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Nervine Records Compilation

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 23, 2003 18:08

V.A. Nervine Records


Nervine Records – “Stimulus”, is the debut compilation put together by Ben Richardson and Fahed Taher. Nervine Records is a new label co-based in Sydney, Australia and Copenhagen, Denmark. The label will focus on trance/house/psychedelic/chill music from around the world. We are very proud to present our first compilation with very talented artists at the highest quality. This compilation starts off with a progressive feel for the label, preparing for a future of varied electronica releases. A lot of time and effort has been put into getting the right tracks from the right artists, some known, others newcomers. The tracks have received very positive feedback from the dance floors of Europe already. The artists come from Israel, Germany, Denmark and Australia. We have tried to collect from various places throughout the world with the aim of making the labels releases as global as possible…

Lish – Pump Navigation

Shay and Lior are 2 very talented musicians from Israel. They already have an album released on USTA, and many singles on various compilations. Pump Navigation is one of the best dance floor tracks from Lish to this date in a smooth minimal style.

Genetic Spin – Thek2

With an album soon to be released on Cream Crop, Genetic Spin have shown their abilities as accomplished artists. They have had many releases on compilations, and now release this little gem on Nervine Records. Thek2 is hard pumping progressive at its best!

Sensum - Mastermind

This is one of Sensum's first releases, a smooth, uplifting trance track. Mastermind is a party track with big sound and percussion very good work from Australia, watch out for this guy in the future!!

Frogacult – Drumming Headquaters
These guys are exploding onto the scene with there high quality morning trance. With releases on Iboga, Manta, and Plusquam, these guys are making big impressions world wide. Drumming Headquarters provides complex morning sounds for any sunrise!

Namhaj vs Fahed – Mission Move
Finally they collaborated on their first work together, showing how the combination of the different styles of these 2 artists can make something different to both their personal styles. Mission Move is a dancefloor track with nice drums/percussion, already proven to be a hit at the parties.

Sonus - Shadowdance
With a different style, some trance and German sounds, ShadowDance is a very special track with melodies and proven trance sounds, with clever sample work, adding a symphonic atmosphere.

Hiram - The 12th House (RMX)

Hiram is 2 newcomers from Australia, this track is the contrast on the compilation, the 12th house is a very dark and hard progressive/minimal music, perfect for the night.

Psyless Groove - Frosty Dustbites

This is a very minimal track with lots of groove and funk..
Frosty Dustbites is typical Psyless Groove style very down with morning sounds and complex, layered drums...

If you would like to hear some samples of this compilation please go to :

IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Sep 23, 2003 19:31
Well Shoot me in the leg and call me Popa!
soun's like an ultra cool compilation !!
i cant wait for it:)
best of luck Nervine Records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 27, 2003 00:54
finally its out!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 28, 2003 19:45
also on psyshop!!

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