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Trance Forum Ľ Ľ Forum  Music Reviews - Jokke in the mix, (Iboga records Denmark, Jan 2004)
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Jokke in the mix, (Iboga records Denmark, Jan 2004)

The Green Channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2004 22:24
Iboga presents a full length mix by Jokke, a veteran in the Danish scene. He is an active DJ, and is a member of True to Nature, a Danish progressive band.

1. Peter Pan Syndrome (true to nature rmx) - JAIA
2. Cliffhanger - THOMAS PENTON
3. Groove Moderator (miro rmx) - SAIKO-POD
4. One Sound (thomas penton rmx) - CHRIS DOMINGO
5. Trust - JOKKE
6. Like The Good Books - LLOPIS
9. Break Eaven - N.D.S.A.
10. Chicago Collins - PHONY ORPHANTS VS ANTIX
11. Breeze - TRUE TO NATURE

My thoughts:
Well this CD is mixed to perfection, really top notch mixing skills. The tracks are a blend of tech/house and progressive/trance, on the smooth and groovy side of things. Itís not a very psychedelic release, but yet very enjoyable without becoming too commercial. It definitely has its moments. Itís melodic at times, but not enough in my opinion, filled with groove, and almost every track is very well structured, as too be expected, from the line up. The flow of the CD is perfect, maybe even a bit too good; at times it is hard to hear when one track ends, and a new one begins. The CDís main problem is that some of the tracks seem soulless, and unfitting an Iboga release. Itís not enough in my view of things to have a track with a good bass and a good structure, you need some thing extra, which some of the tracks on this compilation donít seem to have.

Bottom Line:
A nicely flowing CD, perfect for a Barbeque or small gathering of clubby trancers. Not Ibogaís best release, but none the less satisfactory. (If you dislike housey inspired trance this CD is not for you, trust me ).

Ratings and Favorites:
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(Gaia, Love, Nature, Shamanism (, Terence McKenna)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2004 22:32
very good cd , really good mixing skills.
you made a great review , agree with you that this cd has some problems.

anyway if you like progressive tunes this one will just sit in your case as a nice cd.
nothing special.
for me the ndsa track was a bad surprise.

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Posted : Feb 18, 2004 00:56
I really enjoy the spaceboy track by krueger and coyle.. Has a really nice clubby feelling to it. Overall a solid release by jokke, like always he delivers..

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Posted : May 3, 2004 17:51
well i think this cd never got his right respect.

great tracks choices, great build up, great mixing what can i say u can feel like u are in a party without get out from the house.
its hard to say what i like since all tracks here is my favourites.
still i like very much 2,4,8, 9,10, and most most i like thomas pentons rmxs.
well what can i say i love this cd.
and i adore the way jokke build it till its explode in your ears at spaceboy.

super recommanded cd for prog lovers.
the only bad thing i have to say is that i hate the cover i think they could find smt more fit to this great cd.

anyway jokke amazing job u did here. this cd goes all the way till u reach the sky.

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