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Kukan Dub Lagan - Life Is Nice (Candyflip Rec.)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 23, 2004 21:52
man.. Amazing!! hahah I dont know why some people say they dont like so much track 6.. its one of my favourites =)

I'll see if I do some more indepth comment sometime, now I just finished the first listen

I guess good taste is in the family, heh? (hahaha my last name is Berger too =)

oh yeah, and very nicely done digipack..I like the overal green, mixture with red, and those symbols or something.. well done

oh and second editing (lol Im crazy today): very unique stuff man.. very different than other stuff being released.. congrats!

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Posted : Nov 25, 2004 16:20

On 2004-11-23 21:52, sherlockalien wrote:
man.. Amazing!! hahah I dont know why some people say they dont like so much track 6.. its one of my favourites =)

it is a matter of taste for sure---each one and his own taste---no problems with the ones that like it ,and same thing with the ones that don't
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Alex Candy
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2004 14:18

Thank you all for your extended and great reviews!

For sure the music in this album is very much different to any other release...Itay shows us that chill-out/downbeat music can also be happy and dreamy, spreading sunshine vibes and making people smile
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2004 08:13
nice album Itay . It really makes me feel the warm feeling in the middle of winter. I missed this kinda music so much, thanks for making us remember. more releases like this please I will be eagerly waiting for your future releases. you have a sunny and bright road ahead of you           `Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end` Mandelbrot
tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 2, 2004 15:46
i got this album when i returned form a not very good day at work on tuesday. stuck it in the cd player and started to make some dinner.. had cheered up immensely by the time i came to actually eat it, and my flatmate was jigging round the kitchen (nb: my flat mate is not at all the type to do this!).. a very nice downbeat album you have crafted here itay! i am really enjoying it the very best with all your future releases!           >>love will tear us apart...<<

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Posted : Dec 3, 2004 10:24
Wow, amazing album.

People were writing realy nice things, not the usual crap you see here.

I was totaly taken by the sound production of this album and just enjoy it in everytime and every place. I like the way it floats around and the fact that it is music with pulse!

Keep it goin' on...
i wish we had more artists like that in Israel.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 3, 2004 17:31
I'm probably going to be flamed for saying this, but am I the only one that doesn't like this at all? I mean, the production is good, nothing wrong there. But most of the tunes irritate the hell out of me. I don't like dub music most of the time and reggea is something I absolutely despise. So maybe it's that? For sure there seem to be lots of people that like this, but not me. I'll pass on this one.           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Dec 3, 2004 17:51
I have not heard yet this album, but I know some of Itay's work from before....and I love it: his music goes straight to the heart.
I am sure this is an amazing album and I am looking forward to have it spinning in my sound system.
Bravo to CandyFlip for publishing such a talented artists


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Posted : Dec 3, 2004 23:21
thanks on all the good vibe is a honor that people like the music...
and acidhive,well mon...what to say?the true that i think and sure that it is good that we got people that don't like the music like you(as one that- how you said it? "I don't like dub music most of the time and reggea is something I absolutely despise").and you know why?because we need allways oposite things in life..

as you see there is your side(nothing wrong with is a matter of taste/just that you decide to share evrybody with your feeling as well)and there is the other side of the people that like it:
choose chill and for the last month and you will find that if my album is number one there on sell so most of the cases that there is also people that like it
any way you don't need to buy it well?
cheers mate
cheers all
thanks for the comments

