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Magical and Beautiful Mexico


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Posted : Dec 27, 2006 17:02
Hello everybody!

I decided to post this topic because as some of you might know, I was abroad for a loooong, loooong time, and while it was a very good experience and lots of good things happened, now that i'm back home after one and half years, I'm really relly happy to be back home.

Sometimes we take things for granted because we've always had them and we don't value them
it is also very easy to concentrate on negative things rather than positive, but let me tell you that if this experience taught me something is that we should feel proud of our country, our roots and our scene.

it is hard to speak of magic and beauty with words, but that's exactly the essence of our country and our people.           Peace, Love, Light and Harmony
Shadai / Devil's Rejects

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Posted : Dec 28, 2006 07:43
Amen mr Forza and welcome home again.           Avizz Biomechanix Records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 28, 2006 10:18
I was involved in organizing some of the first psy trance parties in Mexico around 1997. It was such a crazy magical and very hallucinogenic time of my life, and I think I was going a bit over the edge of what my mind could handle into very strange dimensions. But then I left to the USA, and the change helped me relax a bit and process a lot of thoughts as well as giving me perspective about Mexico from a "1rst world" point of view. But now I have been in the USA for more than 5 years and I look back and want to go back to be part of the groovy psychedelic movement there. Not that I can't do something like that in the USA, but I feel Mexico has great potential which we are not really using. So I really want to go back and I am planning for it.

I think Mexico needs some serious awakening of its people. Mind by mind, person by person. There are no shortcuts. It's basically you. Its basically me. Can't throw resonsability elsewhere.

I think Mexico has been stuck for a while now, and my friends I think we are yet to discover what Mexico really is. Because since the spanish conquest we have been in conflict with who we are, so we need to rediscover ourselves as a people in this world. I mean sure lots of things have happened that are positive, but there was a lot of damage done which we are still paying for.

Ofcourse we can always find happiness and good stories, we are happy warm people but as a society we still carry a lot of burden and garbage from the past, yes and we are still a little bit confused about who we are.

I think Mexico needs to rediscover itself, yeah because the Mexico we see today is a result of many problems, and harmful mentalities, which we have no other option but changing if we want things getting better. Hey I think corruption and shame for what we are should NOT define us. That is not us, it can't be. Yet we sometimes see ourselves in that mediocre way. So that is why I say we need to rediscover ourselves and filter all the shit to keep only the things we like from the bottom of our soul.

And sometimes we feel drowned by the monumental problems our society faces, however I think we should believe we can change everything. I mean come on, good counscious action should be strong enough to defeat the fear to step up and take responsability.

We can make things good, we just have to start the journey to get to the bottom of the problem. Because we like to make mediocre missons, and that never fixes anything. Its not that difficult, we just have to go to the root of the problem, start that journey which is the real journey. WE need to start the process, and eventually we will be looking from the summit, yeah before we even know it.

If you look into our collective mentality it seems like our freedom was stolen at some point in the past. So we need to clean all those mental obstacles, we need to liberate ourseleves of all our shames and shake off that mental slavery. We need to step out from the cage and rediscover ourselves.

And I have to start with myslef and you with yourself. That is the revolution and its as real as every step you take into it. Then as you put your grain of sand the perspective changes and you suddenly see hope in all the chaos.

We can't be mediocre, we need to raise the standard to the highest and all for the good. Is anything less even worth considering? We need to set our vision high because one step in that direction is worth more than a thousand steps into some mediocre vision.

We need our people to recover their diginity, their love for their enviroment, the respect for the animals the forests. Find health with in ourselves and our environment.

Because we think we know Mexico, but we only see a shadow of a great country which we love. But I don't want to see that shadow forever, I want to see the real Mexico I love alive. I want to see everyone willing to travel the whole path until freedom is found. So no longer are our faces discriminated by us and others.

So who exactly are we? Lets make something good of ourselves.

Personally I think that nature is the most beautiful thing, you know the forests our trees the skies and the animals. So I think we should be ecological, in harmony with nature. I think it is better to be a poor country that is healthy and respectful of the enviroment than a rich first world country that is blindly destroying the enviroment and is indifferent to harm it may create indirectly.

I guess our goal should be to be open and equal in sisterhood/brotherhood with everything living on our planet. Of course, everyone has their own style and way of connecting. But we need to start nourturing ourselves and where we live, changing the attitudes that when you connect the dots are actually in the end harmful.

That is why I think in Mexico we need to redefine ourselves and rediscover who we really are. Yeah and gain vison for a positive present. We need to become whole and complete as people, as individuals. Though it may seem like an impossible task for some, we must climb that everest because its the only path that will leave us truly fulfilled. Yeah we want to go and connect with our root counsciousness so our eyes are open.


Hey we do not need to be freaking geniuses, all we need is to be there with our counsciousness so we can actually see something. Then things start making a bit of sense. Yes, its not about thinking great things, but about thinking beyond all the clutter of what our society trains us to think so we can actually think for ourselves. Otherwise its like we were asleep, or not really participating even though we are perfectly qualified. So it is necessary that we actually think for ourselves. Otherwise we are doing somebody elses dance, and we are not free, and we are not relaxed. We are actually handycapped.

Got to find our enlighted nature.. whatever that can mean to you.

But Mexico can not be enslaved anymore.Or how long do we want to be stuck? Yes we have to make stand and take a step. But we can not go half way, or just 99% of the way. Freedom is a concept that can not give up anything of which is entitled to, because its not the 1% that matters its something like the principle.

I think freedom will find our way. I do love to believe !!!

Because everyone deserves to be complete. And our people should be made to feel worth, not ashamed. We need to nourture our people, our mix of races, whatever we are.

Look, if its not something we have a right to have then we should not try to have it. But if its in our right to have then we should not give it up. Because it means Nature granted it to us, and we should respect it on all living things as well.

I don't want to see my people ashamed of what they are. I don't want to see my country against itself. I don't care if we are rich, I want our people to be healthy in mind, spiritually free, awakened and living with moral diginity. Whatever your belief may be, we need to be doing what we believe is the highest way, that is the correct path if I had to guess.

So I say, let's rediscover Mexico, and make it the promised land. hehe

But anyways, I hope to be back soon there.

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Posted : Dec 31, 2006 00:51
Hi Força! welcome again 2 Mexico, ur home
see u

in lack ech!
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Posted : Dec 31, 2006 03:25
Completely agree with every word that has been said. This is my first time in Mexico, with a bunch of friends from University in the US. Brilliant place with warm people! See you freaks @ the Puerto Vallarta party!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 19, 2007 23:41
welcome forza , one day iwil do same thing , get back to mexico , o beatifull country

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Posted : Jan 22, 2007 00:24
resive all the best today and ever.

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