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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Neelix - Same Thing, But Different (Y.S.E - March/07)
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Neelix - Same Thing, But Different (Y.S.E - March/07)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 30, 2007 15:58
Artist: Neelix
Album: Same Thing, But Different
Release date: March - 2007
Format: CD

Track list:

1. Contact [140 BPM]
2. Disco Decay (Neelix Remix) [140 BPM]
3. Hot Pant Girl (Neelix Remix) [128 BPM]
4. Coloured Light [140 BPM]
5. Real High [135 BPM]
6. Same Thing But Different [140 BPM]
7. Taxi Driver [140 BPM]
8. Superstition (140 BPM]
9. Dittany (Neelix rmx) [140 BPM]

Introducion: (taken from his My Space)

Hamburg based artist Henrik Twardzik, better known as Neelix started to produce music in the early 1998.
After DJing for some years he finally decided to create his own sound. Untill now Henrik has released 3 albums and many singles. The third album "Same thing but different" is already released on Millennium Records.
Besides Henrik also belongs to the founders of the hamburg based label Glamour Studios.

Short Overall:

This album is a very good piece of plastic. Very modern, very uplifting and with many good freaky basslines. You can taste a awesome groove in almost every track, and the atmosphere of the whole album, is wonderful. The album is just a little bit fast, if you considere it to be a Prog-House album. The elements, are from Prog-House imo, but he made it a bit faster. I'm not saying that was bad. For sure, it wasn't. Let's take a look.

Through the tracks:

01. Contact
Very nice, melodic tune. Has a wonderful energy, very groovy and uplifting. A good track for dance-floors. Very trippy, strong, melodic and groovy. Satying still, is for sure not an option while you listen to this one. Naaaaaaaice!

02. Disco Decay (Neelix Rmx)
It pumps the basslines, kicks high and gives the CD another view. Very modern, with a nice vocal and an incredible energy. I found a CD with this track, titled by Rinkadink. Perhaps it's originally from Vana. The Remix is great. Loved it.

03. Hot Pant Girl (Neelix Remix)
This puts the BPM's a bit lower. A lot lower, in fact. This is a sort of Electro-House remix, for the original track. More oriented to clubs, imo. A nice vocal (I'll paste the vocals, for all tracks later, cause I don't remember msot of them). Very nice tune also. Keeping the same quality, atmosphere and energy.

04. Coloured Light
Also keeping the quality standards. Very uplitfing, modern and fresh. Perhaps a bit similar, if you compare all track together. They might seem a bit similar to each other. No problem with me.

05. Real High
Drops a bit, just like track 3. A terrific bassline, but more Electro style. I think this was a good choice, for slowing things a bit. And then, get back on track, with and unique feeling. Great!

06. Same Thing But Different.
The name tells the track. It's very like the previous ones, however, different. Marvelous. Brilliant. Just like the others. Uplifting, modern, perhaps a bit fast for "Prog-House". But I think that was great. To fasten things a bit.

07. Taxi Driver
A very criative dialogue is started. This one I remember:

Part 1:
It was around 3 am! I'm drunk... I'm high... and I'm in Chicago. I reach out for a cab. When 5 empty cabs just passed me by, one finally stopped. He was this white, middle-age kind of guy, you now the type. Anyway, i jumpped in, and say "Hyat Legency please. And the cab driver looked at me like I was crazy and sad: "Where, downtown??" And I said............. YEAAAHH!!

Part 2:
"When we just got to the Hyat, and payed my fair, the cabby looked at me and asked: "Where are you going?" I grabbed my back of records, looked back at him, and said: "BROTHER, I'M GOING TO WORK!!!"

Bassline always getting high, energy raises through your body. You start moving, dancing, jumping, anything to free this great thing that you can fell inside you. Awesome track. Then the dialogue gets back:
Distorion, followed by more good stuff. Incredible track. Loved every minute of it. This is the track's pernonality.

08. Superstition
The same energy peaks with the great bassline. The groove is always pumping high, kicking high as well. Always with a terrific atmospehre. Dance floors will get burned with this CD. Almost any track.

09. Dittany (Neelix Remix)
A great melodic close up to the album. Still keeping the quality, of all previous tracks. The final touch. Great one, btw.

I think this is for sure, one of the best releases so far, for 2007. Like I said before, it's fresh, very modern and with an incredible atmosphere. I just didn't find it much original, cause it reminded me a lot, D-Nox & Beckers stuff, the only difference is, a bit fastes. And I liked it, like this.

Believe me or not, my favorites are all of them.
Top quality release. In all tracks. A must have album. Trust me.

Over, and out!


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Posted : Apr 30, 2007 16:52
The original of "Disco Decay" is actually by Meller and titled "Fatboy". Rinkadink made a remix of that tune, and apparently Neelix made a remix of Rinkadinks remix           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Shahar Indepth
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Posted : May 1, 2007 03:15
nice review, track 9 is my absolute fave.

neelix has his own sound and pretty much goes with it the entire album..

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 3, 2007 12:35

On 2007-05-01 03:15, Shahar Indepth wrote:
nice review, track 9 is my absolute fave.

neelix has his own sound and pretty much goes with it the entire album..

Sorry man,with all my respect the most tracks of this album is actually a unsuccessfull copy of classic D-nox & Beckrs style...Espesually the coloured light it could be released as Beckers - Switch (Neelix remix) with some vocals from the original Switch..Anyway,I like just one track the "Real High" which has a more electro tech feeling. 
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Neelix - Same Thing, But Different (Y.S.E - March/07)
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