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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Made in U.S.A ?!
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Made in U.S.A ?!

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Posted : Nov 29, 2001 17:13:03
V.A - American Rotation (2001 - Spectral Concepts)
01 IndiaDrop - Superfudge Chunk
02 Penta - Zeynep
03 Wormfood - Ug
04 Bufo - Smokin Feet
05 Nuclear Ramjet - Evolution 3.3
06 Phosphene - Axiomatic
07 Data Entry - Grey Area
08 Tendril - Changeling
09 Minimlaniml - Close The Line

I think its the first time im listening a whole complication which producted by an Amrican artists !?! and let me tell ya , the resolts are not so bad at all ! (i even tend to like what i hear)
most of it dancefloor stuff from unknowen , new and freash artists with a great sound production melodic , minimalistic , kranchi , funky tech-trance .

the complication strats with a realy funky & groovy track by Ofer IndiaDrop AKA Sinister Funk ,which left me with the taste for more.. next its Penta with a powerfull and kickin track but still not too full on.. also nice melo . defenetly one of my favorit on this complication..
Wormfood with dancefloor tribel madness ! .. scary night time track , a must hear in my opinion..
few boring tracks and then.. Data Entry !
somehow this complication become very minimalistic from track to track . Data Entry a hard to define track.. very kranchi and scary tune. lots of scraches , great percussion work and few very wired noises .. this is a must hear on dleka 8) hehe ..
the last track in this complication is from Minimlaniml . let me tell ya.. their music sounds exectlly as this group called ! minimal progressive sounds that unleash the animal within.
:) a nice super minimalistic ending to a super nice complication in my try it out guyzgirlzz end have fun...

i give this complication 7 out of 10 in richter scale... :) Amricanz rulzzz !!

L8Rzz.. AMiR

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Posted : Nov 30, 2001 10:11:25
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Made in U.S.A ?!
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