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KUIMIN - Outdoor Psy Celebration (Bs.As. - Argentina)

monos del espacio

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Posted : Sep 16, 2006 02:17
First Outdoor party of the season in Buenos Aires will take place next September 23th!

"Monos Del Espacio" presents KÜIMIN a cosmic psychedelic celebration during the weekend.

We invite you to come and enjoy the huge green place from 2 pm till Sunday noon.

There'll be circus acts, ska/reggae band Carlos Bolivar, the soundsystem Musgo presenting his "psy hop" from the mushroomly state of Misiones, Guido & Nunsense reggae Dj's, and chill out Dj Trebol during the afternoon.

At night the Psytrance begins! With the live acts Serpiente De Humo, Collapse, Heterogenesis and Jangala. And the DJ's X-Tribe, Niko, Neurona and Fethe.

Camping area, Naturist food, Chai shop, Chill out, Psychedlic visuals and deco, Zines, Workshops and Maya information will be availabe too.

Come and share with us this fantastic gathering!

Line up:

Dub-Reggae-Psy Hop-Ambient (Saturday afternoon):

-Carlos Bolivar (Reggae-Live)
-Nunsense vs. Guido (Reggae/dub - Dj Set)
-Musgo (Psy Hip Hop soundsystem)
-Trebol (PsyAmbient - Dj Set)

Psychedelic Trance (Saturday night till Sunday noon):

-Serpiente de Humo (Live)
-Collapse (Live)(Dark Prisma Rec.)
-Niko (Dark Prisma Rec.)
-Fethe (
-Heterogénesis (Live)
-Jangala (Dark Prisma Rec.)

There will be transportation from the city and back.

AR$12 till 8 pm
AR$15 between 8 pm and 00 Hs
AR$20 the rest of the night

More info:


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Posted : Sep 16, 2006 03:23
Yeah!!!!!!! good psychedelic vibes and a good festival!!!!!


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Posted : Sep 16, 2006 05:55
woooooww!!! Space Monkeys knows very well how to give a party!! Such a nice line-up, and very psychedelic deco!
I'll be there for sure...!
You Can Fly
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 17:13
killer party, with good vibe...

im waiting this day !

Overhuman Project

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 17:27

FETHE ARGENTINIAN DJ WILL KICK SOME ASSS NICE TUNEZ he Will put online for u precious ears , clean as a virgin tears
Also perfomace attitude will be seen from him.


Que tengan una noche maravillosa , !!!!! VIVA COLOMBIA           30th of August first delivery money back.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 18, 2006 18:05
Good luck Fethe, freakalize the ppl in the dancefloor baba...

DJ Zaidan
Acidance Records
Spectral Moon Records
Temple Twisters Records

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Posted : Oct 9, 2006 14:57
it was a really coooool celebration thx nature thx space thx monkeys (:
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