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Trance Forum  Forum  South and Latin America - Karash coming to Costa Rica
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Karash coming to Costa Rica


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Posted : Jan 28, 2010 16:26:59
Well I decided to write this message, beceause I am going to come and play in Costa Rica around may. The organizer is Yakama3d vision. Another organizer from Costa Rica asked me for a gigs but I don't have any news from him...
The goal was and it still to find others organizers who could be interested to book me
and share the price for the plance ticket with Yakama3D vison, beceause it's not cheap. Even bookings in close country could help.
Any organizers who are interested to book me at this date I can give you Yakama contact, beceause the goal also is to spare money.

Best regards

Marc           Nia KOR

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Posted : Feb 6, 2010 20:42
hello there marc
am sure you will have a blasting time there
the place is unbelievable

btw i 'll give you all my contacts just in case
but AJNA (yakama) are the biggest & more serious

Colectivo Ajna - PsyTrance Costa Rica

then you've got the psychedelic division guy aka "el papa"
which brought me once in 2008 & also psykovsky on december 2009,
but he still owes me money jejej so i dont recommend him,

Psychedelic Division - DivisionPsy in Costa Rica and Central America

there is more smaller organizers that i can connect you too,
ahh and i almost forgot to recommend chapo in guatemala,
never did anything with him but i know of many parties he made including
psykovsky & mubali,

check this forum to stay updated -

wish you the best of luck there brother

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2010 14:01
have a good time there marc! all the best!           }-->MaLiCe in WoNdErLaNd<--{

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Posted : Feb 27, 2010 06:58
The problem with CR is that there are like 500 trancers in mostly one location, so trying to get booking with other promoters will compete against your own party with the promoter who is booking you at the moment. Stick with him, try to make a couple of parties, maybe a main one with live and dj set and maybe a small one, only dj set and push to get a booking in Guatemala so they can split the air ticket from Europe to Central America.

Good luck hope to see you around!
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

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Posted : Mar 1, 2010 01:43
yakama making nice partys!
also get in touch with chapo in guatemala. .killer guy!

have a blast there!           For Contact & Bookings:
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Posted : Mar 1, 2010 11:34
thanks for your help I will try to connect them and see if it's possible to share the plane ticket           Nia KOR
Trance Forum  Forum  South and Latin America - Karash coming to Costa Rica
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