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My treasure


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Posted : Jan 28, 2006 15:23
10 years ago I brought from london 4 mc tapes with goa trance. They are not described so I don't know what it is...
The tapes are like treasure for me and I would like to have it all in better quality.
That's why I thought you might help me with identifying artists and titles of these tracks.
I put all of them under the link below:

The quality is terrible not only because it's taken from the tapes, but also because I had to put it in low kbps.
Thanx in advance!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2006 19:26
Sorry mate, i was 7 10 years ago, no chanes i'll identify.. i tried but i have no clue..
maybe the older members here.. =/

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Posted : Jan 28, 2006 20:15
There is still hope in me

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Posted : Jan 29, 2006 13:58
plz upload the ((deep trance 1)) lol in agood bitrate or send it to my icq 206520569
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 30, 2006 22:44
sorry, my connection is too slow to listen to your mix tape, but...

...since you brought the tapes with you from england, there might be a good chance that the tracks were released by some uk labels. at that time it could have been by labels such as blue room(rip), flying rhino(rip), transient(rip...but wait, they're resurrecting), twisted, phantasm etc...

Might wanna check their releases, who knows, could help 
fraka is a state of mind

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Posted : Jan 31, 2006 22:00
oh yeah, i also got dozens of those tapes flying around here...all bought in camden town 1996...

i'm buying a lot of old releases nowadays and it's fun all the time when i buy a cd that contains a track from those old tapes...

so, good luck mate...although it will be pretty much impossible to identify all, even most, of the tunes!
          Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!

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Posted : Feb 1, 2006 13:37
Yeah... I can see it... Enybody has identified a single one

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Posted : Mar 7, 2006 21:17
I have found just the really easy ones The quality is so bad, that is quite difficult to recognize the tracks!

Alien trance1
[07:00] astral projection - enlightened evolution

Alien trance2
[20:20] koxbox - fuel on

Danny Rampling1
[00:00] man with no name - floor-essence (dayglo mix)

Deep trance1
[21:50] astral projection - let there be light

Deep trance2
[28:10] astral projection - mahadeva

Spaced out2
[32:00] juno reactor - high energy protons (orion mix)

there are a few more tracks that i can recognize (very classic ones) but i don't remember right now their names..
especially Alien trance1 & 2 is not really difficult to identify. if you buy a few 1996 goa compilations i'm sure that you'll find many tracks.

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Posted : Mar 20, 2006 17:52
Thank you very much Xxsspp!!
Where can I buy the compilations?

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Posted : Apr 4, 2006 17:50
Hi !
Here are a few trax identified :

- Danny Rampling2
31: 40 -> Scooter - Back in Time (period when the made happy hardcore instead of their actual cheesy shit for teenagers)

- Deep trance2
2:50 -> Shakta - Lepton Head (remix)

- Spaced out1
7:13 -> Arena Trex - Violet Vacuum

Last tune of Spaced out1 is a very well known rave tune but I can't remember the damn name...
Trance Forum  Forum  Unidentified - My treasure
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