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Just moved to manchester

segment 7
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 31, 2009 15:29:48
Hi there, my names ben and i've just moved to manchester in september to study music production at S.S.R. Although i've moved with a couple of mates neither of them are particularly into psytrance, so if mates from home don't visit i don't have anyone to go to the nights to. Would also generally quite like to meet some like minded people, so if locals here wanna do anything sometime gimme a bell on 0790788702. I live on hathersage road, near oxford road.

Peace and thanks           Projection makes perception. The world is what you gave it, nothing more than that. It is a witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive- Anonymous
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 6, 2009 19:59
to find other Manchester based psy people your a good place to look for events etc (HYbrid UV , Illuminaughty and Strange daze seem to be the current psy nights in MCR) on it's always been a good city for psychedelic happenings.

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Posted : Nov 11, 2009 14:02
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illumiNaughty Productions
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 13, 2009 23:27
Hello Segment 7!

Welcome to the city!

We are based in Manchester and have events rumbling along all year, from small to big with a real mix of sounds! Check us out

Love n Chaos!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 3, 2010 01:14
hey Segment 7...
Welcome to Manchestershire!!

We at Strange Daze, are the longest, still running Manch Psy based Sound System...with nearly 6 and a half years, and 85 parties under our belt.
We are also one of the few that tries to mix Psy with other styles, in a second room.
We cover all the bases of Psy Trance, as well as Dub, Ambient, House, Jungle/DnB, Breakcore, Industrial and various folkey stuff. We will also be launching a new project in April, which will cover the harder end of live punk and ska bands, as well as funk and soul.
Basically, we got all the bases covered ;-)

You can join the mailing list at - this will keep you upto date, until the end of Jan, when we are launching a new website

In the meentime, after a 4 year hiatus at one of Manchester's premier underground venue, we will be returning to the Music Box, on Jan 29th for the first of a set of monthly shindigs.

After the residents party, we should be returning to the format of Psy in one room, and dub/breakcore in the other. We also have a special psy event with Liquid Records honcho, Liquid Ross, and Chameleon <live>, with the launch of MegaNeural Recs in the other room...<April 17th, Satan's Hollow>

....anyway mate, we've got tonnes more on, so i'll not bore you any more with it! Best bet is to join the mailing list on the website, or easier still.... hit us up on Facebook...

Peace, thanks, and again - Welcome to Manchester!!!


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Posted : Mar 11, 2010 19:27
The last I heard, StrangeDaze has decided to jack in the psytrance element, as it wasn't "popular" enough, or so they said similar on 

2,000,000+ views and counting.
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Just moved to manchester
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