went.
we were SO happy! and took all the joints out of the cig box and started smoking and I told them that one or two joints are missing but we didn't care , we were happy...
as we went outside the smoking place ANOTHER cop stops us and we start telling him we were checked n' stuff so he'd leave us alone already but nooooo, he had to check...we thought we were clean cause we hid everything ...
then he asked me whose cigs box is it and I acted cool and said "mine, why ? "
-"are these two yours as well?"
man , I was in shock. then he found a box full of seeds and started threatening us with "trade" accuse , etc, but ofcourse we didn't give a shit and came after them to the station . in the way got rid from more joints from our bra's hehe.
anyhows, the three of us were stoned as hell and I motly kept telling them my life's theory and made fun of them constantly
our aliby was about a trempist exchanging box on accident, even tho they seperated us I donno how, but telepathicly we told the same . I was so happy a min before they came we hid the 50 g
they wanted to drop all the story on the guy so me and my sis woud go clean but ofcourse I took it with him . so my sis went free. and I guess I'll get clean also soon , cause this is BULLSHIT!!
as we leave the police station at 4 am I am screaming in the station "LETS GO DANCING!"
we arrived there.
first of all , I donno why they told me it's a nature party when I asked it on the phone...
it looked like some yard of a pool , with grass and some structures . just because it's openair it doesn't mean it's nature ...
we're getting checked in the entrance and I am asking "are you looking for weapon or drugs? " and they answered "both" . goddamn, I was really pissed, I got even more pissed when she told me 100 NIS .
I laughed , "COME AGAIN " ?
eventually got in for 60 (had ,had to dance)
man oh man... I was in even more shock and thought to myself " I have arrived to a shimonim party" , how is that possible ?
Marko wasn't that bad but not that great either, he played all the cool guitar tracks of sun project, nothing refreshing to my ears..
I donno who played afterwards but he totally firek oti , was great, then I ignored the arsim , which were millions and communicated with the 15 beautiful people and it was somehow bearable.
Conclusions:1) Roman : ?!!?!? COMMENT?
2)NEVER EVER make a party 3 mins from a police station!

basically it was funny, without the police story I don't think I'd enjoy that much hahah, great week everyone!

Infernal Terror -
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 12, 2002 13:40
the cops:
I dunno who talked to you in the phone but EVERY persone who i was speak with was told to hide drugs
the place:
and every persone was told that that it's not a wood but it's open air.
There was mixed crowd i must admit
but there was much more cool people then shimons. Those who want to compare it to other parties there was thge same procent of shimons like in Bionics party last friday.

so i understand that you had a bad day with the cops and stuff, and everything looked to you like a bad movie and you saw only the bad things in this party
but exept you all the ppl that i envited said that it was fun party
not the best of their life but deffenetly FUN

so stop posting those kind of posts cus i'm starting to think you do it for some other reasons exept the truth telling.

[ This Message was edited by: Roam on 2002-05-12 13:42 ]          Music Uber Alles!
Wako Jako
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 12, 2002 14:01
and i tought she was very positive.

          SMILE ! and the whole world will smile right back at you !
Mr. uzi :)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 12, 2002 14:55

with all the respect to you for putting this party, and the much fun people got there, i wish that your understanding to this forum member will go a bit further.

i think its more then enough all she got on friday, you could be at list more patient or polite about what she wrote, since she is the one and only who actually find it as much important to write on.

and with all that thrills, who care who told to who what and on what hour, come on?

after visiting the nearest police office!?!
she got enough to fullfill herself to the whole week.

and shure ROAM its out of your responsabilitys

hope the rest of this week will be better for all of you!

          runaway dreamer...
liquid bamba

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Posted : May 12, 2002 14:57
i did too :-)           I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, its a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do,and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
-Dr. Seuss
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1136
Posted : May 12, 2002 14:59
Roman: Yeah, I AM positive.
I could write way more bad stuff about the party, cause lets face it- it was BAD .
But I zaramti.
and just because it's your party you say those things...
and I donno what were you on , but there were way more shimons than cool people ...
and on the phone I asked the guy if it's a _nature_ party and he said "daah, ofcourse"
what am I supposed to understand...
I must say one positive thing - COOL decoration !
oh, and as I mentioned, I liked the dudes who played after Marko a lot , they made the party more than bearable ...
I tell the whole truth and people here can believe me or not, I do not care, I just give the true review from my point of view ...
Roman: was that place rent ? and did the cops talk with you or anything ?

Infernal Terror -
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  24
Posts :  187
Posted : May 12, 2002 15:48
yes the place was rented
and no cop talked to me.
i am really sorry that you got busted
next time(if it will be one;)) try to find me before you get in.

[ This Message was edited by: Roam on 2002-05-12 15:50 ]          Music Uber Alles!
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1136
Posted : May 12, 2002 19:22
Roman: well I asked people if they saw you and knew who you were , wanted to tell ya things in person and not here, but didn't find you ..
anyways, hope you listen to my critisize , it's really not personal , and make better parties in the future! cheers!
Infernal Terror -
proogy dubi

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Posted : May 12, 2002 19:34
dear nitzan!

guess in blessed!

          we are blind that even when we see, we dont see cuzz we forgot to see,
to look.
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  57
Posts :  1136
Posted : May 12, 2002 19:40
Ziv: hehe, it'd be funnier if you and candy and eli were there! (not in the police station tho)
Infernal Terror -
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