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M.o.E News is Good News 8/2005

Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

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Posted : Aug 9, 2005 20:27
M.o.E News Is Good News
August 2005

Hell-o! We hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy! This is simply a short update of the latest Mistress of Evil Records activities. If you would like to periodically receive these updates directly in your inbox, send a message to: with the subject line “mailing list.”

After a long overdue website overhaul, we are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new, improved and beautiful Mistress of Evil website (thanks Leila!)! It has lots of updated info on releases, parties, and artist profiles. In addition, we will be adding a picture gallery & guestbook later this week. Check it out:

Tribe is an online community that allows users with similar interests to get connected. Join the Mistress of Evil Tribe to stay informed of all the latest news, make new friends with similar taste in wicked psy-trance:
(M.o.E tribe is only one of thousands of tribes for every possible interest you could have…)

We have two new nitetime compilations currently under way:

MOE66602- V/A Trauma Trance, September 2005

The second release from San Francisco label Mistress of Evil Records, seeks to define the concept of Trauma Trance: Music that was meant to shake you up mentally, to stir up your emotions and push you forward to new perceptions and ways of thinking. Trauma Trance is not about dark vs. light, negative vs. positive, or any other dichotomy. It is music that tests the limits of your mind and makes you question your own sanity (and the sanity of the artists!). Step aside from the traditionally negative connotation of the word “trauma” and allow the music to alter your consciousness. This compilation sweeps the listener into a vortex of new and innovative sounds as it travels from the twisted, funky opening tracks into the dark depths of the night, testing the previous limitations of psy-trance boundaries. Eight underground artists from around the world express their own interpretation of the Trauma Trance concept. The comp. is mastered by Lawrence Hoffman, aka Chromatone (Vaporvent/Mechanik Records) ensuring high quality, professional sound.

Artist listing:

1. Tsabeat & Optical Human
2. Quasar
3. Alien Mental
4. Amanda
5. Horror Place
6. Xyla
7. Ghreg on Earth
8. Mandrugorrah

MOE66603- V/A Mindshare, October 2005

The Mindshare compilation will feature artists that played at the now legendary Mindshare party at Mercy Hot Springs, CA in 2003 and the second, equally epic installment, Mindshare II, at Stewart Mineral Springs, CA earlier this year. Through the music on this compilation we hope to convey the tremendous influence those two parties had on their participants

We are also currently accepting submissions for a M.o.E Morning compilation, to be released at the end of the year. Just cause the sun comes up doesn’t mean the music has to turn fluffy or cheesy! Send us your tripped out neo-goa or funky forest trance tracks!


If you are in the USA this summer you won’t want to miss the freakiest, most radical festival in the world: Burning Man! Taking place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, August 29- September 5. Art, music, radical self-expression, its freak paradise! M.o.E camp will be located at 9:30 and Delirium, so stop by our Goddess Temple and Tea Lounge to say hell-o! Also, most of our artists will be performing at Synapse Village on Thursday and Friday nites (Sept. 1&2). Synapse Village will be located at 10:00 and Fetish (how appropriate, mwah ha ha). Check the main website for more information about the event:

And as if that wasn’t enough craziness, we are very happy to announce what looks to be our most epic party yet! Check out the Full Moon Desert Party Sept. 17:

..-:: Mistress of Evil Records presents ::-..
a hedonistic full moon exploit
Sept. 17, 2005

HORROR PLACE (Matutero/Zik/Adrenal Glands/Kukuruku, Greece)
Born in Bulgaria and now living in Thessaloniki, Greece, Alex is the musical mastermind behind a number of innovative underground psy-trance projects. With his music he sculpts a dark and intense atmosphere that envelopes your entire body and mind. His tracks have recently been seen on Goa Gil’s Divine Dozen, and he has been driving dancefloors across the world mad!! This music is not for the faint of heart! We are happy to welcome him to the California for the first time!

PENTA (Auraquake, SF)
No introduction required!!! This local, and now international, legend returns to unleash his new album, Funraiser. Mmmmmm, Penta for breakfast!! (

KAIKO (Sanaton, Sweden)
After an unbelievable debut release on Sanaton Records debut compilation, Boldly Audio, we are anxiously awaiting to hear more of this wonderful morning sound. Fresh trippy funky stompy… check the website for audio samples! (

XYLA (M.o.E, SF)
FRACTAL SADDHUS (M.o.E, SF) (Fractal Cowboys & Alien Mental)
MUBALI (M.o.E/Trishula, SF)
ZUL (Synchronize, SF)
CATALYX (Mindfull, LA)
GATTO MATTO (Green Sector, LA)

Fire Ritual by Coven Fire Troupe (
Visuals By EgNogRA (Shamanfilms, Mexico City,

Dance under the light of the full moon and around the Hyperdrive XLR8R, are we there yet?!? The party will take place on private land in the Mojave desert. It is located approximately 1 hour East of Bakersfield. We will provide shade for the dancefloor during the day. Please bring everything you need to survive for the weekend. Remember this is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, so please pack out what you bring in!

$15 presale/$20 at the gate
Presales available at Ceiba in SF or through paypal:
For more info: 415-820-9652


Thanks to all our friends and family around the world! We hope your summer is filled with sun soaked daze and tripped out nitetime adventures

M.o.E Loves You!
Mistress of Evil Records,

Megan, Amanda, Christine & Kim

P.s. Renegade Leo Birthday party for Megan and Amanda Sat. August 13 SF Bay area outdoors!!! 415-820-9652 on Friday for directions
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Posted : Aug 11, 2005 19:02
check your emails, sign me up for the announce list. sept 17 looks like a wicked time, but i'm going to be in boston that weekend.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 11, 2005 23:46
Congrats!!!! Defenitelly awesome news from SF. Have an absolute blast @ the party. I know it can't be any other way with you guys

Can't wait to buy one of those Trauma Trance comps he he

Freaks Unite!
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