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Loads of psy/goa cd's going cheap!

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Posted : Jul 14, 2010 03:46:41
All cd's are $6USD unless otherwise stated.

$3US for first cd + $1US for every other international shipping to anywhere in the world.

CD's will be shipped once payment is received via payPal.

I guarantee that a full refund (inc. postage) for any disappointed buyers once the cd has be sent back to me and received.

The cd's are all in good condition as are booklets etc.

This means they may have light marks on them but I guarantee they play fine for dj's & audiophiles.

This list will be updated weekly with new additions on this day.

It will be updated on the day of payment to remove sold items.

If you buy 10 or more cd's postage is free to anywhere in the world.

Please PM me with orders.

The list:


Children of Paradise (COP) - "Urban Alien" (Nova Tekk & Velvet Inc./$12)

Pigs in Space - "Pigs in Space" (Phonokol/$10)

Psychopod - "Headlines E.P" (TIP/$12)

Quirk - "Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica" (Wasabi/$3)

Space Tribe - "Sonic Mandala" ($15)

Tim Schuldt - "Single Collection" (Global Trance Network/$15)

Total Eclipse - "Delta Aquarids" (Reissue/Inpsyde Media/$6)

Yahel - "Waves Of Sound" (HOMmega/$10)

Astrix - "Future Music" ($5 CD E.P/HOMmega)

Mubali - "Cats @ Play" (Trishula)

Mubali - "Shenanigans" (Trishula)

Opsis - "The Man and the Machine" (Cosmophilia)

Paps - "2000 Hands - The Remixes" ($5 CD E.P)

Paste -"Blow Out" (Interzone)

Rawar - "Psychedelic Inferno" (Black Magik)

Red Seal - "Black Ops" (Flow Records - Dub/Reggae)

Violet Vision - "First Sign of Communication" (B.N.E)

Cosmo – “Gravity” ($12)

Manifold – “X-Ray Attraction” ($6)

M.D.S – “He Claims not to be Human” ($8)

Ocelot – “9 Lives” ($8)

Psykovsky – “Debut Album” ($12)

Polyphonia – “Future World” ($8)

Silent Horror – “Patterns E.P” ($10)

Wood Monsters – “Warriors of the Acid Forest” ($10)

Xyla – “Esoterica” ($8)


“Morthor Spede” (Black Magik - $8)

“Electrik Blue Magik Test Vol. 1 – Dance of the Dead” (Blue
Magik - $8)

“Goods Carrier” (Brainbusters - $9)

“Twisted Flavors” (D-A-R-K - $8)

“Screams of Nature” (D-A-R-K - $8)

“Ra-Con-Teur” (D-A-R-K - $8)

“The Black Sun” (Deadtree - $9)

“Kill F#cking Bill” (Vertigo - $14)

“The Dark Side of Goa” (Discovalley - $9)

“Chaporas Tribal Dance” (Discovalley - $9)

“1001 Nights” (Discovalley - $9)

“Triton” (Discovalley - $9)

“Elemental Psyche” (Free Radical - $6)

“Psychedelic Navigator” (Full Moon - $6)

“Happy My Life” (Full Moon $7)

“Pagan Forest Magik” (Green Magik - $8)

“The Forbidden Path” (Helicon Sound System - $10)

“Tartara” (Helicon Sound System - $10)

“Devilfish” (Kabrathor - $9)

“Ijigen – Another Dimension” (Kabrathor - $9)

“Cerveau et Petite Cuillere” (Kabrathor - $9)

“Ad Infinitum” (Mind Tweakers - $8)

“Trauma Trance” (Mistress of Evil - $6)

“Speed Demons – Censorship is Uncool” (Red Magik - $8)

“Don’t Take it Personal” (Seres - $8)

“Shockwave Machine” (Tremors Underground - $8)

“Tremors Underground Vol. 1” (Tremors Underground -

“Mushy Mystery” (Trishula - $8)

“Yggdrasounds” (Yggdrasil - $10)

“Yggdrasounds II” (Yggdrasil - $10)

"Deep Into The Nexus" (Nexus Media)

"Timecode Retrospective Volume 1" (Timecode)

"Psionic Circus" (Digital Psionics)

"The French Connection" (Mind Control)

"Cryptology" (Timecode)

"Sonic Solutions" (Timecode)

"Psionic Groove" (Digital Psionics)

"The Turning" (Timecode)

"Psionic Substance" (Digital Psionics)

"Trojan" (Timecode)

"Mincontrollers Part 1" (Mind Control)

"Kartuxo" (Timecode)

"Psionic Distortion" (Digital Psionics)

"Pulse - The 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp" (Subterranean/2cd/$18)

"Pulse - The 4th Dimension" (Subterranean/2cd/$18)

"Goa Vibes Vol. 3" (Trust in Trance - $4 as the last track skips)

"Jack In The Box" (Phonokol)

"Psionic Sounds" (Digital Psionics)

"Singular: Three" (Critical Rhythm)

"Summer Vibes" (Freeance Records)

"Neo Trance" (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

"The Exploding Man" (3D Vision)

"Penguin Rebellion" (Nexus Media)

"Psionic Realm" (Digital Psionics)

"Singular: One" (Critical Rhythm)

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Trance Forum » » Forum  Second Hand - Loads of psy/goa cd's going cheap!
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