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 9, 2004 09:12
I’ve had this album for a little while now, having it bring me many smiles while traversing the island of Montreal back and forth on its public transit system. The time finally came to sit down, put all other thoughts out of mind, give Life Is Nice a proper listen and review it. After a long and full day and a long yoga session, I have brought out those earphones and brewed myself a big ole cup of green tea. Here goes.
1. This one starts off with some nostalgic sounds, the sample about time passing helping that nostalgia. The melody puts one in a brooding mood. This is not the pure dub that we’ll get later on in the album yet, but it is a definitely a taste of what is to come. Meditative? Yes. Relaxing? Not so much, with all those layers. Don’t get me wrong, the layering is wonderful, it is just that this is not the track to go to sleep to. In fact, it is definitely one to wake up to, as you can practically feel the warmth of the sun on its upward journey. For some reason, it makes you feel as though you were walking the streets of your childhood, several years after not having set foot on them; possibly, those children’s voices so reminiscent of one’s own childhood in a far-off town.
2. Well, this one definitely has more of a reggae feel to it, while remaining very psychedelic. The melody in this one is very nice once again, being incorporated nicely into some roots dub. The clarity of the production is also quite remarkable with all the individual sounds so crisp and clean, melting into a medley of warmth. Great (saiko) dub, indeed.
3. This one starts off sounding a bit more northerly. An autumn foggy morning on a remote northern Scottish or Irish rocky coast possibly? The sounds of a lighthouse in a distance and waves crashing against the rocks. A childhood spent there perhaps, but the childhood is nothing but naïve and innocent, while the place is so remote. Total seclusion, allowing you to discover yourself. The sounds of a radio reminding you from time to time that there is another world out there, a world completely and utterly alien to you. Extremely atmospheric stuff and a very fitting tribute to Syd Barrett.
4. Starts off with industrial sounds that quickly merge into one of the happiest dub tunes ever. Simple pure dub, but with what sounds to be a million layers, one never interfering with another. This one consists of waves of Caribbean sound washing over your whole body, whether you want it or not. Would be THE tune to put on when coming home to an empty house after work on a sunny summer afternoon, holding a big glass of mango juice in one hand and a joint in the other.
5. Starts off sounding somewhat like an old Mum song, but with the beat catching up with it, becomes much warmer than anything Mum ever made. I fear that my head-bopping will soon be transformed into all-out dancing. This one could be remixed into a great progressive trance tune.
6. A train whistle kicks this one off, and some Jamaican vocals draw alongside it. A more evocative track than the last couple. Still quite fast and busy though. The break halfway through is very welcome and accomplishes everything it sets out to do, including making you shake your ass when the beat kicks in (can get rid of that chair for good now). Could have done with a bit less talking and a bit more singing, however. Ends with that little whistle that it started with.
7. A traditional dubby track with some psy-ambient sounds sprinkled on top. Takes a while to really get going, but the anticipation lasting over two and a half minutes is half the fun. Another one of those simply feel good tracks. The melody that starts at 4:40 will take you out of this world, if this has not happened yet. One of my favourites.
8. No Mon Control is a more ominous and serious piece, that is until the warm dubby melodies make themselves felt and confirm that no mon can control you. A very trippy little piece, this one is, with a lot of ambient undertones beneath that relatively strong beat and synthesized voices. I’m afraid that in the context of this album, this track goes a bit over the top where the psychedelic sounds are concerned. A good track nevertheless, and will undoubtedly put smiles on the faces of those benefiting from the chill space in the morning.
9. A monster talks to you at the beginning of this one. Wait, it is not a monster at all. How could it be, when the sounds he has brought are so friendly and inviting? All the same, this one is certainly more pensive that most of the rest, will invite you to sit back down and contemplate some with its foray out of Jamaica and into ambient. Somewhat Shulman-like, and you know that can be nothing but a complement. At about 5 minutes into it, the beat picks up again and carries you out of your reverie straight into the heart of the dance-floor. A very very nice one.
10. Oh wow, great melody. This one is a tad more breaks-oriented, but with that little uplifting melody coming in and out of focus all through the song. Some sounds of a construction site or the like make themselves felt midway only to be overtaken by the comeback of you already knew was coming, our hypnotizing friend. A liberating experience. (For some reason, I think that this would be Traveller’s favourite part of the album.)
11. And last but anything but least, we are taken into the poignant and idyllic world of the Bells of Burma. It’s like standing in a rain, but with the rain being extremely warm and the sounds of whose drops are magnified a thousand-fold. This atmospheric piece takes its time slowly developing into a touching and tender magnum opus. Reminiscent of a parting with a loved one.

