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Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - Nascent Waterfall
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Nascent Waterfall


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Posted : Aug 30, 2004 11:47
Finally I made this track. I wanted it to sound not so usual as
most of present prog. trance tracks with sounds that bored me. (Maybe it will be the reason for some of you to not like this track)
So, here it is. Nascient Waterfall. Liquid, soft atmosphere.


00:00 - Somewhere, in a beautiful place a Stream starts.
00:43 - It flows through exotic places and reaches....
01:10 - ... the first rapid.
01:24 - But it is not so high and the Stream flows further
01:37 - Stream grows and becomes rough and strong.
02:05 - And now it is reaching the perfect high rapid.
02:32 - First fall in slow motion! What a beautiful sight down there!
03:00 - Our Stream is now a Waterfall.
03:27 - The sunlight is melting in splashes of water giving birth to a rainbow.
04:22 - Life is boiling up!
05:17 - First evening and...
05:30 - ... night. The rhythm of life is different, more quiet and the sound of Waterfall in the darkness pleasantly lulls
05:58 - And another day..
07:07 - We're flying away leaving this place


Next may probably be interesting to sound designers. )) Maybe not )))

I wanna draw your attention to some sounds. Listen how plays that sound at 3-28. How it flows. One of 2 oscillators was pitch modulated in a range of one octave. ) I think it sounds interesting.
Now listen at 2-32. This sequence was made by turning on the arpeggiator on a sequence that fades in at 0-40. Arpeggio with subarpeggio and range of 3 octaves.

P.S. Need your opinion!!! And sorry for bad english ))


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Posted : Aug 30, 2004 13:04
it is trance music?

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Posted : Aug 30, 2004 13:11
Yes, but not psy ) Could you abstract your mind from stamps and just listen to music. Try to understand what I feel or what I wanted to "tell". )

Maybe this track will sound too easy for your ears...
Inactive User

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Posted : Aug 30, 2004 19:44
Hi Tshykhra .... i been member of your forum time ago

nice to see you here ......

it is not psy but euro trance as far as i know you ........

heheh not fit to this forum but i will review since i like Trance too ......

review .......

you great musician as i remember and u still the one

i would advice you too make less mess in track and find the main of track to build it well rather create tons of melodies and atmoshperes

quality it is not quantity .....

all melodies fine but you mess too much and change background for normal listener it is hard to flow with music ,,,,,,,,,

in trance music sound design is very flat so i advice you to do the same ..... coz you must work on basses and lead ...and when kick and melodies are full off bass it is hard to mix well together

bass i like but you must to work on it's sound to make it covering all the track .........

buttom line

(-) sound and less mess
(+) nice and melodic from musical point of view correct
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2004 14:47
hey man this is not my style but i really think u made here great work! nice fat kicks and i liked the bassline(u should be happy cuz most of the time i dont write this words togather, bassline and liked...)
cool grove and nice sounds of morning happiness...
cool man!! this is a great morning trance!

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Posted : Sep 3, 2004 14:51
Thanks a lot for feedbacks, guys!!!! )
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2004 17:49
Wow...what a track...
Allthough this is not really my cup of tea...i love your track...
Beautifull layers of sounds...take u downstream a synthetic waterfall....some vocals came up...and spontanious started singin'....i think with some vocals...u'll be on the euro-charts in no time...
I liked the way it goes into 3/4 & back into 4/4.....really smooth...
All in all...very good production...sounds great...even on 128kbps....


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Posted : Sep 3, 2004 17:55
Thanks PsYx!

This 3/4 to 4/4 could be smoother (Posford like ) if my Nord Lead 3 had a "render arpeggio to sequence" function. But it have not. ))) So it was too lazy to recreate this sequence by mouse in matrix editor )))
Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - Nascent Waterfall
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