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Mandala Records - Energy

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 27, 2007 04:46
Mandala Records - "Energy"

Track list:

1 – Perplex Vs. Dj Kido – Rouds 2 Reality
2 – Skulptor rmx by E-Fact – Bio
3 – Perplex – Unidentify Territory
4 – Contra Vs. Zion – Wishes
5 – Elec 3 Vs. Ananda Shake – Electro Shake
6 – Plasmotek – Take It as It Come
7 – E-Fact – The Code
8 – Total Sickness – Armonico Rmx
9 – Sky Fiction – Sideral
10 – Interactive – Login Security


Here comes the 5th release of the French label Mandala records, let’s see if it has all that energy

Track 1 is done by Perplex and Kido and starts the compilation in a powerful fullon has a strong and fat bassline, with that Perplex’s sounds and synths...nice and energetic breaks, all together making a very rhythmic and danceable track.

Track 2 is a remix of Bio done by E-Fact...its a bit more psychedelic, has some acid synth sounds coming in and out, all in a pacific and morning atmosphere.

Track 3 is the second one from Perplex and my favourite has a strong and killer bassline, some industrial sounds and after the last break it has some synths that makes me remember some Skazi old really works on the dancefloors

Track 4 is a collaboration of Contra and take us again to a more dark and psychedelic introspective side of has a nice construction, wiith some energetic breaks, nice one.

Track 5 is another collaboration, this time with Elec 3 and Ananda has a groovy bassline, some rhythmic and energetic pads coming in, lots of effects, Elec 3 style.

Track 6 is done by Plasmotek and is called “Take It as It Come” has a strong and continuous bassline, night time melodies, some acid and fat synths, makes me remember some south african artists.

Track 7 is another E-Fact track, this time an original has a groovy bassline, some melodic and quiet synth sounds, nice for the morning hours but a bit boring.

Track 8 is done by Total Sickness and is a bit more fast (149bpms) has a groovy bassline, some exotic and sunny melodies, makes me remember a bit of 1200 Mics style...just think that could be a bit more slow.

Track 9 is done by Sky Fiction and makes you feel that your heart is pumping normally has a lot of psychedelic elements, some goa old school melodies, just a bit similar.

Track 10 is done by Interactive and with track 3 makes my second great hit of this has a groovy and rhythmic bassline, really beautiful and inspiring morning melodies, great choice for ending the compilation.

In general we have here a great and diverse compilation, with many different and good styles of favourites are 1, 3 and 10


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler
          DJ JUGGLER (United Beats Rec. / Crystal Matrix)

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Posted : May 1, 2007 07:33
Hey Juggler, thanks for the review mate nice to see that you like the compilation, too much effort on it!

Keep in eye to Plasmotek a few upcoming releases to come in dfferent labels, killer stuff           Michael Jackson "Some people prefer to take life as it is without complications, some others we like to take life from the cornice of the wildest jungle"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2007 11:40
definately looks like must have compilation wid artist like perplex,ananda shake,elec3,e-fact on it.
guys who is the brains behind the compilations???           -=DIGITAL OM PRODUCTIONS=-
>< we follow and preach ><
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Mandala Records - Energy
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