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Koneveljet - Hoax (Exogenic Breaks, XBRCD27)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2005 22:01
1. Welkom
2. Kompa
3. Elektab
4. Sleepwalk
5. Redux
6. Aloo
7. Damn
8. Nepstation
9. Rawhk
10. Glorya
11. Arro
12. Bosse

The very first thing I must say is that if you happen to think that all Finnish trance is nothing but ďmonkey on the keysĒ, well I totally agree. Up to a point anyways. For Koneveljet for example is a living exception.

At first a word or two about the artwork.

If youíre lucky enough to own a copy of Beastie Boysí ďHello nastyĒ, now would be about the time to look inside it for itís exactly what the artwork here reminds me of. Space stuff and all that fancy universe mapping theme is all around. On the cover you may or may not (depending if youíre blind or not) see Aito, Oiva and Varma Koneveli (the Machine Brothers = Koneveljet). Theyíre wearing spacesuits, which is rather cool cos space happens to be Łber cool. Possibly the coolest thing out there. You know how digipacks are always either paper or plastic like? Well this is paper like. Iím sure this matters a lot to all the paper enthusiastics out there. Okay then..

Welkom is sort of like a touristís survival guide to Finland. Listen to it well and then you know how to behave. Music wise the track is no less than brilliant. Thereís a floating bass and loads of drums and a cycle that goes round and round. Iím sure the Finnish spoken samples (with mild vocoder treatment) sound about the most psychedelic thing ever to all you not so fortunate ones (read Finnish nationals) out there. Thereís also this instrument which isnít a flute, but sure sounds a bit like it (maybe electric guitar, hard to say itís quite twisted) anyways itís something you would expect to find from a Shpongle tune. If I could only remember the tune.. ah anyways purrrfect way to open an album.

Kompa is quite tricky to translate into English, might very well be that there is no way to translate it. Oh well. The very beginning makes you wonder if itís going to be euro trance/full on. Fear not for it isnít. That becomes clear in good 20 seconds. Now here are some spoken samples again, not performed by a Finn thou. They donít really make much sense. Itís just some guy saying out loud names of famous people, Just wait till he says Ringo Starrrrrrr and laugh at that effect. Star star star star.. echo! Then some time passes and the madness goes on. This is about the coolest use of spoken samples ever. Why? Cos it makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Do I have to repeat it one more time? It makes no sense. The music by the way is great.

Then itís Elektab. The beginning is chilled. At some point a mideastern voice kicks in for a unknown period of time. And again. This sounds just fucking brilliant. Ethnic in a way, futuristic in another the beats, keys and waves go on. And on.. And on. And wow, where is that from? The beginning, the very beginning of Bust a move? And then the voice of a girl, I think Iíve heard this sample before? At some Shiva Space Technology compilation I think. Kum Haras or the one before that perhaps? Or then it was some Asura tune. Well whatever the case, it doesnít really matter. I donít know what this is, low BMP progressive psytrance with multiple layers perhaps?

Sleepwalk. If you still remember what psychedelic intros are like, well this is one of them. There arenít many around in modern day psytrance. The some strings that channel a way for the beat to unfold. I think some guy just said ďitís rainingĒ. Not sure thou. The strings return. And then they change. The background is quite spooky in some ghostlike way. Then you think the track is going to end. That however is not the case, for now itís time for Father Metro from DJBB (Don Johnson Big Band, you probably havenít heard of them either. The best Finnish ďhip hopĒ group out there for sure.) to preach. This guy is very good in what he does. He also works for Amnesty International (I think) so heís obviously pretty much like you, a hippie.

Then itís time for Redux. Iíve heard Redux v2, which was released on a brilliant chill out compilation called Angelic Science from Surreal Audio. I must say that there isnít much difference (if any?) in between these to, v1 and v2 I mean. I rank this track in my top ten of all time, so itís obviously very very good. Enjoy or die! At first thereís some Spanish or portuquese, then the massive combo hits the tune. Then we move. If you donít like this you donít like music. If you donít adore this you donít know much. Pure art. This is the kind of track I would most certainly include in my own movie. Everything but the music muted, visuals somehow blurry, something awful going on, loads of tricks with the camera.. Redux playing. I would most certainly get an Oscar for it. And Koneveljet would get one for the score..

The beginning of Aloo is jazzy. Now I donít know much about jazz so I just close my eyes and say itís fusion. Did it go right? This is the first not that psychedelic, but more like outgoing track on the album. Or not! As soon as I wrote that some wacky samples came into play.

Damn suggest itís going to stay groovy (note me typing groovy has nothing to do with the ďgroovyĒ full on heads use). Soon the lyrics kick in. Makes me wonder if Iíve heard them at some tv add. Possibly a gum add? The vocoder stuff is brilliant again. Iím a total sucker for vocoders, you truly have to suck in order to vocode things so that I donít enjoy them.

The eighth track is Nepstation. Oldschool? This is still a bit on the lounge side of things, but certainly not as much as the 2 previous. There are some very cool effects here. The beat remains about the same thru the entire track. And vocoders again, Shpongled ones! Sort of like in Angelic Particles too.. me like it. There are times this track reminds me of Rapperís Delight, which is very cool cause Rapperís Delight is Łber kool. Then there are times I find myself in the middle of a Shpongle treat. Could it be any better? To answer myself, no not really.

