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Lani - Our Way To The Sun(Kairoo Rec)

Silent Scream
Silent Scream

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Posted : Jul 30, 2004 21:28
I got my promo today....
didn't knew so much what to expect...
in overall preview...i was suprised!

1. Iry's Incantation
this album starts with some calming chants..for a second i thought its an ambient tune, some cool calming percussions, great begining to an album!.
than a groovy bassline I like it...still not super dancefloor stuff i think but will work nice on the floor...and cool to listen on your car or home...some nice leads...creating a cool atmosphere, though few pf the leads doesn't sounds tottally pro stuff, than a sample gets in and the atmosphere changes with a bass modulation..i like it, though sometimes it sounds a bit cheesy.
the melody on 4:05, is really bad i think..pure nitzhonot.
than we go back to buisnes with more melodic leads and bass mudulation, sounds full and
i dont like the melody on 5 min i think its really Eyal Barkan-Holymen.
that part ruind all the track for me.
Overall impression, its a good track but the melodies are too old school.

2. Indian.
some cool fx..good scary atmosphere, there is a pad missing, few guitars sounds i think.
than a powerfull bassline i like it!, but the bass sould be more fat i think, i dont like the bass modulation jere it takes all the power from the track, again really melodic leads and a vocal sample a bit formula thing..dont like it so much.
it contunue in a cool way i like this tune, but than again there is this part who ruind big part of the track for me, 6:00- just sounds too not proffessional!
overall impression, nice track but kinda avrage.
3. Skycontact
this time not too many games...short begining- and we are in buisness...diffrent atmosphere, darker! I like it!
POWER BASS!, but too many modulations it just kill the dancefloor affect!
again melodic leads keeping on the same atmosphere, not cheesy like the rest, but after few min it gets a bit boring, but thats the BIG cost you pay when u make long tracks! all of this album tracks are really long, and im not sure thats a good thing.
than we get some guitars! I like it! rock groove!
overall impression, my favorite track till now, thoghe the guitars had to be with some delay on it!
4. El Paso
Some reverb FX and than a bassline again modulation it just KILLS me its too much!
a bit talamasca bassline and groove, the guitars is god but im not sure its 100% on the beat(synchronization-not sure about spelling).
i like the guitars thing wish ill here to more and the rest of the tracks.
again not a cheesy tune like the first 2 tracks, though its melodic to the bone!
cool melodies.
i like the melody on 5:00 its the best on the album till one...though they had to put a pad on the background to increase the emotion storm on the track!
overall impression, very good tune, one of the best till now.

5. Part Of A Design
this one starts too much regular ful on...was kinda upset with that bassline is really bad i think, im tierd of this Vb-1 basslines and that one wont work good on the floor i think.
the guitars are not 100% on the beat again, really dissapointed with that.
i think ill stop with that one its really not my cup of tea.
6. Our Way To The Sun
the Album title track.
cool leads on the begining, i know that bass will come soon with that modulation i dont like!
waiting a birt..more leads and reverb fx, good bass no modulation finnaly!
grovy one...nice leads...i need more percussions!
than it gets less and less better i really hate the bass modulation here it just ruind the track!
just dont like the track from there.
7. OVer The Moon
the bassline gets in really quick, some fx and percussions..not enough creativity on the percussions.
again a cheezy tune, doesnt have to be a bad thing.
good melodies i like them!
3:50, not a pro stuff..sounds too amature thing, then a cool melody gets in I LIKE IT A LOT!
full of emotion! but not enough power on the Kick + Bass...
i really like the guitar in the end, the best track on the album i think!, my favorite for sure, SUPERB GUITARS!
08. Ephedra
A Slower tune, much less dancefloor, full of melodies as always!, nice tune they had better.

So to sum up things...its a really cool album, for melodies lovers for sure!
its full of melodies and emotions also a few great guitars parts, but, its a bit formulatic album and some part doesnt sounds 100% proffesional, there is not enough power on the album for the dancefloor.
my grade is 7/10.

and im sure they will be 10 times better with their next album cause the journay was full of potential, waiting to the second!
i think its worth buying!
GOOD LUCK Kairoo and Tim 'n' Tom too, wish you guys the best!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 7, 2004 09:38
1. Iry's Incantation
2. Indian
3. Skycontact
4. El Paso
5. Part Of A Design
6. Our Way To The Sun
7. Over The Moon
8. Ephedra

YAY finally an album released by Belgian artists!! For some odd reason, even though Belgium was the world capital of industrial which was the main inspirer of goatrance and that most early goa albums were released on Belgian record lables, and that Front 242 has remixed Juno Reactor quite often... we've NEVER had a proper psytrance act!!
Lani would be the first... if it weren't for Concentrix who released an album last year. But I found that one fogettable so could Lani finally be THE first well-known Belgian psy artist?

hmmm... well as the name sugests, this album is on the morning side... but it gets WAY too cheezy... Iry's Incantation , Indian , El Paso , Our Way to the Sun and Ephedra actually sound like music from some 80s NES game! I'd easily imagine this kind of music playing in the background of some commercial on Slimweight 4000 or something...

