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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Misty Grove (DopeDeer Records, 2014)
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Misty Grove (DopeDeer Records, 2014)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 14, 2015 16:05:17
Misty Grove

DopeDeer Records, 2014

1. M.E.E.O. - Owls Are Not What They Seem
2. Gojja - Dotdotcom
3. CumHau - Blipper
4. Goch - Synchronicity
5. Dohm - Killing The Past
6. Goch - Point To A Gradual Acceleration
7. CumHau - Martials
8. Muscaria & Kithain - Dur Luth
9. Medra - The Lodge
10. Whrikk - Reaper's Indigest
11. M.E.E.O. - Cooper In The Woods

Misty Grove - yet again Polish forest music strikes. This time DopeDeer Records, which is the armed division of the Leśna Szajka (Forest Mob) collective, released a compilation with this generally well-received in Poland psytrance genre. Firstly - big props for the way of promoting of the album, which was promoted by all possible channels as a concept album with a story behind each of the tracks. Thumbs up. Secondly, another good side of the whole thing is a really interesting cover/layout and the mysterious puzzle placed on thereof. Thirdly, we have here great mastering by Space Element/Zoogra, so that the whole album sounds very evenly and deeply (the bass makes one's leg shake back and forth). But enough of that - what music gathered Burkin to keep us entertained while preparing the sauce made with fresh chanterelles, boleti and psilocybe semilanceata?

The compilation opens with a very climatic intro by Mathias Eriksson, widely known as M.E.E.O. A few years ago he released a highly recommended album called "Highlight Me Please" and then jumped into less psytrance-ish electronic depths. From what we hear, once can draw a not-so-risky conclusion that the artist feels very well in the new territories. We get a very disturbing chillout track here that leads us straight into the thick forest. Gojja, which is none other than Swedish veteran also called Makadam, whose achievements we can listen to from the earliest publications under the sign of Sanaton, treated us to a very quiet and balanced tune. A forest, Schlabba-like track with a frivolous and relaxed twist. The artist offers us a wider range of his productions us at his full-length debut album called "Eggshell Marmelade", which I recommend to check out. It gets more interesting with the debuting CumHau. The name of the track, "Blipper", very accurately captures the atmosphere created by the forest squeals and foremost the bass work, which gallops in a creative way through the whole track. CumHau is Greek, which in itself is a plus, because so far I do not recall such tracks created in the country famous fors disgusting anise booze - tracks by Zik, Orestis and Darkshire are a completely different story. We get a real treat thanks to Vladimir Gochkov, who can now be easily the Magician from Vandar. What Goch has recorded so far over the last 2-3 years is unique in the whole psyscene. Each of his tracks is fine-tuned and distinctive, and it is no different in the case of "Synchronicity". Lots of layers, perfectly fitted ambient, dark beat and added to this is this omnipresent energy. Who has not heard the full album "Sphere Of Influence", should quickly buy it, because it's a slab of truly cosmic forest. We know what to expect from Dohm - the guy has accustomed us to a certain level of his productions. His forest is somewhat reflective, with plenty of non-trance bits and pieces, yet remains a very rocking piece of music. "Killing The Past" is a great example and one of the highlights of this compilation. Of course, Goch delivers too with another track, but in his case this is a norm and I cannot write more about this guy, because he may be willing to think that I want something from him. "Martials" is the second appearance by CumHau and it is more interesting than the first one. Oozing like a torn birch juice water effects do plenty of stuff, just as well as the downright brutal bass. We entered a darker path, which is a continuation of the Austrian co-production by Muscaria and Kithain. Here you can hear full-fledged dark, the atmosphere is additionally boosted by some militaristic sounds, but overall it is a classic of the genre. The title itself, "Dur Luth", may indicate that Thomas and Barbara enjoy exploring the world of hideous orc strongholds or other gummy bears in their free time, and they were able to capture such and atmosphere. Medra invites us to go to his "lodge", which, however, does not seem an entirely safe place. True, the music is less aggressive, but more twisted. Certainly the track may be a so-called dancefloor killer, where even a granny would be tripping her tits off. The last dose of trance is administered by Whrikk - like always with him it is either hate it or love it. It seems quite likely that the Dutchman came to the boiler with the extract of belladonna as a young man, and this shows the degree of abnormality of his tunes. "Reaper's Indigest" is a crazy ride through different pace, acid inclusions and other makings of Matthijs' imagination. For more weirdness of this kind I refer you to the "HRLM Okkult Vol. 1" compilation, where Whrikk and friends do these kinds of things for over an hour. This very nice forest expedition is closed in a soothing way by the one that started it. M.E.E.O. and his "Cooper In The Woods" is a true gem that serves as an ending. The music is extremely soothing and warms you up like a sip of tea with alcohol from a thermos after leaving the dark and cold forest.

It seems that in the Polish map of forest and dark labels grew a new creation that should be granted with wishes of good luck. Basically you should just keep your fingers crossed for maintaining the level of what has been achieved on the described compilation. "Misty Grove" is a good album with good music, additionally released with a concept idea and zest. Let the power of deer be with you!
Best tracks: "Goch - Synchronicity", "Dohm - Killing The Past", "CumHau - Martials"

Overall score: 7,5/10


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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Misty Grove (DopeDeer Records, 2014)
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