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Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - New psy trance from San Francisco
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New psy trance from San Francisco

Sector -7G

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Posted : May 17, 2003 09:23
Hay kids!!!
My friend and i just mp3'd a bunch of new stuff, we've been working on. Penta called it "Not totall shit", so it might be worth your time to check it out.

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Posted : May 21, 2003 10:49
checking out gay rodeo clown... lmao


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Posted : Jul 11, 2003 15:04
nikita gave us ure cd.....i think its pretty psychedelic...different...from other projects....sector7....wanted 2 know more bout these projects.....saw ure post....nowww...after liike days....dont have the the ball right...
good sure ure gonna get there...
made a few people trip out on ure stuff....bit too crazy for mosta the people...but im havin a good time...
so..psyfiboys..and parus...from san francisco too/????
dint think america had much goin..until...niks...came here...
keep it up..for paradise
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 27, 2003 12:15
You guys SUCK! hehe. Wuddup, Becker and Scott. As always, your music is more unique than most, and has flair and punch and better and better production. Here's to a long and fun career. You can only get better, guys.


p.s. i posted a link to my first track made in Logic in this forum. it's on my new artist page on the thump website, artist name: Sound of Mind. Song name: Realize. Checkit!

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Posted : Oct 30, 2003 01:50
Hey Scott and Becker... You guys rock!! We should definitely hang out and work on some stuff together sometime... I put a couple of link to some of my work in the forum here too... Artist name: Mubali (or Xabuumuphu if you wanna try and pronounce it) and the tracks are Spork, and Ghost & Darkness. You two take it easy eh... laters
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 7, 2003 02:13
boy, you sure do got a purty mouth!!
ahhhhh haaaaa, post your new tracks boyz they are rockin
fuck pop, keep music evil!

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Posted : Nov 18, 2003 06:24
Great site you got there. Not total shit at all. Just like the music
Any new tracks produced recently?
Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - New psy trance from San Francisco
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