Luckily enough there are 3 more serious tracks on the album: Part of a Design which still sounds cheezy but at least is on a bearable level of cheziness IMO. And Skynet which has some interesting guitar samples in it. Still, I wouldn't consider those tracks as something exceptional either... Over the Moon is my fave track on this album, it could actually be used in a morning set IMO but still it's cheezy as hell...

Conclusion AFAIK, in all the history of psytrance, there are only 2 full albums out there by Belgian artists: the Concentrix album and this one... but both of them are average to downright awfull IMO. That's why I'm STILL waiting for a proper Belgian psy act...
sorry guys... 6/10
maybe next time around they'll do better...

Ah I can already hear you say "but if this is so bad, why a 6/10??". Here's why: it's NOT your cookie-cutter full-on so it does win points for originality. And I guess that if you're REALLY high at a party in the morning then hearing such fluffy sounds WILL bring a smile on your face. And last of all, these guys are from Belgium!! Belgian artists deserve some encouragement
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 12, 2004 23:01
. . Very nice mornin music . . . |Great job for all involved . .
We want more . . .  

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 4, 2006 20:59
Lani: Our Way To The Sun (CD)

1. Iry's Incantation
2. Indian
3. Skycontact
4. El Paso
5. Part Of A Design
6. Our Way To The Sun
7. Over The Moon
8. Ephedra

To start why lani more goa than other fullon imho are???

First they used several layers what one of the main elements of goatrance is. Mystic environment which hangs there and is created by the intro's which you in music let slide slowly (like at mystica) and with outro's which you good-natured let slip. The emphasis lies on melody… What splendid is… Fullon with the emphasis on melody and on the bass line… and as last factor lani do not tell a tale what me does think surreptitiously of a lot of goatrance releases of astral projection, electric universe, chi-ad, mystica, the muses rap and etc…

Lani really is morning fullon commonly are being appropriate within the concept of 2003-2004-2005. I nevertheless see on that their bass lines are not typical such as astrix but slightly tapping and strongly motivating… Lani show our indeed the way to the sun and are upliftend, constructive & melodic from the first up to the last minute… Which the morning love these release highly are able appreciate… Lani take along you on a travel with their travelling sound' which laughs uncontained your face processes… Our way to the sun create lord activity, it makes an environment to predict what reaches and you will occupy ongoing…

Iry's Incantation are the first number and directly a perfectly start block-system… It is a slower number what I appreciate highly… Very good intro and very convincing voice samples, however are not I for voice samples but these are strongly short & and do not irritate me certainly. Iry's play indication with your idea pace… On the 4th minute I shoot just as the light nitzhonot tune that is there just as thrown between but the intensely melodious climax draws me entirely further… Strongest point of this number is the clincher… Unexpectedly and elegantly weeping for more this number finishes silence with a seconde…

Indian starts with a something quicker bass line with first number but nevertheless not dominant. The sample I'm just giving them what they are appropriate want' again perfectly and represent indeed what we want… on 4:47 start an euphoric melody with all impact of serve.

Skycontact are very constructive and have goatrance influence which does feel great. The melodious wave leave in one large line and continue increase and decrease and stop with the bass line. This is nice wave correctly such as we there former thousands had. Climax of this number is unexecpt but strongly guitarsample which is very pure and imho leave skazi and talamasca behind itself… The perfection is the bass change during the guitarsample which the powereffect double and very strongly the riffs do happen.

Ell Paso has pleasant subtle guitarsamples which does us keep still dreaming concerning the climax of skyscontact. The melodies are something more cheezy and balance nevertheless what remains on the edge but certainly enjoyable
Part if A design for me is the best number. Again the subtle gitaarsamples create the environment for the more + nevertheless striking motivating bass line… At this moment sitting down isn’t possible ? I no longer can’t sit and must stand and dance As from 3minuut 30 second the sky for me opens and has I no words which can describe this climax… It speaks, it lives… as a dirigent predicts I every wave and psychedelic sound which all descend rolling on me…

Our Way To The Sun starts with a wood a walk in the wood bass line witch is very good but then change gear then pitty enough concerning to ordinary straight fullon bass line… This number finds I it lowest of the complete release imho….

Concerning The Moon this a type remix of the first number is but the first number is much improves…. it is a faster version and more melodic but does not happen this way good because you compare everything with the first number. The outro are, however, again complete strong and represent by and electric guitar like in mystica - 5am…

Ephedra are the last number and no ambient number although I am nevertheless curious to possible ambient number of lani… Ephedra are strongly constructive but the climax speaks me not this way to… The outro with piano are super …

Conclusion: for me there no bad numbers here and are lani is the proof that fullon really goa can be inspired be. Is something negative to lani??? However, against the end of the cd you had it a bit but that characteristic I have that with a lot of goa albums therefore yes…

I can say only proficiat with your unique sound… We have been of course aroused curiosity to a second album but in my opinion you will have to bring something new concerning the bridge must come because this sound has entirely milked dry you (what I find not negative) but this is possible on one cd but not on two natural imho…

ps: sorry for the not perfect english 

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Posted : May 5, 2006 00:02
now the only thing lacking is the review of the new album!! the reencarnation of jhonny looloo and the seven cosmic sisters!!

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Posted : May 5, 2006 00:03
but nice review though
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 5, 2006 01:39
I don't like their new album that much so I'm not gonna review it,
someone else will I guess 
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