More vocoders in the beginning of Rawhk. The soundscape is very acid, donít ask me how, it just is. Still remaining on the groovy side of things, very faintly thou Rwakh proceeds. Keeping it acid things come and go.. Itís a joy joy joy!

Gloria is a bar/club in Helsinki, maybe that inspired Koneveljet to name the track Glorya? Donít know. I do know I saw them live there once. Such a great night. Okay anyways here as the previous tune suggested there wasnít going to be lounge. No sir, weíre moving to the dance floor. Most of you guys probably wouldnít dance to this thou. Too many confusing wishy washy sounds. Bassline is pretty much non existent, this is built around the rhythm and drums. I think the bmp is quite high, itís however masked real well behind those trippy sound thingies. The world machines brothers are painting here is somewhat dark and definitely chaotic, but in a good way. Thereís something quite 80ís to all this. I bet transformers listen to this kind of music.

It says on the sleeve that the ďmore-than-guitar-like soundsĒ in this track were done by some guy called Jarmo Saari. We actually have a real 4x4 kick thingy here. Didnít see that coming. I think I identified the more than guitar like sounds. They sound more like a chicken to me thou. Maybe itís something else? Then thereís this sample that sounds like some native American chanting. In a way at least. Broooowm that effect is PHAT PHAT PHAT! Walks over the whole fucking thing! I bet people would be trippiní off their arses if this tune was ever played to them at some European festival in the summer of love, 2005.

Youíll laugh when you hear the opening sample of Bosse. Guarenteed. Sure would be trippy if it really was like this. Thereís still room for humor in this scene.

Whatís there to say. If you ask me this album would have been better of with out the few lounge orientated tunes, nevertheless they had their moments too, strong ones if I may add. Now this year hasnít been the strongest in psytrance, well not in my opinion anyways. However itís starting to look a lot better. I hear good things about the Tripswitch album, thereís incoming Youth material too, J.Viewz.. Uns2 and GT4 kicks shine in the light with very impressive tracklists, however this far Iíd say this is the best album Iíve bought this year, certainly most original. Pretty much exactly what I expected. Iím sure Iíll be listening to this still in 2020 if Iím fortunate enough to still be around. Yes, itís one of those albums. Hell, buy it even if you donít like it.. It will most certainly grow on you..

Sorry for the not so finished review. Iím mad busy with Uni, just felt like I had to share this candy with you.. really           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 8, 2005 00:10
Ok, traveller im takin ur review right to the bank.Cashing it, and getting myslef a copy.
Sounds incredibly interesting, so im all up for it.
A week or so and i'll post my opinion.

P.s i like the way u describe the shit well sometimes           ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 8, 2005 14:54

On 2005-04-08 00:10, *Karma Cola* wrote:
Ok, traveller im takin ur review right to the bank.Cashing it, and getting myslef a copy.
Sounds incredibly interesting, so im all up for it.
A week or so and i'll post my opinion.

I'm sure you'll love it           "The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."
- Larry Niven
Inactive User

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Posted : Apr 11, 2005 15:03
koyootti: monkey on the keys
were all monkeys!!!
Depths of Despair

Started Topics :  17
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Posted : Apr 12, 2005 22:40
traveller: great review as always

konveljet are really wicked! ill be sure to check this out
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 13, 2005 17:44
Got the c.d.
Sounds nice so far. Need to give it a few more listenings.           Majority is never right!

"Without music, life is meaningless."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 19, 2005 17:22

On 2005-04-11 01:27, Eraser wrote:
Some times it would be healthy to forget the nationatilities I guess.

damn straight!

and it gets a bit boring when you see always
the same guys fighting for/against the suomi saundi...

about the album: haven't heard it
"damn" has been quite often
on the radio with a man yelling "damn woman"
all the time. i was positively surprised to hear it was koneveljet. one of their best tracks so far in my opinion. "kompa" is familiar too but that's one of the worst
tracks i've heard (it's funny for the first time but the more often you hear it, the more it starts to piss you off).

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 20, 2005 11:26

Sorry but was this thread opened to talk about the album or to pick on traveller?

moving on... Koneveljet, have released a good and funny album.           "Great things are only possible with outrageous requests." Thea Alexander
sam i am
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 10, 2005 08:52
that's funny Jyrgen, I thought "Kompa" was annoying when I first heard the live version, but then I heard the album version & the sample doesn't kick until you've had a chance to appreciate the fat rhythm (quality production).. now I like it more & more. Does anyone know what the people have in common with each other? I'm so curious about this

On 2005-04-07 03:49, Eraser wrote:
Oh, man, by the way, I think Welkom sucks bad huhhuh. Is it sort of a very funny travelling ad which they think that could be sold to Finnish Travelling Association? Nice idea and might work because the track is enough steril and average. FINNISH samples, very psychedelic. Very much bom suck it.

I think it's fucken funny!           new Hadal Drop album on the way

if you don't have the last one get in touch
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