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Deeper in Zen
Deeper in Zen

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Posted : Jun 19, 2003 08:37
Just wanted to put up a recent review someone wrote on the new Soular Records compilation "Breathe".

Believe or not there is decent music coming from the U.S.

1. Onnomon - "I Am Ohm"

An interesting dissonance between the introduction and the actual body of music sets a very dark-yet-progressive setting for the trancer to begin to loosen up their hold on reality. A melodically mature track that establishes a very nice energy from the get-go, this track will work well in both clubs or outdoor parties and while not peak time material, it works very well as either an opening track or a building track. The energy is consistent and very thought-provoking. The production is clean and very well balanced. Another brilliant offering to the Goa Gods from Onnomon.

2. Ocelot & Deeper in Zen - "How To Get Off On DMT"

A very Talamasca-esque song that has a very nice acidic edge to it balancing out the funky basslines. Since I've never experienced the DMT journey first-hand I cannot say whether or not this track delivers on the promise the title offers...but I can tell you this is a very good stomper of a track that begs to be played in the clubs. While not as heavily layered as some of the other tracks on this compilation...the energy never ceases to build. A great building track to approach your set's peak with and I think you'll find this trance space not only enjoyable musically but physically as well. It's a shaker for sure.

3. Mind Warped & Deeper in Zen - "Inhalation"

Definitely made for the outdoor experience, this track rockets us into the stratosphere. A very forceful kick and bassline form a solid foundation over which Mind Warp's trademark acid lines cut through the mind like a sabre: fast, precise and rivetting. This track is all about moving your body like it's your last party on Earth...and boy is it a great feeling! Without a doubt my favorite track on the entire compilation and one I will be spinning out for quite some time to come. A brilliant balance of full-on elements while still maintaining a more classical Goa trance space. If you only listen to one track on this compilation...make sure it's this's well worth the cost of the entire CD!!

4. Deeper in Zen - "Look Into The Mirror"

What can I say? This track is brilliant...and for several reasons. As the title suggests...appearances are only skin deep and this song forces you into a state of sonic objectivity and makes for a wonderful trance. Dark and desolate psychedelia add to a rich bassline and the energy never ceases to build. This would work well both in clubs or outdoors, but I have a feeling it's intended for the field before the floor. This song is all about the groove and does an excellent job of keeping your body bouncing. This track is definitely peak time material.

5. Sea of Arrows - "The Border"

Billed as one of two morning trance tracks on the compilation I have to say it fits that genre very well. The trance space is simultaneously refreshing/uplifting but is still forceful enough to keep a trance deep and solid. Progressive arpeggios keep the energy bubbly and fluid...just how I like it. There's a very familiar sample I've encountered in a track on an Iboga compilation that I can't place at the moment...but it works very well in this track. Another interesting element of this track is that from time to time the kick drum pattern falls into the classical Afro-Cuban clave rhythm; whether this is intentional or not I don't know...but it adds a nice element to the overall color of the trance space. This song would be perfect for welcoming the Sun's arrival as the dark spirits of the night return to their domain and allow the creatures of light to descend and join the party. This also screams beach/desert party material...don't deny it its due. It would also work very well as a closing track to either a progressive or morning set. I've never heard of Sea of Arrows until this release...but I'm DEFINITELY keeping my eyes and ears peeled for future releases...a brilliant track!

6. Holistik Mystiks - "Beat Monger"

Opening with the same sample that Onnomon used to open his live PA in Philly a few months ago makes me wonder if Dean is part of this group of mystiks. This track is billed as the second morning trance track on the compilation but to me it would only work well as a cross-over track from a full-on trance space leading into a morning setting. While encompassing an uplifting feel to the song, the main trance space still holds on to the darker more dominant full-on territory. It definitely lives up to its name and is another forceful/stompin track. Acid lines and psychedelia are very well balanced throughout the song and the overall production is very clean. It would definitely work well in either a club or outdoor set.

7. Mind Warped & Deeper in Zen - "Acceleration"

Any time these artists approach the altar together, powerful hymns of praise emmerge. Another wonderful sonic journey into forceful liberation that will leave you hungry for more! Lush and commanding basslines coupled with the twisted psychedelia and counterpoint that only Mind Warp can conjure, these high priests of the temple summon the Gods and if you're faithful your consciousness will step aside while the Holy Ones enter your body and get their groove on with this trip! As the title implies...there's nothing slow or lacking about this trance space! Definitely peak time material for either indoor or outdoor sets and another new favorite of mine. Depending on your style this would also work as a wonderful closing track.

8. Ghreg on Earth - "The Midnight Fire"

A wonderfully spacious and lush trance space with the occasional acidic delicacy make this a very deep and penetrating track. A great song to use to open sets of varying styles, it is both haunting and beautiful and emptiness is the forte. Well produced and the type of trance space I enjoy very much. Definitely worth using as a build or transitional track depending on your style...this is a wonderful excursion into darker Goa. Don't be surprised when you hear me spinning this's truly a beautiful track that would work well in either clubs or forests...great job Ghreg!

9. D-Space - "Sprial Trials"

Once again the minimal sounds of D-Space emerge from the Soular Records sonic mandala. In keeping with the overall theme of "Breathe" this track is a bit more funky than their previous release on "Awakening," but nonetheless brilliant. Solid production and mixing make this a very deep and energetic track. Definitely post-peak or transition oriented, this track sustains a trance space of peaceful stasis. Like so many other tracks on this compilation it would work in several different settings and reaffirms my love of this group's style!

          Deeper in Zen
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2003 17:56
indeed this is a very nice cd, intended for some more power on the dancefloor.
the music...well everything is nicely said in the review above
track 8 is quite impressive and it stands out on the compilation imo. the rest are also very nice....

its good that american artists started to play an important role in this scene in the same time providing us with pretty inovative music           Why u little !!!
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