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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - kav lashapan 16-5-03
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kav lashapan 16-5-03


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Posted : May 17, 2003 23:25
1 thing i can say
it was one gr8 party of all times
gr8 ppl something like 600-800 ppl
amazing music (psyco-beat,yannai,viner&
great location in hadera area
and it was my 24 birthday, so tell me "mazal
it's was relly great, kav lashafan the kings!!
c u
Scratch 22

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Posted : May 18, 2003 01:33
heard lots of good things about it.
          if u dig deep enough u just might reach the sky...

"dream is destiny"
DJ Pelon(Inpsyde Media)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 18, 2003 12:18
oh yes...great party indeed!!
very beautiful croud...I think around 300 ppl...alot of smiling faced all over the place...not to mention all the lovely girls
sound system was great (2 Turbosound systems).
the location set up was very good, with a large chillout area to rest in, and some nice minimalistic deco.
I got there near 3:00. my bro Viner was in the dj spot playing some dark psychedelic tunes, the way I like it!!
Biton (Psychobeat) was up next. what can I say, the man is like a fine wine, keeps getting better over the years...what a great inspiring set !! I could only wish to hear more quality sets like that in future parties
Itamar (Behind The Logic) came up last, with some nice morning stompers to feed the happy croud...
around 9:00 AM the power went off, some ppl were fighting each other, and the party was finished, so we left happy..
to sum it up, great event !! had great time there..was nice to see so many good ppl in one party...
to "Kav Lashafan" team - keep up the great job guys!! boom!!!

Inpsyde Media - Trance Mission Worldwide
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 18, 2003 15:57
it was ok...
about 350 ppl nice deco (i loved the hands) nice faces..but no real POWER...well ...maybe next time...good luck...

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Posted : May 19, 2003 17:11
Haven't been there, but people,

last time i counted there was a huge difference between 350 men to 600 and to 800. "Jesus".
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - kav lashapan 16-5-03
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