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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Lovefest Sep 29th 2007 San Francisco - TANTRA -
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Lovefest Sep 29th 2007 San Francisco - TANTRA -

Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

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Posted : Sep 7, 2007 22:55
oh YAYAYAYAYAYAY. Penta is back in town. i'm overjoyously happy and cant wait to dance my little arse off.
new penta album!
and yay, Gaspard, will be nice to see you again!
peace!           Bringing Dreams to Life!
the dog of tears
the dog of tears

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Posted : Sep 7, 2007 23:17
man do we all need some Penta right now...

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Posted : Sep 7, 2007 23:22
Oh, do we really?
Anyhow, can't wait to see you all soon! (The excitement in the AuraQuake HQ is at all-time high) It has been 5 months
This is going to be my only gig in US apparently, and the first official presentation of the new album (out around late October) so watch out
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 8, 2007 01:05
i hope to be in all of your loving arms...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 11, 2007 06:34
Allright my friends
here we go with the Chill Out Line up:

Waterjuice (Vaporvent Rec,SF)
DJ Gaspard (Peak Rec,Swiss)
Saturnia (Celestial Dragon/Phoenix Family,SF)
Chlorophil (Bayareafolks,SC)
KJ (Tantra,SF)

Float Line up will come soon

Get ready for this extraordinary event
in my opinion the best loveparade in the world

i helped in zurich and was in berlin the mother of the parade but the event here in sf
is just awesome the people and the location

And think about this the city closes market street on a Saturday!!!!!

and we party right in the middle of the City

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 12, 2007 07:42
Nice one. Looking forward to it!           DJ Obu

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Posted : Sep 23, 2007 02:53
Hey, can anyone tell me if the party starts at 29/9 12 AM or PM??
Cya all there!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 26, 2007 07:02
The parade starts at noon on Saturday, and I think the festivities go till 8pm. The after party usually starts at 9pm, with food too!

Since no one has mentioned the actual parade/float lineup here, I'm going to go ahead and spill the beans. Especially since I've seen that lineup posted on various other lists.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

PARADE - begins at 2nd and Market Sts. at noon
FESTIVAL - at Civic Center until 8pm
Tantra float on Larkin st in front of the main library

12 - 1 KJ (Tantra)
1 - 2 Obu (Bombay Power)
2 - 3 Sentient (Vaporvent Records)
3 - 4 Pixel (Hom-Mega Records, Israel)
4 - 5 Parus (Auraquake Records, SF)
5 - 6 Penta (Auraquake Records, Portugal)
6 - 7 DJ Gaspard (YabYum, Peak Records, Switzerland)
7 - 8 Olowanpi (Dropout Productions, Switzerland)

Amazing float design by Daya Cayung (Indonesia)
Sound by Tantra
Production by Tantra and Dropout Productions

SomArts Gallery, 934 Brannan St., SF
9pm - 7am 18+ to enter, 21 to drink


- PIXEL (presenting new material and his upcoming album !!!) Israel/Hom-Mega Records)
- CHROMATONE (Back in SF) Vaporvent Records
- CHRISTINE - Vaporvent Records
- GATTO MATTO - GreenSector


- DJ GASPARD (Yab Yum, Peak Records, Switzerland)
- PENTA (Auraquake Records, Portugal)
- DJ OLOWANPI (Dropout Productions, SF, Switzerland))
- DJ ZUL (Indonesia)


DJ Gaspard (Peak Records, Switzerland)
Waterjuice (Vaporvent Records)
Saturnia (Celestial Dragon)
KJ (Tantra)
Chlorophil (Bayarea Folks)

Deco by Daya Cayung (Indonesia)
Sound by Tantra and Know:Audio

Vegetarian foods available, party begins at 9pm after Lovefest
$25 presale tickets at
$30 at the door
          Brian Petterson
DJ Sentient - (Alchemy Records) California

"Watching television is like taking black spraypaint to your third eye." - Bill Hicks

Started Topics :  8
Posts :  287
Posted : Sep 27, 2007 23:57
We have just arrived to SF.
I hope to see everybody this weekend. I will try to play different stuff during the day and night, so, stick around!
All the best from Auraquake.
nikita           Penta Website -
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Greentrees Films

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Posted : Sep 28, 2007 05:14
Most Excellent!....thought Penta was the best at The Voov '05.

Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

Started Topics :  101
Posts :  961
Posted : Sep 29, 2007 20:20
Hope to see you all dancing in the streets today and again at the Tantra afterparty. i know the float design and the afterparty deco will be amazing, and the music.. the best San Francisco has to offer tonite. YAY.
bounce bounce,
m.           Bringing Dreams to Life!
the dog of tears
the dog of tears

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Oct 1, 2007 08:12
trance float was sooooooo crowded during the day it was nearly impossible to dance. seemed like a lot of people were just standing there and watching, wasting valuable dance-space. who's got the youtube link on the hardcore pavement sex?

as for the after party... i arrived only in time for gaspard and penta. gaspard's set frankly annoyed me quite a bit... in the beginning he was playing very weak, cheesy, build-uppy pseudo-dark with hoover sounds trance, which drove me out of the room and outside to chain smoke some spliffs. when i heard penta was coming on soon, i went back in side, only to discover that gaspard had entered total 160 bpm ultra-glitch trance central. this kind of music drives me insane, it sounds like a jackhammer driving into my skull and really serves to take me out of trance.

but then penta came on and played a beautiful 2.5 hour set of brilliance as usual thank you nikita!!! the new material has taken the "horn please" sound to a whole 'nother level... this is true dark quack quack trance. at once very deep and psychedelically playful. there was a lot of variety it seemed in bpm's and moods, i think it was the third track sounded like a goa trance song from '97 but with '07 production. good stuff.

what was with the sound system in the psychedelic room? it sounds like there were no tops on the right and left, just bass, and then there seemed to be a pointless "quad" setup, with the valuable sub-less tops positioned alone in the back. i found that the sound was best right in front of the dj monitor that was faced towards the crowd!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  31
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Posted : Oct 1, 2007 17:40
i disagree.

i thought ALL of gaspard's sets were f*cking brilliant. In fact I dont have a single complaint about any of the sets played. My only complaint would be in regards to the sound set up (Es war nicht so gut).

To me, Gaspard's psy-sound is the next step in the evolution of trance and tripnology.

And to top it off he was a really nice guy!!!

Kudos to everyone involved with this production! This was truly an EPIC party for SF!

]JFFR Net Label[
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 1, 2007 22:30
well, well as for the parade itself. The tantra float had things bumping quite well. Very crowded. Im also so pleased to find the response the psy gets at the street parties. However i thought the change from Pixel to Parus was rather rough. Pixel's funky full-on to Parus' overly minimal took alot out of the dancefloor, and frankly it did not grow back untill Penta.
Sound could have used a bigger spread and higher mounting or flying of the speakers to reach the large crowd. Pascal's line aray system would have worked much beter than the Mackie Fusions for this set up.

As for the afterparty. Confusion regined supreme. Just too much going on with post Love Parade stuff and with the show. I think the orgs were stretched too thin. Generally Tantra shows have a rather high level of production and seem to be set up over a few days. This one had the appearance of being put together in the few hours post parade. Maybe thats all the access the venue would give em, not sure, dont know..

Music, well first i think that having 2 trance rooms is silly. I dont think the trance scene in of itself is big enough to do 2 trance rooms in such large venue. 1 trance room, with both light and dark blended, a chill room, and a house/breaks room would have worked better. Would have gotten bigger numbers from having the house, and packed all the trance people into one room, thus filling the floor more and making for a more cohesive vibe.

As for the music itself, well I have to say Gaspard's trance was alright, at least the 1st part. Thats my idea of good night music. Slightly higher bpm, with non-monotone basslines, and though a bit maximilist, not crammed with so much noise, no one can pick out a single sound. The glitchy later part of the set, I didnt care so much about either. Penta, while Penta is great and enjoyable, and incredably well made music, it doesnt seem like his sound has evolved in the last year. Most acts come back to home to SF after touring, and have a new little trick or something they've added, i didnt pick up on any of that with his set. but also i didnt catch the whole set, so maybe i missed the newest gems.

In the full on room, well Pixel is rather boring i must say. I didnt enjoy him a year ago at Symbiosis, and cant say i really did this time around either. Plain vanilla isra full on. Kinda bummed i missed Christine and Gatto Matto, im sure they were much more entertaining.
Chromatone however was the shit. His new stuff is off the hook. Hard to describe, but its got a great blend of different sounds and tricks that i really enjoy. (kinda silly though to have SF's 2 biggest heavy hitters, Penta and Chromatone playing oposite each other at the same time)

then came the word that the room we were in was supposed to go another hour than scheduled. Chromatone was ready to finish, and he asked me to come and play. It always a pleasure to close out a show, and kinda my nitch anyways, but as i was a measure into my first track i was shut down. Now the other room was still going, and Penta was playing there, with a relativly full floor so if one room needed to be shut down, well in deference to rank and producer over dj, the right call was made,...
However i was very much left with the impression that i was booted, not for the above reasons but because the ad-hoc person running the show didnt know who i was, and assumed i was just some random idiot jumping on to play music. Ive not enounterd that in, oh say never...., and really its a bit of a burn and diss. Id bet $50 that if Chromatone kept playing, hed have played an extra hour.

In the end, I enjoyed going out and seeing old friends, but i know that Tantra is capable of doing much better than this, and hope that this was a one off debacle as all orgs are going to have from time to time, and not a something that will be reoccuring.

Logical Light Music - SF
Straylight Productions -SF
Sound/Mind - Denver
Xcience - Midwest

mixes for dl at :

"He who ha-ha's last, ha-ha's best"
Perma Fry
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  56
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Posted : Oct 4, 2007 01:38
was supah !

enjoyed stomping to penta, parus ans gaspard both at the parade and at after party

Now look forward to Gil

bom bolenat

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