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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Liquid Mind VA = compiled by Bodhi 13:20 *Psycircle-Geo-Darkstar rec* [PSYCD001]
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Liquid Mind VA = compiled by Bodhi 13:20 *Psycircle-Geo-Darkstar rec* [PSYCD001]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 23:12
ooooh cant wait to get my monkey paws on this one...
i am really excited to hear what my friends are up to down there....
bodhi's set last february in asheville was comprised of a bunch of these tracks so i know they all kick ass! but we were all so busy dancing that i need to hear it again !!!

all the best to psycircle crewwwww

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 23:36
From the beginning track ( a little uplifting compared to the rest of the CD ) to the last rip, snort, gag 3rd eye sandblaster, THIS CD ROCKS. Big shout outs to all the Psycircle Rec. posse for a great psychedelic addition to the U.S. sound. Bom
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 23:44
hey absolutely killeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer cd!! some very very psychedelic tracks, big congrats to psycircle for showcasing some great north american talent!!

Quantum Frog

Started Topics :  3
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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 00:14

what a banginggg way to end 2007! this compil smasshedd everything at the end of the year hehe..
bigs ups to psycircle crew!

dai, cilium,bodhi, monks of madness and the other collaboration tracks are simply deliciouss! limbertimbre also a solid track!

eagerly waiting some mojave mischief courtesy of Psycircle


Mad Purple State
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 00:32
DAMN... I knew I shouldve Ordered this one... Looks like you guys are truly flying wid this music.           No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness...

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Jan 25, 2008 01:06
thank you all so much for the kind words!! We really put all of our heart and soul into our music. And we look for artists who are driven by the same goal.

you can still order up a copy!! its front page news on

this cd will stay fresh for years, very innovative tracks from everybody involved.

Our goal was to set a standard for southern california desert fried funk, both for your feet......and your brain

this is just the first chapter. The second comp is already in the works.           We are all family. We put the fun in disfunctional.
-PsyCircle on Tribe-
- Arahat -
the dog of tears
the dog of tears

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Jan 26, 2008 08:58
the winner for me is the final version of "why bother" by bodhisatva... i was into this track since i heard the very first demo version, it's a fantastic journey and has some of the most creative use of pop culture samples i've ever heard in psy trance.

great comp, great to see dai on there, everything from dai's track on is a psycho-kilaahhh....

Started Topics :  9
Posts :  113
Posted : Jan 28, 2008 00:28
I love this compilation. Everyone has their own unique sounds and it's great to hear the collaborations between the artists. Psycircle, you guys rock! Thank you for making this album. I wish you the best and I hope Liquid Mind ends up in the hands of people across the world who badly need to be brainwashed with psychedelic sounds.           Julie ~*JacobuSubocaJ*~

Started Topics :  2
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Posted : Feb 4, 2008 06:13
good luck to our san diego brothers on this one! some great tracks to choose from here 

Started Topics :  8
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Posted : Feb 5, 2008 11:53

thumbs up for PsyCircle crew!


Started Topics :  1
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Posted : Feb 6, 2008 03:59
Good luck with this one...
All the best...
Positive Reaction
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  31
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Posted : Feb 15, 2008 03:57
Great music thanks Bodhi!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  32
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Posted : Feb 15, 2008 09:49
Cognoscneti - Lava roxXx my undies any day
Definately the highlight for me on this otherwise sweet compilation =)

All the best to Psycircle and the souls involved, looking forward to the next chapter =)

Good vibes
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 21, 2008 22:48
keep it coming, psycircle brothas and sistas! lots of love and may you continue to manifest much abundance
Bodhi 13:20
Bodhisattva 13:20

Started Topics :  38
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Posted : Mar 25, 2008 00:02

Thanx for all the comments!!

very much appreciated!!

this release is doing quite well, we are about sold out of the initial round of prints!

one note about this release: the average track age for the tracks on this compilation is one year from the release date, meaning that most of the music was created december 2006 or before. it takes a while for us to release material but we are working on making this process faster, apologies.

we appreciate the support!! look out for more releases soon!
3rd Album \\\"Equations\\\" on 2to6 records
Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Liquid Mind VA = compiled by Bodhi 13:20 *Psycircle-Geo-Darkstar rec* [PSYCD001]
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