Well, digesting the album as a whole is quite an experience. Itay holds nothing back and delivers on every single track, with only a couple that are less than absolutely perfect. In addition, he leaves no boundary uncrossed, what with the merging of ambient, eastern, dub, and even reggae with psychedelic beats that will transport you to a location previously not even dreamt of. I can only imagine the depth of the stuff he is working on now, seeing as how this was only his first release. A must for anyone into provocative and emotionally charged music. The best of its kind since the release of Omnimotion’s album, much more upbeat than Omnimotion though. A highly recommended release that gets better and better with every listen, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and also, the artwork is sublime.

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 11, 2004 01:41
Very nice CD indeed! Behind the amazing cover art there is a smooth mixture of dub, reggae elements, phat basslines and psy-ambient sounds, forming together a specific and outstanding chill-out album, completely different from all the slow-beat records I heard in a last few months. Very relaxed songs with many layers, ideal for late afternoons with Cuba Libre and joint smoking. The one I especially enjoyed is the no.3 “Pink The Floyd” (would be nice to hear an opinion of Waters & Co. on that “tribute” song

Anyway, I am sure we will hear a lot about this guy in future!

Dj Slater
Tribal Vision Records

Dance N Dust
Dance N Dust

Started Topics :  83
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Posted : Dec 21, 2004 19:27
good cd with agreat sound, mix dub and ambiant etc..
love the art work of cd cover..

real nice job

Started Topics :  144
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Posted : Dec 23, 2004 04:18
thanks for the nice words people
my most of respect and happy christmas and new year to all
cheers           Check out my music page - free music , new style and more :)
Lucid Picnic

Started Topics :  132
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Posted : Dec 23, 2004 15:12
will be on my next order list!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  20
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Posted : Dec 24, 2004 17:53
First off hats off to the artwork of this cd jacket... it is simply amazing!! ok lets go on with the cd...

1 Life is Nice
Nice track to start an album, really gets u into this mood, of a beginning, but u are quickly taken into a whole new world with beeps of soundsc. The flute melodies also creates an atmosphere that a magical journey is to beginc

2.Saiko Dub
the chants by the rastas in the beginning sets the tone, for a new outbreak into a world of dub. The soundscape of this track is huge! Down and heavy!!

3. Pink the Floyd
Feelings of a cold winter in the beginning. This track floats through in the beginning but at 2:30 opens up with a 4/4 beat, and continues to develop c Many interesting voice samples included in this track and at the end has a nice twist !

4. Roots of Vibration
This track has nice acoustic guitars, which are one of my favorite soundscGreat mix of emotion and the psychedelics

5. Gandhi`s kick
Nice phat beat to start this track. Develops with good melodies and takes u into a maze.

6. Defence Yourself Jha
The whistle in this track is really cool !! This is one of my favorites on this cdcThe beat is down and nice, and at 4:22 starts to explode. Would be a great track for dancersc

This track is more laid back compared to the other trackscNot bad

8.No Mon Control !!!
The weird beeps and sound creates some ethnic flavor taking u to another world.

9. Shinzon Romulan
Makes you feel like u are Floating through a dark space of different landscapescThe pianos comes in before 2:00 and creates another dimension. I thought it had some infected mushroom, gthe messengerh feeling. Great track !! Wish he made it longer though

10. The Sound of the Sword
This track seems to take u back into the end of a hole, reaching the near end of the tunnel.

11.The Bells of Burma
Last track on the album very calm and gives u that mental healing from the journey!!

Fav. 1,2,3,4,6,9

Definitely another style of chilled music. Something only Itay can manage to produce with his creativity and imagination that can be seen from the mix of various musical instruments and culture. Would have been interesting if we had tracks that were longer around 10minc


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