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Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - Neun presents: BRISKER & MAGITMAN RELEASE PARTY 8TH MARCH
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Nasa/The Gnome Effect

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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 08:50:47
Brisker and Magitman Album Release Party

100DKK at the entrance from 11 PM - 01 AM, and then 150DKK from 01 - 07 AM.

Jernbanegade 9, Copenhagen - Denmark

BRISKER AND MAGITMAN *album release party*
tribal vision rec - isr

tribal vision rec - isr

eclipse/ neun - dk

club 30 - dk

Who would have thought that the conception of two Israeli gents would have brought one of the hottest progressive acts seen this year?
At the ages of 22 and 24, Magitman Igal and Brisker Roman are in their prime. Their music can be variable in every ways, starting from breaks, house, trance, progressive and each day some new ideas and the music keeps flowing as theyve had countless records released in 2006.
They started with one of their more popular tunes Feel Me that was made with a singer Galia.D. This was released on Twisted Frequency at the beginning of 2006 with remixes by James Harcourt and Janicki. There are about 7 remixes of this hit including Mashtronic and Force Mass Motion remixes that are about to be released later this year. With sublicensing coming from Candyflip Records in Greece, Microkosmos Records in Swiss, Audio Therapy and so on
They have released a compilation going by the name of Inception with tracks of Andre Absolut , Parham & Dominic Plaza, Snake Sedrick to name a few.
In the club scene, support has come from DJs such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Mashtronic, Phatjak, Shiloh and many others.They have releases on such notable labels as Baroque, SOG, Method, Babylon, Twisted Frequency, etc
Sony Entertainment licensed their track Silly Thoughts to be used on a Play Station 2 videogame, Eye Toy Kinetic Combat 2. This track as well was initially signed by the record label SOG. Furthermore, they have had their remix of Perry ONeil Other Dye on Hernan Cattaneos compilation series, Sequential on Renaissance.
Also, expect a full artist album by the two at the beginning of 2007 along with other EPs, CDs and of course Digital releases.On the Djing side they have played at the best venues in Israel, at the very famous Maxim Club, Vox, Comfort and many others, so as future gigs/festivals lined up for Brazil, Germany, and Portugal.
As 2006 looks bright for the duo for the fall and winter months, expect a lot more from them as they are surely not slowing down.


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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 16:45
thats it guys very good minimal sound !!good luck and fun over here
IsraTrance Analyst Member

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Posted : Mar 5, 2008 20:15
yes going to be fun
Trance Forum  Forum  Scandinavia - Neun presents: BRISKER & MAGITMAN RELEASE PARTY 8TH MARCH
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