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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance Art - Meaning of psy art for you?
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Meaning of psy art for you?


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Posted : Jul 11, 2004 02:18
Hello everyone...
I was just wondering, what do you expect of psy-art? I mean, is it just a decoration for trip to you, or you think it is something more sacral?
I do think that for people on a party some kinds of fluoro stuff is always good for tripping, but is there some more deep meaning of art to you?
Do you care of the significance that psy artist has put in his work? Does it affect you on a party, or its just a picture to stare at?
The question was imposed by feeling that people would just watch at any fluoro picture
without comprehension and without trying to find the meaning of the work.
So, maybe there is no need to create pieces with deep sense, just to make more uv spots to make people feel as in the different space to trip on a party?
What do you think of it?


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Posted : Jul 13, 2004 00:02
I try to trigger religious experiences & imagination explosions.

my art is pure spiritual. People on dope don't have to think about the deeper meaning, cause it's always the same someway.
In the first place the experience must be highly psychedelic. With some hidden religious messages.
Without that psychedelic experience, it's just a regular spiritual pic.

I'm also interrested in religious art from any time in history. All the trics they use to hide holy spiritual things in their painting i want to learn& use in psy art.

symmetric for example, but their is more, much more.
All the architypes, astrology.

I also think that alot of people just look at is as a nice pic to stare at.
But i don't care actually. It's made to trip your ass off. All the spiritual things are just hidden messages and if you stare long enough you'll start noticing them and remember.

The market for psyart has much more viewers then regular art(for small artists). But they are different, so the art , in my opinion, also has to be different. I first try to give them what they want to see & then start thinking about the message i'm going to hide in it.

I'm happy with the current evolution in psyart. It's a big fuck you to all artist who don't like fluoro or psychedelic art. Psy art is has survived and is still growing.
It's much easier to sell & rent then regular art.


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Posted : Jul 15, 2004 22:28
Hi Goodvin,
it's nice to meet you here

I'm from Siberia, I'm making UV banners too... (by the way - please check the forum on your site - i've posted some questions there about your uv banners - my nick is "yagel" there)

I think people on parties don't want understand what you want to say in your art, and yes, this banners in just nice background for them, not more than that.

I thought about it too while making my UV banners... when i'm making my fluoro art, I know that each person will perceive it in his own way, and nobody will understand _my_ perception of my art. But I don't worry about it.

I think you always must do your best in making fluoro-art, you must do it like if it was you last day in your life

You must do impossible, impossibly beautiful art

If you're making just fluoro spots on fabric for selling - it's not art of your inner world, it's just the commerce.

Fluoro psy art it the most sacral art, so don't turn it to commerce! Make you work deep and sated, make it for yourself, and don't worry about those people.

I think you're the best fluoro artist in Russia, so continue making your work, it's beautiful!

PS my english is not so good to explain what I think about this problem ((

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Posted : Sep 1, 2004 23:37

on 2004-07-11 02:18 Goodvin wrote:
Do you care of the significance that psy artist has put in his work? Does it affect you on a party, or its just a picture to stare at?

I think people get very much effected by the artwork on the party and it's not just pictures to stare at.

You can create very different atmospheres, depending on colours and shapes you are using.

It is probably right, that very few people on the party are consciously trying to find the deeper meaning, or what the artist wants to express, but the impressions from the picture will effect them unconsciouly and is part of the party experience.

Colours, shapes, symbols, they have an influence on you, even if you are not thinking about it.

I remember Maxi decorating a party in Portugal. Everything was kept in greenish colours, shaded with black and it created a special underwaterspacejungle kind of atmosphere. Before the Party started somebody else hang up a huge pink dragon (whoever that was, excuse me, nothing against the dragon itself) and the whole vibe changed, because your eye got attracted so much to the pink, that the effect of the green was lost.

I think decoration is an important part of the party experience and the people are receiving deeper messages in a picture, even if they are not conciously aware of it.
Trance Forum  Forum  Trance Art - Meaning of psy art for you?
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