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mj and society

IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Aug 9, 2008 23:36:19
here's something good: in Rhode Island marijuana is fully legal. In addition in New England according to High Times marijuana is legal in Vermont and Maine, as I remember.

Furthermore, marijuana has been decriminalized in New York State since 1977. Seeing it in the media caused joy and shock, since the big bad Establishment had 'forgotten' about this law and had made many illegal arrests and records (!!) - that I know. Actually according to the media someone wrote a long book about this and the lawyers' bar had a big meeting about it.

Marijuana is fully legal in Holland, which features many coffeeshops where it can be bought and smoked openly; and they are really pushing for legalization (?) in Jamaica nowadays according to the papers.

Places with a tolerant view of marijuana tend to be peaceful and prosperous, and this is good for the music scenes incl. trance there too.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 10, 2008 01:31
yay pot! 

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Posted : Aug 10, 2008 05:01
I Love pot!

On a sadly different note, marijuana in Rhode Island is not really fully legal. Like I mentioned in another thread, the DEA is still active and federal law trumps state law. Just this last week they raided many dispensaries in California, including in san diego where I live.

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Posted : Aug 10, 2008 08:28
AS far as I know, marijuana is not legal in Holland. You really should get your facts straight. You certainly can use marijuana there and not fear being arrested. It is technically against the law, but those law are not enforced. I learned this from a documentary about Holland. Here's a link to it.

I also heard that about a year ago the Holland governemtn was going to start taxing marijuana in some form. When some shop owners and others pointed out that they'd need to legalize it before it could be taxed, the effort to tax it stopped. The United States government, and especially under the current administration of Bush Jr., interfers with any government that even thinks about legalizing any drug. This happened in Mexico a couple of years ago when there was a bill in their congress about decrimalizing small amounts of any drug for personal use. You'dve thought Mexico had crossed the border with tanks the way the government reacted. Yep, the bill was withdrawn after some meetings with Fox and others.

Sooner or later, the whole charade will fall apart. The demonizing of drugs and drug use is so full of hypocrisy. All I have to do is watch a little television and see all of the legal drug commercials to see for myself what a bunch of liars and hypocrits that exist. And how stupid and gullible a sizeable minority of the people are.
Drugs cause hardly any problems compared to the laws and enforcement thereof against using and possessing them do.

As for the tolerant view of drug use making the music good, this is certainly debatable. Often times when something is repressed, but not so repressed that it wiped out and disappears, it will force it underground. Then it flourishes in ways that legal products can only imagine of doing. I'm sure this happens because only the true believers in the repressed activity are there. As this music becomes more acceptable in society, I am willing to bet the quality of it will suffer and you'll hear more of the people that really love it complain. So we have the clubs playing and catering to the masses. Yep, it has a name now, "cheesy". Since I've never gone to a club for this music, I have been spared this, but I have still seen the debate about cetrtain music forms of psytrance. Some of the "purists" seem to get upset with it as it gets more popular. I don't know what to say about that. As I just stumbled onto this music so recently, I might have actuallly found myself in the peak era of psytrance and these years and the few preceding it will be looked back as the golden age of trance music. The gatherings are discouraged and made difficult to hold. The music certainly isn't mainstream here. I have yet to hear it on any commercial outlet, not counting a couple of obscure channels on the XM satelite. But then I go to a gathering and hear some of the most amazing music and have one of the best times of my life. What's with that? I have yet to see any violence at any of the sixteen events I have attended. And most of them have not had any type of special security, just the people that come to them.
The only people that I have observed to cause any type of problems at all, have been those that have consume alcohol in an immoderate amount. This few people are usually on the ground passed out. They obviously have personal issues. Any drug can cause problems. For some reason alcohol is so underestimated in its effect. And of course it tastes good. Very subtle often times too. I'd rather be around a bunch of pot smoking dancers than a few alcohol besotterd trouble makers, any day. Maintaining a certain high with alcohol once you've gotten there is not that hard to do, but most people just go right on passed that stage and get lit up. I just avoid drinking it while at the gatherings, and believe me I like to drink. Alcohol deadens my awareness and this is the last thing I want to be expreriencing when having trance music playing. I want my senses as they normally are or enhanced in ways that alcohol is not able to provide. A beer or two through the course of an event is not what I'm talking about. If I drink anything, it might be just one before it starts, and maybe one or two at the end. This seems to work for others too. I do see plenty pf people drinking, but I don't see those drunks that aren't much fun to be around as compared to going to a ballgame, or even moreso a football game where drinking in excess is part of the ritual of the experience.

Marijuana ain't legal in New York! Where'd you hear that? Don't confuse non-enforcement of a law with its legality. "The laws of the society should reflect the values of the society" When the laws don't, you get trouble. One big trouble is selective enforcement. A very prevasive and discriminatory form of police power abuse. Just look at the jailing of people here for drug violations and you'll see what I mean. There's other examples too. Also, when people go ahead break a law they view is wrong, you get a behavior that is not good for society as a whole. Using the law to enforce a moral code on people that don't share your view is a recipe for disaster. I sure hope it doesn't come down to that. Anarchy or martial law.           - - -
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 11, 2008 00:49
yay another pot thread thats going to get locked...

oh well pass the dutchie! 
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Posted : Aug 11, 2008 02:40
Why do they lock them? It certainly is a North American concern. And many people that like trance music also like marijuana, even if it might seem off topic it seems like a thing some of us want to get our view heard on. My situation is different as I have random drug testing and must abstain from marijuana even I did want to partake in it. But just because I don't use it doesn't mean I can't say there's something wrong with how marijuana and other drugs are treated in the United States. And the gatherings themselves, drugs or not, are repressed. I find this ludicrious, but that's how it is. It's just music, people, and good times. I learn things at the gatherings and it is also good for my health from all the physical activity that dancing supplies. The repression of it isn't all bad as I argue in the previous post, and it adds some fun to it just because of the adventure of finding a gathering and dancing all night.           - - -
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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - mj and society
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